Breaking News: “Real Talk With Tamera” Confirms Straight Dropp Was Badly Beaten In Jail

It has been trending that the accused killer of Young Dolph, twenty-three-year-old rapper Justin Johnson was beat up in jail. Young Dolph was tragically shot and killed in Memphis in November of last year. Justin Johnson is a rapper who goes by the name Straight Dropp and is currently in jail awaiting trial for Young […]

When This Woman Speaks About The Allegations FTN Bae Is Making About OTF Doodie Lo Abusing Her Five Year Old Son, What If She Lied?

Recently female rapper FTN Bae made some strong allegations against her ex-boyfriend who is rapper OTF Doodie Lo. These allegations are coming out at the worst possible time for Doodie Lo who is set to release an album soon. But FTN Bae says she wants to tell everyone what has happened. She alleges that her […]

Kelly Clarkson Is Ordered To Pay Her Ex-Husband $200,000 A Month! Where Is The Outrage Like You Had For Dr. Dre’s Ex- Wife, Nicole Young?

I first want to send some love to Kelly Clarkson who has expressed how difficult times have been getting through her divorce. I for one never like to see a marriage end….I hope you, your ex, and your children thrive and survive this. Did you know Ms. Clarkson was divorced? She talks about it briefly […]

Tami Roman Gives Her Unpopular Opinion On DaBaby And His Comments About Gay People , And I Decide To Weigh In Too!

Do you all remember Tami Roman of “Basketball Wives” fame? Well she has a YouTube channel called “Bonnet Chronicles” where she gives her unpopular opinion on popular topics. Have you checked it out? Well you should! Tami is surprisingly funny and insightful and she has entertained us as she rises in the YouTube streets.  Of […]

What It Means To Be Hood Famous, The Draw Of The Streets And A Possible Reason Some Rappers Won’t Leave The Deadly Streets Of Chiraq

When you hear anything about Chicago that is good, bad or indifferent, I bet your mind associates the city with a warzone. The more I learn about Chicago and the so-called “gang culture” and the growing perception of drill music being evil, I have the burning question stuck in my brain. “Why don’t they just […]

Rapper, Quando Rondo Denies He Reached Out To Activist, Big U For Protection. Could It Just Be A Misunderstanding?

So recently community activist, Big U, went onto “The Breakfast Club” morning show and Charlemagne the god, asked him a question and his answer has the internet ablaze and has rapper, Quando Rondo responding on social media. Charlemagne asked if any rappers reached out to him to which Big U said that Quando Rondo did. […]

3 Shady Things about Sofia Laine Who Is Suing Vanessa Bryant to Gain Access to the Massive Fortune That Kobe Bryant Left Behind

2020 was a rough year, but especially for Vanessa Bryant who lost her child and her husband in February. It seems like after that, the close relationship between Vanessa and her mother Sofia Laine fell apart with Laine being kicked out of her residence that was provided by the Bryant’s.  If you thought the relationship […]

Cardi B Asks Fans about Her 88 Thousand Dollar Purse, And Meek Mill Tells Boys Selling Water to Split 20 Dollars, Are Celebrities Out of Touch?

With so many people facing financial difficulties due to this worldwide pandemic, it seems a little strange so many celebrities seem to be oblivious despite them also being affected by the Covid-19 health crisis. Rappers in particular have seen a drop in their bottom line if they were depending on doing live shows for income […]