Recap Of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 4 Episode Two: “You Scotts to Be Lying”

I’m back to recap another episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season four. But if you haven’t started watching the second episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode two. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Two: “You Scotts to Be Lying

The episode begins with Martell at a photography studio in a robe but he says he needs some baby oil to put on his skin. He asks his manager Melneka if she brought some but she didn’t. So he calls Destiny who is at her beauty supply to bring him some. He already anticipates that Destiny will say something slick to him…notice the pun?

She answers the phone with “What you want?”


They exchange pleasantries, and then he laughingly tells her he is at a photo shoot and he needs her to bring him some baby oil. Destiny is shocked and suspicious. She wants to know what he has going on that he needs some baby oil. He tells her he is trying to be sexy in his photos, and since she is only minutes away would she bring him some. She agrees and hangs up.

Martell says he is doing a calendar at his manager’s request. He says being sexy is not in his comfort zone but he likes doing new things. He also tells us he and Melneka have been just friends for years. We don’t care but it’s interesting that he had to tell us that! She says he is about to be really busy with all of the things she has lined up in the future for him and he says she has been managing him for the past several months. He has an upcoming book release because apparently he and his children have written a children’s book…Hmmm. Didn’t Melody’s mother already do that? But I digress…

He gets emotional talking about his children writing and how proud of them he is. Martell is led over to a bathtub for the next shot. He looks apprehensive about taking a photo in the bathtub but Melneka tells him they are taking risks. He would rather take a picture in a suit…Sigh. Martell and his tight suits? Been there done that!

At this time Destiny arrives with the oil, and when she sees Martell in the robe, in the bathtub, she immediately has a frown on her face. He tells her not to ask any questions but Destiny wants to know why he is in the tub. She is wondering what exactly did she sign up for moseying on down to this studio. Do you blame her? The camera man suggests that Destiny apply the oil to Martell’s body and Destiny immediately  hands the oil to Melneka, lol. Destiny refuses to touch Martell and again…Do you blame her? She just wants Martell to put the robe around himself a little tighter.

Destiny tells him she is proud that Martell is branching out doing new things. She points out that Melneka’s name is similar to Melody and he tells her Melneka is the original “Mel” because he knew her first. She tells him that Melody eavesdropped on a conversation between her and Latisha. She recounts that Melody is mad because she was speaking to Latisha who she feels is her enemy and now she and Destiny have fallen out. Martell warns Destiny that now she is also Melody’s enemy. He says Melody keeps “yes” girls around her.

Destiny leaves and Martell continues his photo shoot. Say what you will, Martell does have a nice body…


Melody goes to visit her friend Stormi at her warehouse that does production for the products for her hair care line, and as we know Melody has a skin care line. So Melody needs some tips from Stormi who is apparently a successful business owner and she gives her some valuable business advice.

Out of the blue, Stormi asks Melody how the reunion was…she also brings up that she was laughing when Melody said she didn’t remember giving a man fellatio. So were we Stormi. But Melody says she said that because she doesn’t owe Martell any explanations and it is no one’s business.


Melody invites Stormi to her pajama party and she asks who is going to be in attendance. Melody tells her and when she doesn’t include Latisha or Destiny on the list of attendees Stormi asks why. She tells Stormi about overhearing them both talking negatively about her. So because she can’t get pass it, they are both not invited.

Stormi says she has reservations about Tiffany, who will also be attending the party. She says Tiffany comes across strange and thirsty. Stormi wants to feel Tiffany out but is disappointed Destiny is not coming to the party.


Latisha goes to visit Marsau for an update on Scott Manor and how the construction is coming along. Basically it’s still where it was last time. Well their family has been living in an investment property pending the building of the new house, and Latisha is tired of being there.

Latisha’s mother, Wanda wanders in the office and Marsau makes a joke in the confessional, he was unaware that vampires could enter without an invite…he says she must be a day walker. Latisha tells him he needs to be more respectful when speaking of her mother…

Excuse me Latisha. Why is it that your mother can be as disrespectful as she wants to be, to any and everybody, but you seem to be deluded into thinking it’s inappropriate for people to give her just a small taste of her medicine? But continue reading the recap to see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Wanda tells them that she got a call that her food truck is almost ready. She says she already sent all the information over to Latisha. Marsau wants to know why things were sent to Latisha. Latisha tells Marsau that they are investing in Ms. Wanda’s food truck.

