Americans Have Had Enough, When Will This Pandemic End? Here’s The Answer…..

We are all so very tired of being stuck in the house and wearing masks. If I never hear the phrase “social distancing” again I would be happy as a lark. But as this life changing pandemic wears on we all want to know, will this end? The short answer is yes, the pandemic will […]

Cardi B Asks Fans about Her 88 Thousand Dollar Purse, And Meek Mill Tells Boys Selling Water to Split 20 Dollars, Are Celebrities Out of Touch?

With so many people facing financial difficulties due to this worldwide pandemic, it seems a little strange so many celebrities seem to be oblivious despite them also being affected by the Covid-19 health crisis. Rappers in particular have seen a drop in their bottom line if they were depending on doing live shows for income […]