Recap Of Baddies South Episode Two: “I Cleaned You Up”

I’m back to recap “Baddies South” and if you are watching the series, you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching episode two yet, click off because this is the recap, and it is full of spoilers. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode two. Ready? Let’s get started…….

Episode Two: “I Cleaned You Up”

The episode starts where it left off last episode…do you remember how the first episode ended? Natalie has all of the Baddies gathered in the kitchen and they are supposed to be sipping on champagne. Jela asks the ladies if there was anything that they needed to air out amongst the group before they get on the road because they will be on the pink Baddies bus traveling the South, and she doesn’t want any issues since they will be in close quarters.

Persuasian is perched comfortable on the counter, precariously close to the sink, relaxing with her glass of champagne. Rollie, being messy, asks who has a problem with Chriseanrock being dirty… Chriseanrock quickly corrects her, “Who said dirty?” She wants to know who said the “dirty joke?” Persuasian clarifies that nobody said she was dirty, she says what she actually said was that Chriseanrock doesn’t clean up after herself… and Chriseanrock immediately starts punching an unsuspecting Persuasian.

It was bad yawl.

Persuasian is knocked into the sink, and left flailing like a fish until security rescues her from Chriseanrock’s flurry of punches…she tells her, “I just cleaned your dumb a** up b***h!”


Once they get them separated, a highly embarrassed Persuasian tries several times to get past security to fight, but security is on their job today, and she is unable to get to Chriseanrock. She begins throwing things, and if you all have been reading my recaps you know how I feel about women throwing items instead of hands…

That’s a no no!

But I don’t blame Persuasian for being humiliated. She definitely wasn’t expecting that, but if you all recall she was the one giving Bri the advice to stay ready…yet here she is being a clown because Chriseanrock got the drop on her and molly whopped her into the sink.


Persuasian tells Chriseanrock that her boyfriend the rapper, Blueface, embarrasses her every day. She says that Chriseanrock is an embarrassment. They trade insults of course. Persuasian insists that Chriseanrock “snuck her”. I would agree. Persuasian was not expecting to be socked into the sink…she wasn’t ready.

So in retaliation she is trying to throw items at Chriseanrock and hurling all the low blows she can, because security has them separated. She calls Chriseanrock a “p***y” because she “snuck” her. Persuasian walks out into an open area. Chriseanrock Puts her jacket hood on her head and walks towards the area where Persuasian is. Persuasian squares up, and once again is met with a flurry of Chriseanrock’s fists…


This time there was no denying that Persuasian saw Chriseanrock coming, but she still got her behind whooped! Chriseanrock socked her right out of her $900 wig. It was bad yawl…Persuasian was left wigless and twice humiliated. And because she couldn’t get to Chriseanrock she once again resorted to trying to throw things and hurling insults. She even tries to spit, but security is in the way…She tells Chriseanrock that she had sex with Blueface two weeks ago…Chriseanrock is unbothered…so Persuasian tries to throw a cup at her…and of course hurls the low blows.

This is a mess.

Security gets Persuasian ushered into a bedroom. Bri and Natalie go to the room to check on her. Because she is wigless, Persuasian finds her styling mousse and lays down her hair with a brush, lol. She really should have been ready…you never know when you rock a wig. She should have had her actual hair finger waved, but like I keep saying, she wasn’t expecting to get punched out of her wig!

The other girls are in another part of the house giving Chriseanrock props for beating up Persuasian. In actuality you win some and you lose some. That’s always the odds when you fight, you are not going to always win them all, but Persuasian is far from being a punk, she is just no match for  Chriseanrock.

Meanwhile Persuasian tries to throw Chriseanrock’s personal cup that has a picture of her and Blueface, but Anne snatches it from her, and prevents her from destroying it.


Natalie gets amongst Slim. Jela and Rollie and says what just transpired was too much…Natalie you got a lot of nerve! Yawl know she is the Queen of doing too much, just keep reading because later in the episode Natalie will live up to that title…

She lets them know that Sarah will be coming to the house to have a one on one sit down with Natalie, but Natalie plans on talking with her hands and feet, literally!

When Persuasian joins them, Natalie tells her that she felt that she didn’t get a chance to square up with Chriseanrock initially and that wasn’t fair. What do you guys think? Leave a comment on how you felt the two rounds of Chriseanrock vs. Persuasian went…

Natalie goes to a bedroom where Anne and Chriseanrock are, to bring Chriseanrock ice because her hand is swollen from putting the paws on Persuasian. Natalie tells Chriseanrock that she needs to let it go. Natalie has other things to worry about…

Sarah pulls up to the house…

For some reason Sarah brought her own security guard.

Lol. Can anyone tell me, why did Sarah bring a gun to a sit down? Before Sarah and the guard is allowed in, our favorite security guard, The Guardian of Zeus, tells them they have to be patted down for weapons. The guard is told to put his weapon he brought in Sarah’s jeep. Sarah puts the gun she had in her purse in the vehicle…

Now they can come in! Natalie is in the living room alone waiting. Sarah comes in, all smiles, greeting a pissed off Natalie. Natalie checks her for smiling…This is obviously not going to go well, lol.

