Recap Of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 4 Episode One: “Mar-so Messy”

I’m back to recap another episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season four. But if you haven’t started watching the first episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode one. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode One: “Mar-so Messy

The episode begins with Marsau and Latisha going to a restaurant for dinner. At dinner is when Latisha reveals that Marsau had some time away for himself. He went to Africa without her. He ignores the condescending tone and the pissed off look on her face and thanks her for understanding that he needed to go alone. She then reveals that she wasn’t pleased that he went alone and was wondering why he needed to go out of the country by himself. We were all thinking the same thing Latisha, especially when you remind him that you have never been to Africa and would have loved to go.

He says he needed to get away. She says she also is under a lot of pressure and going as a couple would have been nice. I just wish she would leave it alone seeing how he left her home anyway so what is the point of pushing the issue? Well since he did get away, she asks him what his focus is now. He says his family, his love ones, and himself. Oh yes, we can all clearly see you focus on yourself, sir.

He gives us a long speech about valuing his time now over money and he regrets working so much. He says he wants to be an example for his kids of how to live everyday of their lives. And the look on Latisha’s face says it all. I doubt she would be able to decide to go to Africa and leave him stuck at home. Remember the time she just wanted to go out of town with her friend and this man tripped?

Poor Latisha.

She doesn’t seem to have a lot of power in her relationship. I don’t know too many women who would be this accommodating and let their husband go to another continent to get away where he couldn’t be reached without putting their foot down. But Latisha doesn’t have a choice but to let it go.

He tells he has also decided he needs a personal assistant. And he tells her it’s going to be a woman. Latisha says he can have a woman as her personal assistant as long as she is approved by her. She thinks it needs to be an older woman. For some reason she forgets young or old she will still be female so what is the point? I guess for Latisha an older woman is not competition.

She calls him out for being messy. Does anyone recall that at the third season reunion, Maurice denied seeing Martell with Arionne Curry, who was Martell’s mistress? Marsau admitted to going to Atlanta with Martell and Arionne was also there. Well Marsau went to social media and posted a picture of the trip to Atlanta where we clearly see Maurice was there.

Do you want to know my opinion? Marsau was tired of being the one dragged for allegedly cheating on Latisha, so he put the picture out so that Maurice would also be dragged. Because the mistress alleges that at that trip Marsau and Maurice also had their side pieces there.

Why do you all think he threw Maurice under the bus? Leave a comment I would love to know what you all think. Either way, I agree it with Latisha; it was messy to do that to your brother, Marsau!

Latisha says “ole girl” wants to be relevant because after the picture was posted she made a slew of comments on social media in response to messy Marsau putting it out. She tries to go into a tangent about the rumors of Marsau cheating that was said by Melody, but Marsau interrupts her. He tells her to stop and she says, “okay”.

He scolds her for bringing up the rumors…she says she is going the stop, but once again tries to bring up another thing that “ole girl” said. He once again tells her to stop and shuts her down.

Now Latisha, you were just calling him messy, right? But here you go giving shine to a mistress who says she doesn’t want to be mentioned on the show. And here you go mentioning her! Yes you are calling her “ole girl” but we still know who you are gossiping about. And it’s mighty funny how Marsau can afford to get on his high horse when he just went into the gutter and threw his brother in there with him. Yawl both messy, no wonder this relationship works.


Marsau says he doesn’t like the negativity but if you follow the fall out on social media, he is repeatedly fanning the flames. But at least Latisha has decided this season not to cry but now she has decided act like all of the rumors about her husband don’t bother her. Well you should, because he is the reason those reasons exist. Stand by your man Latisha, and all of his mess. He says nobody calls you a dog and expects you not to bark…

Shut up Marsau.



Martell arrives to work out with Louis at his gym. Martell says with all the things occurring in his life the gym has been his outlet. He says that Melody has not been doing the things she is supposed to do, again.

Do tell, Martell, because you know he can’t miss an opportunity to down Melody in every way he can. He says Melody has two phones but she keeps the one that he is allowed to call on off so that he can’t talk to his kids everyday like he wants to. I guess it never occurs to him that if he was still in the home with his kids, he would be able to talk to them all he wants. But we also know personal responsibility is not Martell’s strong suit.

Louis tries to give him some helpful advice rather than calling him out for being the reason why he doesn’t have access to his kids…or Melody…the way he used to. Because we all know that Martell really seems like he needs to have access to Melody, huh?

