The Truth About Marilyn Monroe Will Make You Rethink If She Was Really A Dumb Blonde Or Was That Just A Character She Played

Marilyn Monroe was a famous model and actress who was known for being sexy and beautiful. Some would be surprised to learn that when she was a child she was known to be shy and intelligent because she spent most of her adult life playing the role of the “dumb blonde”. Well here on this […]

The Truth About Domestic Violence Will Have You Rethinking If The Authorities Should Have Considered Zac Stacy A Threat And Protected Kristen Evans

By now we have all saw the video, where former NFL Player Zac Stacy horrifically abused his ex in front of their infant son, then ran from authorities. The former running back delivered several blows to Ms. Evans and slammed her into the television which fell on top of her. Zac was not done and […]

The Truth About The Presidency of Jovenel Moïse Will Have You Rethinking If The United States Should Have Supported Him

For months the people of Haiti have been protesting the fact that despite his Presidential term being over, Jovenel Moïse remained in office, a move than the United States backed despite the fact that many Haitians opposed this. I get it. Popular opinion should not always be a predictor of whether or not a leader […]