Now we see that Latisha is not as innocent as we like to paint her out to be. Just like Marsau went off to Africa and left her behind, Marsau had no idea that Latisha made the decision to invest in her mother’s business without first getting his approval. So next time people want to feel sorry for Latisha I would think twice. No woman deserves to be mistreated, but Latisha does some passive aggressive things that may give us insight into why Marsau disregards her feelings at will.

When Latisha announces they are paying for the truck, Marsau looks shocked. Latisha says they did talk about it. But Marsau didn’t agree. In her confessional a smug Latisha tells us she always gets what she wants. Correction Latisha, I’m starting to feel like you always get what you have coming to you.

Marsau asks and Ms. Wanda tells us it’s going to be truck that specializes in loaded potatoes and they will be fully loaded. Well if I ever travel to Huntsville, I wouldn’t mind trying out the truck. Ms. Wanda looks like she can throw down in the kitchen. Marsau tells her he can write the check today, if Ms. Wanda goes and gets him a cup of coffee which he refuses to do. She tells him to tell his wife to do it.

Ms. Wanda brings up the drama surrounding the picture that Marsau posted on social media of Maurice. Marsau jokingly downplays the post but Ms. Wanda is not having it. And we watch the interaction while Latisha sits quietly low key smirking, enjoying her mother berate her husband. It’s not that Marsau doesn’t deserve it; it’s that Latisha wouldn’t dare come at him that way and we all know it. So she allows her meddling mama to do her work for her as if she is twelve years old.

Ms. Wanda says birds of a feather flock together; meaning if Martell is a cheater, anyone who hangs with him is also a cheater. Marsau says he never hung out with Martell alone, as if that makes a difference. Ms. Wanda asks Marsau if he ever rented or had an apartment with Martell. Ms. Wanda has a lot of nerve butting into her daughter’s business, but instead of telling her “nunya” Latisha seems to be waiting for his answer just like the rest of us were. Marsau doesn’t immediately answer and Ms. Wanda tells him not to play with her that it is either a yes or no question. But Marsau being Marsau still doesn’t answer. He just skates on along because who does Ms. Wanda think she is demanding he answer to the rumors that her own daughter doesn’t get answers to?

FOH. Ms. Wanda is trippin.

Ms. Wanda says when people say things about Latisha she has a problem with it. Well don’t read my recaps Ms. Wanda. When things happen I try to be fair, but not everything will be favorable to Latisha because not everything she does is favorable. And her sitting there while you question her husband about rumors was not cool. I was irritated. Marsau tells Ms. Wanda if he had a secret he wouldn’t tell her. Because Marsau won’t give Ms. Wanda a straight answer she says that is proof that he is lying and she gets mad and wants to talk about something else.

How about your marriage, and your boyfriend, how about we talk about that Ms. Wanda?

Latisha says the rumors about her husband are laughable. Okay Latisha, I will remember you said that. You better not shed tears and whine like you did all these other seasons when you tried to get answers from your husband. I want to see you crack up laughing instead, got it? She says she believes Marsau has been 100 percent honest with her. Well that’s all that matters sister girl.

Let’s move on…


Kimmi’s son Jaylin, is relaxing on the couch when she and Maurice come in his apartment unannounced. He tries to take them to task about not knocking before entering, but Maurice and Kimmi call him out for doing the same thing in their home so they are even. Jaylin makes a joke about having a naked girl upstairs, and Kimmi is a bit appalled.


They sit down to talk and Jaylin asks them if their marriage okay because he saw the picture that Marsau posted on social media and read the comments and is wondering if Maurice has cheated on Kimmi. Maurice assures Jaylin that the things being said in the comments concerning the posts are not accurate and Marsau posted the picture to be funny. Kimmi reassures Jaylin that she and Maurice are good and their marriage is solid. Jaylin says he did see signs that could lead him to believe there was cheating, but they all laugh it off.

Kimmi and Maurice need a sitter for the dog because they are going on a trip, and Monster will be with his mom while they are away. Jaylin agrees to watch Zeus.