Louis asks Martell how he dealt with Melody’s infidelities…

Shut up, Louis.

Martell once again says that Melody cheated. And once again WE DON’T CARE. Melody explained that she was separated from Martell. But let’s just say she did cheat, it was nowhere near the level that he took it to. That doesn’t make it right, but I get annoyed when Martell uses it as a justification for having a mistress who he repeatedly got pregnant and now he has an illegitimate son as the result.

Louis tells Martell that he appreciates him stepping up for him at the reunion when he and his wife Tiffany were called out for not being transparent about their lives. Martell says no one on the cast is transparent about their marriages either. Louis doesn’t seem to understand why he and his wife got the backlash they did. Ummm Louis, you don’t remember your wife being messy and bringing up things on camera that she shouldn’t have? But he seems to think playing victim will make us forget so, okay.

Louis says that Marsau putting out the picture of Maurice at the trip broke the man’s code.

Shut up, Louis.

This is what got you and your wife in trouble before. Here you go bringing up Marsau when you know that will be a issue so don’t play victim when Marsau calls you out like your wife got called out all last season. Now I see why you too are married also. Both of yawl are messy too!

Martell just wants everybody to stop throwing each other under the bus. It’s obvious, Martell really wishes that nobody had mentioned his affair on camera so that he could have continued to kept things the way he had them set up. He says he doesn’t want Maurice’s marriage to end…that could be true.


We see Kimmi with her dog, Zeus. Awwww! He is a cutie. She says with everything happening lately the dog has kept her centered. Maurice and his son Monster walk up, and Kimmi asks Monster to take the dog so she and Maurice can talk.

Maurice question Kimmi about Zeus being her therapy. Kimmi says there are certain things you get from children and from pets and that’s unconditional love. Maurice says from and from husbands…Kimmi says once again, children and pets.


Kimmi says she is overwhelmed by a lot of the things going on in their family. She brings up Marsau releasing the picture and all of a sudden Maurice starts acting nervous. Maurice says Marsau posted the picture to be funny. Kimmi wants to know what about that was funny. Because now the suspicious public is accusing him of cheating and Kimmi isn’t laughing. Kimmi says they weren’t married but they were dating so if he did cheat she would still consider it a violation.

Kimmi wants to know if Maurice cheated with the “line backer” that Martell’s mistress claims was at the trip as his side piece and after some hemming and hawing, he finally denies it. He says he wouldn’t have dated a linebacker…so does that mean he cheated, just with a woman that was hot? But Kimmi doesn’t ask it again, another way, they way any woman would, she just let’s his answer stand. But all of his smirking and smiling would have made me turn into Perry Mason. But that’s just me. I would have picked up that he clarified his answer without providing clarity. But Kimmi obviously knows him and his answer was clear to her.

Maurice doesn’t seem to understand that while he doesn’t care that the public sees him and his brother in a certain way, it’s the wives who get criticism and the wives care. Maurice tries to deflect by asking Kimmi to reach out to Latisha and be there for her. But Kimmi is too smart for that. She needs Maurice to stop making her look like a fool.



Destiny is a music studio singing a song she is recording. Latisha has come to visit her…

{Record Scratch}

WTF! Since when was Destiny a singer? And when did Destiny and Latisha become good friends?

Destiny says after all she went through with her divorce she is turning her pain into art and apparently her and Latisha’s friendship has grown in the past year…Giiiirl you get the side eye, but I like Destiny so I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Destiny said she was on public assistance as the result of her divorce. So music really is cathartic for her with all the difficulties she has faced being a business owner and single mom. In her confessional Destiny almost cries, and I was a little teary eyed for her, but luckily we are both too gangsta for that, lol.

Destiny says she hasn’t spoken to Melody. Latisha says because Destiny and Melody are in music and both newly divorced they have a lot more in common. Well it seems to me, Latisha and Destiny now have a lot in common and it is starting to feel like it’s their passive aggressive dislike for Melody…does anyone see that or is it just me? I could be wrong so let’s just see how this season goes.


Destiny says she hasn’t told Melody that she has started a music career because she hasn’t been around.

Apparently Melody confronted Latisha and Destiny because she overheard them talking about her when they were housed in a hotel following the reunion. Destiny says she and Melody had brunch after the incident and Destiny says she repeated everything she said. Melody told her she didn’t appreciate her speaking about her to Latisha because she is her enemy. Latisha appears shocked that Melody refers to her as her enemy. Latisha doesn’t consider Melody her enemy. She says she though they were cool and so did Destiny. Despite sitting on national television gossiping about her, Latisha says she doesn’t want to come between Destiny and Melody’s friendship. What friendship, seems to me that ship has sailed.


