Breaking News: “Real Talk With Tamera” Confirms Straight Dropp Was Badly Beaten In Jail

It has been trending that the accused killer of Young Dolph, twenty-three-year-old rapper Justin Johnson was beat up in jail. Young Dolph was tragically shot and killed in Memphis in November of last year. Justin Johnson is a rapper who goes by the name Straight Dropp and is currently in jail awaiting trial for Young […]

Zeus Network Has Released The Official Trailer For Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas, Will You Be Watching The New Season? (Official Trailer Included)

So I just recently saw that Zeus Network has released the official trailer for the new season of Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas. Did you happen to catch it? Well if you didn’t, no worries, your girl got your back! Here it is…….. (Posted on YouTube by Zeus Network) OMG, this season is going to be […]

Blackground Records Releases A Commercial For An Upcoming Aaliyah Album And She Looks Like An Anime Character, Don’t You Think? (VIDEO)

It’s been twenty years since the world lost “The Princess of R&B” Aaliyah in a tragic airplane crash in the Bahamas. Immediately after her death the album “I Care 4 U” was released and we got new music from the fallen angel…..and while we did get music released posthumously, for a considerable time now, Aaliyah’s […]

My Reaction To Kim Saeed’s Explanation Of “Monkey Branching” And Why Narcissists Are Always In New Relationships…

Narcissists are quick to jump into relationships and hardly ever will take a break in between if they can help it. They do a maneuver called “monkey branching”. Kim Saeed who is a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert did an informative YouTube video on “monkey branching”, and in this post I will give my reaction and […]

Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta: Luenell Spills The Tea About Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Reunion And Zeus Network Confronts Her (VIDEO Included)

  Did anyone catch the explosive reunion of Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta? After the reunion of Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta Part One aired, comedienne Luenell received major backlash. Well “Auntie” Luenell decided to respond on her Instagram to clear a few things up. Are yawl mad at Tee Tee? Well maybe you will have a second opinion […]

Tami Roman Gives Her Unpopular Opinion On DaBaby And His Comments About Gay People , And I Decide To Weigh In Too!

Do you all remember Tami Roman of “Basketball Wives” fame? Well she has a YouTube channel called “Bonnet Chronicles” where she gives her unpopular opinion on popular topics. Have you checked it out? Well you should! Tami is surprisingly funny and insightful and she has entertained us as she rises in the YouTube streets.  Of […]

When The Narcissist Hoovers His Victim Back, Otherwise Known As Derrick “Jaxn” Jackson and Da’Naia Jackson

Recently, popular YouTuber, Derrick Jaxn, whose real last name is Jackson, was exposed by another popular YouTuber, Tasha K. for cheating on his wife, Da’Naia and this comes as a surprise to his mainly female following who hold him up as an example as a “good” man. But for years other YouTuber’s have been calling […]