Recap Of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 4 Episode Two: “You Scotts to Be Lying”

I’m back to recap another episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season four. But if you haven’t started watching the second episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full […]

Tasha K Does An Exclusive Tell All Interview with Love & Marriage Huntsville Martell Holt’s Mistress Arionne Curry, So Let’s Talk About It

Recently YouTuber Tasha K did an exclusive interview with Arionne Curry, and of course I’m going to talk about! First of all let me congratulate Tasha K for always getting the exclusive we want to see, and for being right on the cusp of making it to one million subscribers on YouTube! That’s quite the […]