Melody meets with Kimmi to do an activity and talk. What’s the activity? They are going to learn to make charcuterie boards. So they are in a wine vendor being instructed on the process and snacking and drinking wine while they catch up. Kimmi tells Melody that she got a dog. Melody is happy for her. Kimmi says it is helping her mental state. Melody brings up the rumors surrounding Kimmi’s marriage so she says she did text Kimmi to check on her just like Kimmi does for her.

Kimmi tells Melody she doesn’t know why Marsau posted the picture. Kimmi says she asked Maurice and he said he didn’t cheat and she believes him. Melody says in her confessional that she believed her husband and look what that did for her…

Right. But Maurice isn’t Martell and Kimmi isn’t Melody because she says cheating is a deal breaker for her. Kimmi says she is more concerned for Latisha’s feelings about the matter. When Kimmi says that Latisha told her she didn’t read all of the comments under the picture…Melody rolls her eyes.

We all know Latisha read the comments because at the dinner with Marsau, she was trying to bring up what she read posted under the picture but was cut off from speaking…this season Latisha seems to want to be a united front with Marsau who has no problem making her look stupid. But let that be a lesson to anyone about marriage, sometimes you support your spouse and protect them even when they throw you to the wolves…

Kimmi thought that Latisha and Melody were in a good place…


Melody says she overheard Latisha and Destiny talking about her…


She said she confronted them and asked them to lower their voices because she could hear them and that was that. We both know that she and Destiny went to brunch and we know what became of that.

But Melody claims Destiny admitted she was talking bad about Melody to Latisha and apologized…well that’s not what Destiny said. She made it seem like she and Latisha was just talking about what was said on the reunion and Melody was upset that Destiny was talking about it with Latisha. I’m confused…was Destiny talking bad about Melody? What do you all think?

It’s one thing to vent and another to gossip. Well I think either way it’s sad because it seemed like Destiny and Melody had a good friendship, but turns out it wasn’t solid. Because look at where they are. Melody said she learned from her relationship with Martell not to give people second chances, so her friendship with Destiny is over.

Well dam.

She also says she is having a pajama party slash sleepover but tells Kimmi Latisha and Destiny aren’t not invited don’t tell them. Melody didn’t you already pull this move before?

She tells Kimmi she also invited Tiffany, and Kimmi looks as pleased as a toddler about to get a shot at the doctor’s office.


Melody says it’s going to be fun and she ordered all of the ladies that are attending matching black pajamas. Cool we can’t wait…


Marsau and Latisha are having dinner at Marsau’s brother, Micah’s house. Micah’s wife is also there with Kimmi and Maurice. So there are three couples having what looks like a beautiful dinner with steak, lobster, some type of fish…


They start eating and immediately Kimmi asks Marsau what he was thinking by posting the picture…

Lol. Kimmi plays no games, and I’m here for it! Marsau didn’t think it would involve Kimmi despite knowing the public is looking for any shred of proof that he and Maurice are cheating. He thought the end result would be that Maurice was complicit…well go ahead and just feed into the rumors, why don’t you? Marsau was wrong and he knows it, but really doesn’t care because he thinks its entertainment to add stress to his bothers marriage, in my opinion.

Kimmi calls him out. She says there were more negative comments directed at Marsau than Maurice. She says the person being hurt was Latisha who had to read them. But Latisha says she wasn’t hurt by the comments.

Sigh. Okay Latisha. All of a sudden she is unbothered by the rumors. And Marsau says he is immune to caring about the rumors. So he thinks it’s funny to fan the flames because for himthe consequences don’t affect him.

Maurice brings up that he could have joked about the rumors that Marsau has a side baby, and Marsau says that would have been a low blow. Well boo hoo baby boo. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and they all know that Marsau can dish it out but he certainly can’t take it. How is it cool to joke about your brother cheating but he can’t joke about you cheating?

How does the episode end?

Maurice says there are things he knows about this whole situation that he doesn’t say…and even though she was smiling, the look on Latisha’s face was priceless…thought you didn’t care Latisha?

I can’t wait to recap next week. Are you enjoying the show? Check back with me next week, muah!

What are your thoughts?

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