When Narcissists Run In Packs Otherwise Known As The Cowards That Gang Up Against Us And Their Motivations

Narcissists are problematic people. They tend to be combative, argumentative, sullen and envious. Because they are such haters, they tend to get into relationships short term because people usually find out what they are about and either they end it, or the narcissist moves on from fear of exposure. It is not far-fetched to see […]

When the Insecure Narcissistic Husband Loses His Ride Or Die, Otherwise Known As Martell Holt And Melody Holt…

If you aren’t watching “Love and Marriage Huntsville” on Own Network, and you fancy yourself a connoisseur of reality shows, then you should. This show is bananas and undeniably real. There is a lot going on, on the show and outside of the show. Mainly we are privy the drama involving Martell and Melody Holt […]