Melody’s Black Pajama Party

First to arrive is Stormi and side note, I like Stormi’s hair curly, it looks really nice. Next comes Kimmi. The rest of the gang and remember they all are wearing the black pajamas Melody purchased for all of the women at the party. They all will be sleeping in these glamorous tents equipped with lots of fancy decorations and pillows.

Last to arrive is Keke who is Latisha’s cousin. Now Melody, you get the side eye for inviting Keke and not Latisha when you know they are family. But Keke you really get the side eye for showing up because if you are her family then you should of known Latisha was not invited. Keke asks Kimmi where Latisha was and Kimmi reminds her that it is not her party. Keke doesn’t seem upset to learn Latisha was not invited. That was strange, but keep reading because this party gets even stranger…

Stormi brings up that Kimmi got a lot of backlash due to the picture messy Marsau posted and she hated that because she really likes Kimmi enough to want to defend her. Keke asks Kimmi if she and Maurice have dealt with the fallout from the post.

Kimmi is tired of addressing this issue, but she entertains it anyway. And now you all are seeing the real motivation for Marsau posting the picture. Previously Kimmi didn’t have the attacks on her marriage that Latisha has been dealing with…until now! We see you Marsau, you had a purpose and it wasn’t to be funny either.

Melody asks Kimmi if she believes the rumors being spread about Marsau. Kimmi doesn’t believe that on the trip, Marsau and Maurice had side pieces as Martell’s side piece alleges. Stormi asks Kimmi if she feels Marsau posted the picture to deflect, and Kimmi says if that was his intention it did not deflect the attention off of Marsau. That’s true, Kimmi, but if I were you, I would be upset that Marsau made the public start question your marriage the way they do his. Melody and Stormi are intent on getting Kimmi to see something she is clearly not ready to see.

Then Melody starts talking about Latisha and rather than excusing herself from the conversation, Keke not only sits there, she joins in…

Melody asks Keke if she has had a discussion with Latisha about the rumors of Marsau cheating and rather than declining to answer Keke says Latisha and her have had open conversations about it. She says that Latisha says she have not seen any of the things Marsau is being acused of, and that is Latisha’s “truth”.


Is all of Latisha’s family messy? Kimmi wonders if everybody was going to be talking about Latisha, she should have been invited. I agree.


The ladies are helping themselves to some delicious looking food when they sit down and another conversation sparks up, this time between Kimmi and Tiffany. Tiffany felt like Kimmi came for her and Louis a little harshly and wants to know if they are all good.

Tiffany says that Kimmi brought up that she was fired from the Chambers of Commerce but she wanted to clear up that rumor. Tiffany says she was not fired but that she left to start a new job. Kimmi says she only brought it up in a effort to show Tiffany was not being transparent when she requests that everybody else on the cast be so. Kimmi say she is not angry with Tiffany. So they are good.

Stormi sits down with her plate, and because she didn’t hear all of the conversation and asks Kimmi about it. Kimmi says they were just having a conversation about transparency and the rumor about her being fired. Stormi asks Tiffany if she still works for the Chambers and Tiffany reveals she has not worked there for years. Melody wanders over and sits down with her plate, and once again asks Kimmi what is being discussed so she tells her.

Stormi says from being on the outside looking in, the way Tiffany came into the friend circle was being introduced as, Tiffany who works at the Chamber of Commerce yet here she is saying she hasn’t worked there for five years.

Tiffany is annoyed with the conversation. She says that it’s absurd to her. She says it’s like someone bringing up something that happened when she was twelve. Melody gets the dig and takes a hard swallow of her drink. Kimmi and Stormi look confused until the dig becomes apparent to Kimmi who says to Tiffany, “Oh you was getting smart.” Stormi doesn’t appreciate Tiffany’s irritation with the conversation and tells her not to get smart because nobody was coming at her like that.

Tiffany in an effort to move on asks if anyone was ready for a drink.

How does the episode end?

Stormi tells Tiffany she might need a drink and walks off but not before calling Tiffany a b***h and crazy.

Ut oh! This is getting wild…

I can’t wait to recap next week. Are you enjoying the show? Check back with me next week, muah!

What are your thoughts?

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