Recap Of Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas Episode Ten: “And the final lady is…”

I’m back to recap “Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas” and if you are watching “Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching episode ten yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode ten. Ready? Let’s get started…….

Episode Ten: “And the final lady is…”

The episode starts with Joseline in a bikini in the pool at the house. She immediately takes off the top so now she is topless. She climbs in the Jacuzzi with her heels on. She says she has been working so hard after her two performances and now she is under the weather. He voice is scratchy so she is going to enjoy the weather and the pool. She proceeds to take her bottoms off and now she is completely naked in the pool…My question is why you got in the pool with the heels, Joseline!


She says she told Balistic Beats that he and Lexi Blow will be dealing with the girls today so she can get some relaxation. But rather than drinking hot tea with some honey? Joseline pops a champagne bottle so she can sip champagne in the Jacuzzi.

Umm okay.


We see Lexi Blow with ReRe, Henny, K.Kapri, and Amber sitting by the pool and she is telling them about the performance and when ReRe lit her vagina on fire…

{Record Scratch}

Wait a minute yawl; I thought Amber quit the cabaret?


Lexi says that despite Amber only performing once the crowd was asking, “Where’s Amber?” Amber says she was upset that she lost her spot but was happy that K.Kapri made it. Well wonder how she will feel when she see’s that K.Kapri was talking about her to Raven, huh?

Lexi asks Amber if she felt like Raven did good when she was dancing to win a spot on the cabaret, and Amber said no. She imitates how Raven dances and says this is what it means to “do a Raven.” But the others feel that Raven did a good job. Henny feels Raven did a good job but was picked because Joseline was being petty and did it to spite Amber.

Amber says she is ready to battle everybody for a spot on the cabaret. She says the last competition for the spot will be all choreography so then they will see who can really dance out of all the girls.

Amber says that the reason she lost her spot was over some he say she say mess and she was only telling Joseline what she heard. She said that Carlos just wanted his moment and he should of never spoke to the cast and said anything negative that happened after they left the set. She also said she didn’t know that Chanel was going to go back and say anything either…

Lexi says that Chanel shouldn’t have spoke on the situation and in the future she advises them to let Joseline handle her problems directly. Amber says she has to just be careful what she says from now on. Chanel thanks Lexi and she says they are veterans who came into the house together so she is not going to let her be alone and gets Chanel to go back around the other girls.


Lollipop, Raven and Blckdiamond are outside the house at the outside bar playing cards. Blckdiamond says she wish she had of been at the performance to support Raven. Raven tells her that the performance was fun and if she died today her life was now complete…Girl stop, the performance wasn’t that lit that it fulfilled your bucket list did it? Blckdiamond wanted a slice of birthday cake from the night. Raven told Blckdiamond that the cake fell onto the stage and that Lexi licked the icing off her breasts.

Lollipop says that the energy was better because Amber wasn’t there. Raven gives Amber her props and says that she is a good dancer and the others agree but she says she has a bad attitude. Blckdiamond says Amber keeps up drama and exaggerates for the cameras. Raven and Lollipop give Blckdiamond some pointer to help her to win a spot on the cabaret. Apparently Blckdiamond has a pole trick that she has been practicing and they are encouraging her to do it when the girls compete. Raven says even though she made it onto the cabaret she wants to still practice so they all go so they can practice…


Chanel Tso is outside by herself sitting on a lounge chair in the sand…I promise you, this house is so spectacular. It literally has an area with sand, yawl. She says she is being distant to everybody because cant nobody help her but herself. Lexi comes where she is and asks her why she is by herself before she sits in the other lounge chair. She tells her she is just trying to get her mind together.

Lexi asks Chanel, “What’s the matter?” Chanel feels she was supposed to have a spot on the cabaret and no matter what she does she keeps getting on Joseline’s bad side. Lexi tells her that her dancing is amazing and that she did a good job the previous night but she wasn’t picked because she keeps putting her nose in situations that don’t involve her.

Chanel wants to know what she could do to get back in good with Joseline…NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. FORGET ABOUT IT. ABORT THE MISSION. Those are all the things I would have told Chanel. Pack up your things and go where your talent will be appreciated. VAMOOSE! But Lexi doesn’t say any of those things, and I feel bad that Chanel wants to belong to a cabaret where nobody is her friend. So Chanel since she didn’t say it, I did. Don’t say nobody told you that you deserve better. No opportunity is worth all this.