Natalie calls her crazy and asks her why she is at the house. She reminds Sarah she has been doing a lot of badmouthing of her on social media, so she wants to beat her up…Sarah denies talking mess on social media. They go back and forth with Sarah alleging Natalie tied to get her cancelled.


They argue. Natalie throws a drink in Sarah’s face and attacks. They drag Natalie off of her…


Natalie tells security to “Get that White b***h up out of here!” And Sarah screams “Your half White, your mom’s name is Karen” she retorts matter of factly…


It’s a bunch of screaming back and forth while being held back by security. Of course, typical Sarah, she pulls out a manila folder of evidence…Sigh. We don’t care, why are you here?

Sarah tries to throw a barstool but has to settle with insults because security prevents her.

Security gets them to sit down to have a cordial conversation but it goes nowhere and Natalie ends up attacking Sarah once again. They sit down again and Sarah starts pouring out her heart and crying…

It was strange.

They end up arguing again. Sarah throws a drink and Natalie has to be restrained. Sarah leaves…

So much for the sit down, whew!

The next morning…

Rollie and Slim are outside chatting it up. They are excited the Baddies will be going on the road to North Carolina. They are excited to be together. I like their friendship, it seems genuine. They fire up a blunt and once again bring up the fight between Persuasian and Chriseanrock. And right on cue, Chriseanrock appears to join the conversation. They let her know they were talking about the fight. Chriseanrock lets them know her hand is sore…she is all smiles with that missing tooth, lol.

And for the record, I think it’s cool how she has the confidence to proudly display that she has a missing tooth…I mean it’s no secret and she is no self conscious about it and it says a lot about her, ya dig? I can respect that she doesn’t care, because she could obviously have it fixed.


Chriseanrock says Persuasion should have been mentioned she slept with Blueface instead of trying to act friendly when she was a foe…does anyone think she really had sex with Blueface or just said that to get under Chriseanrock’s thick skin? Leave a comment…

Slim thinks Persuasian is jealous of Chriseanrock because she is 22 and Persuasion is 32. But I don’t think that is what it is. I think Persuasian was saying anything to try to embarrass her because she felt embarrassed by being tossed around on national television.

Rollie asks if she wants to fight again, she says she doesn’t want to fight but she does want to ask why she threw out the accusation she slept with Blueface.

Rollie says she feels like they should squash it so the Baddies can have fun when they travel to the next city. Chriseanrock says it’s going to be whatever its going to be because they are Baddies…

Well there it is!


Natalie, Jela and Bri are downstairs talking about the night before. Natalie tells them what happen between her and Sarah. Then they recap the fight between Persuasian and Chriseanrock.


But they all are ready to get on the pink Baddies bus and move it on along to North Carolina. Jela tells Bri she should of checked Anne when she called her out for being an escort. Natalie co-sign and they basically put the battery in Bri’s back to call Anne out for calling her an escort and fighting if need be. Bri shows them that she already bit off her acrylic nails. Jela notices that Bri has on house shoes. Natalie switches shoes with Bri so she can have on sneakers just in case. I thought to myself, aaaaw! That’s women being supportive, until I saw that Natalie didn’t have on socks either, yet they both traded shoes anyway….


Natalie is about to get all of the Baddies together so they can get on the bus for the road trip to North Carolina.


Persuasian is laying on the couch scrolling through her phone smoking Hookah, in a good mood when a tipsy Anne comes and sits down to have a conversation with a red cup in her hand…

Ut oh!

She plops o the couch and asks Persuasian how she feels after the night before now that she got her wig put back on…


Persuasian doesn’t get mad she cracks up laughing. Anne then tells her she got her ass beat…


Anne tells her she got the wig punched off her head…Persuasian unbothered says no she pulled it.

Persuasian wisely admits since she is older she could have handled the situation better and I can respect that she see’s where she went wrong in the situation. Anne says she can’t be fake and she admits she is upset because she overheard Persuasian and Bri talking about her. She says she heard Persuasian warn Bri to stay ready for Anne. She says the reason she didn’t confront them was because she was trying to keep it cute…

But Anne, mighty funny now that you got that drink in you, you about to get ugly aren’t you?

She warns Persuasian to keep her name out of her mouth because neither Persuasian nor Bri want pressure from her. Persuasian laughs at her and stays lying down on the couch smoking Hookah…wouldn’t you?

She says she has nothing to prove. Anne repeats that they need to stop talking about her. She insinuates that Persuasian is also an escort as well as Bri…


Anne tells her she wants to fight. She tells a bored Persuasian not to be an instigator. When Persuasian says “Oh my Gosh”, Anne says “Say oh my Gosh again…” She begs her to give her a reason to fire off…Persuasian tries to calm her but Anne is determined to turn up. Persuasian turns to producers and says, “This is not going anywhere…”

How does the episode end?

Anne throws a pillow and hits Persuasian in the face and then attacks her, knocking over the couch.  They fall over onto the floor, and security rushes to break up their fight.

So we can’t wait for next week, can we?  I wasn’t going to recap this season, but it seems interesting so Imma just do what I do! See yawl next episode, muah!

What are your thoughts?

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