Lexi suggests that Chanel comes up with a routine that she can do for this last cabaret and hopefully it will be enough for her to be picked for the last performance. Chanel is willing to do basically anything to win a spot. She says that she sincerely apologized to Joseline. Lexi tells her the problem was that Chanel kept defending why she had a conversation with Carlos. She says that Chanel needs to understand that she was wrong and blah blah blah. I’m getting tired of Lexi trying to drill into Chanel how wrong she was as a justification for Joseline going into a tirade. So Lexi, was Joseline right for throwing apples at Chanel’s face?

Because this is stupid.

Chanel says that the problem is not her dancing but that she needs to prove her loyalty to the cabaret…but Chanel, the cabaret is not loyal to you, and if you keep reading later on I will come back to this point…but back to the recap…

Chanel appreciates that Lexi came to have a talk with her, and she says some of the other girls also came and told her how sorry they were that she had apples thrown at her. Chanel says she doesn’t think Joseline said anything to hurt her even though it did hurt her, and she begins to cry…

Sigh. I wish I could reach through the screen and hug Chanel. She says she is strong, and when Joseline criticized her body she worked on it and came back snatched. It’s sad how Chanel is being broken down and it’s unnecessary. Lexi gives her a hug and tells her she wants her to get it together and win her spot back.

Me too.


Ms. Wet Wet is the Jacuzzi trying to recuperate and heel her bruised ribs. Surprisingly she has on a bikini. Unsurprising, it is see through so her breasts are exposed…

Lol. Ms. Wet Wet is a mess!

Jordan joins her and they have a conversation. Ms. Wet Wet only has one more chance to make it in the cabaret. Jordan says she has some tricks and offers help to Ms. Wet Wet if she needs it…


The girls are all in the pole room stretching while dressed in their own style of cabaret attire when Lexi Blow comes to check on them. She asks them what they all think is missing from the cabaret and the answer is choreography. She reminds them that earlier in the season when she was captain, Chanel had asked them to make up some choreography and she asks them to show her what they came up with.

{Record Scratch}

Ummm, excuse me; didn’t Joseline berate Chanel for telling the girls to make up some choreography? What is going on here?

But okay, the girls are going to show Lexi Blow whatever choreography they came up with weeks ago, and here is how it went…

Chanel Tso

Her outfit was cute and her performance was the bomb. Once again Chanel shows why she made it to be captain in the first place. She nailed her choreography and kept me entertained.

Amber, Lollipop, Ms Wet Wet

They start off in a pose with Lollipop lying on her back with her legs open in a split with each girl holding one of her legs as they sat on the ground. As the music starts they rub on her legs…so far so good. But in the end the only one who remembered the choreography was Amber. So Lollipop and Ms. Wet Wet just free styled while she did the dance moves they practiced. I cracked up.

Henny, Raven, Blckdiamond

Raven and Blckdiamond were more in sync with each other than Henny so it was a bit off pudding. But at least they had choreography.

ReRe, K.Kapri, Jordan

They did the best and everybody was surprised that Jordan could make up and then execute choreography so well. Good job Jordan, we see you! Lexi Blow reminds Jordan that this is exactly why she was picked to be a part of the cabaret. Good…Now can we see some choreography at this last performance?


We see Balistic Beats arrive at a dining establishment named, “Blume Kitchen & Cocktails”. Inside already seated are K.Kapri, Raven, Lollipop, Jordan, ReRe and Lexi Blow. They are finally out of the house and being treated to brunch. The owner Valentino welcomes them and promises they will eat well and he will take amazing care of them. And then Balistic comes in and has a seat at the booth.

He tells them Joseline isn’t able to make it because she lost her voice and needs to preserve it for the final performance. So it’s up to Lexi Blow to guide the girls on what needs to be done and tonight he and Lexi will be picking who the final girl to join the cabaret will be. She tells them a lot of girls got picked to audition but only the best will be picked for the cabaret so there will be only one spot offered tonight.

Jordan thinks there should be two spot instead of one, and Lexi reminds her she needs to show the side of her that is able to do the choreography they all just recently found out that she can do because she obviously has skills.

Balistic asks the girls what they are looking for in this last girl that will be picked to jin the cabaret. Jordan thinks they have the pole tricks and things of that nature but they need a girl who can bring the sexy floor work.

While they are talking, Valentino brings out a drink encased in glass and smoking. There is only one, so K.Kapri quickly snatches it and drinks out of it so the other girls couldn’t even taste it. I hope when the scene was over he brought them each one so they could enjoy it too…


She says it tastes like a sour patch drink…well they will just have to take her word for it won’t they? He brings out the food and it looks delicious. Lucky for them he brought enough for everybody because we already see how K.Kapri gets down, lol.

Lexi gives Jordan the task of coming up and teaching the women choreography. Jordan was surprised to get the new responsibility. I wasn’t because Chanel who had come up with choreography for the girls was discounted, so why not have someone who could do the task.

K.Kapri asks if they had to vote who they would pick for the last spot on the cabaret without seeing them dance tonight. ReRe says Chanel. Jordan says Chanel. Lollipop says Blckdiamond. Raven says Blckdiamond. K.Kapri says Ms. Wet Wet…only so she could then hit her with a Red Bull.

Shut up K.Kapri.

She then says she would pick Chanel. So, most of the ladies on the existing cabaret would pick Chanel to be in the cabaret. K.Kapri says Chanel represents the cabaret well out of all of the girls in the competition.

Remember she said that…

Valentino brings them some shots and they all toast to the final performance…


So all of the girls are at the club, because remember it’s the final competition for the last spot on the cabaret. For some reason Lexi Blow decides to have a sit down meeting between Chanel and Amber to discuss the differences they may have between them. Amber feels Chanel messed up her position in the cabaret because she ran her mouth. Chanel feels Amber messed up her own position in the cabaret by running her mouth and she didn’t have anything to do with that. Amber says that she should eff Chanel up.


Chanel apologizes to Amber and she says hopefully they can move forward from the incident and focus on dancing. Amber tells Chanel hopefully she could kiss her ass…


The sit down was dumb. Amber doesn’t see it for Chanel and in my opinion she never did. And from the outcome of this sit down she never will.

Let’s move on…

The final mini competition for the last spot…

The competing ladies are practicing for the competition. It’s the last chance for Henny, Blckdiamond, Amber, and Ms. Wet Wet to earn a spot. The other ladies sit on the sideline while Lexi Blow and Balistic face the stage so they can be the judge of who will be that girl. So here is what we come for, some freaking dancing!

Up first…

Ms. Wet Wet

Ms. Wet Wet did what we have seen her do before. And of course Paris and London came out, but poor Ms. Wet Wet was not even a contender. She tried though even with her bruised ribs, so there.

Chanel Tso

Chanel worked the pole expertly; she worked the floor and did choreography. She gave everything she had and I feel she nailed the performance because she really is talented.


Henny said she was nervous but tried her best. She didn’t give much eye contact but I could tell she was giving her best effort.


Blckdiamond came out in a silky black robe and then she throws it off and she is topless under it. That was a good dramatic effect. She jumps on the pole and does a pole trick and K.Kapri goes crazy for some reason. Remember she said she was rooting for Chanel at the brunch? Well she flipped of course, like she always does and is so excited that Blckdiamond had improved. The other girls followed her flip flopping lead, sigh.


You can tell Amber is a great dancer but it seemed like she misunderstood the assignment. She was supposed to be giving sexy cabaret and she was out there like it was a Hip Hop competition, whew! She was frog hopping and gyrating while swinging her weave, it was ridiculous.

The final judgment…

Lexi Blow immediately dismissed Ms. Wet Wet and Henny because they were not even in the running for the position…


She then gives the final three some feedback about their performances. She says Chanel did a amazing job, which she did…but she says she was not paying attention to what was around her she was focused on herself which is not cool for the cabaret…


Lollipop felt she killed it. We did too!

Lexi says Blckdiamond was the only one trying to incorporate the whole stage. Sigh, okay Lexi Blow we see where you are going with this. Balistic agrees. Lexi tells her she did a really good job and Blckdiamond blows her a kiss.


Lexi says Amber was dancing very well but she didn’t give what Chanel and Blckdiamond did. There was no meaningful eye contact and she didn’t work the pole.

Balistic and Lexi huddle to make their decision and the final lady is…


And the person screaming, jumping and celebrating the loudest, even more than Raven, is flip flopping K.Kapri. But didn’t you say you wanted Chanel to win? And Lexi what was your problem, Blckdiamond definitely improved her dancing, but Chanel did the best! So they got their final girl for Joseline’s Cabaret…

Blckdiamond happily goes around the room hugging everybody, and an ever gracious and humble Chanel congratulates her on her win…foh.

How does the episode end?

They bid Balistic goodbye so they can get to practicing for the cabaret…

So we can’t wait for next week, can we? It’s the final performance. Thank you to everybody who rocked with me this far I appreciate the support.  Leave a comment telling me if you think they will air the reunion because we know there was some drama surrounding the taping.

See yawl next episode, muah!

What are your thoughts?

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