Breaking News: “Real Talk With Tamera” Confirms Straight Dropp Was Badly Beaten In Jail

It has been trending that the accused killer of Young Dolph, twenty-three-year-old rapper Justin Johnson was beat up in jail. Young Dolph was tragically shot and killed in Memphis in November of last year. Justin Johnson is a rapper who goes by the name Straight Dropp and is currently in jail awaiting trial for Young Dolph’s murder and is supposed to be in some sort of protective custody. Well keep reading because I have two videos that seem like credible proof that the rumors may just be true that Straight Dropp was beat up in jail.

The story began trending when rapper Snupe Bandz went on social media hinting about it. If you missed the video, I found a copy and here it is…

(Posted on YouTube by Trill Talk TV)

Well according to a YouTube channel called “Real Talk With Tamera” she has inside information that confirms that the rumors are true and Straight Dropp was in fact badly beaten in jail. Here is her video discussing what she knows…

(Posted on YouTube by Real Talk With Tamera)

The video is over four hours long so let me give you some key details she gives in her exclusive video about the situation.

What she says is:

After hearing the rumor that Straight Dropp was assaulted she was in disbelief because he is in “High Profile Custody” in jail which means he is being protected from the other inmates because of the high profile status of his murder case. She says she called someone who is a reliable source who confirmed to her that Straight Dropp was assaulted badly by another inmate. And here is what she alleges went down:

All of the pods that contain the inmates were supposed to be locked down. It was visitation time, and this is when inmates are let out and then taken from their pods to go on a visit. Supposedly Straight Dropp had a visit so he was to be let out. His pod was opened which I am sure the other inmates realized and most would most likely recognize who Straight Dropp is.By accident somehow one of the other inmate’s pods was mistakenly left unlocked and when the inmate noticed the mistake and that his pod was left unlocked he sprinted out of his pod and before Straight Dropp knew it he was being attacked.

She claims all Straight Dropp had time to do was scream because the inmate attack was so unexpected because remember he is supposed to be protected from the other inmates because of the nature of his case.  And it was in these brief moments he received a severe beating. When all of the officers realized the mistake they quickly came to the rescue but not before Straight Dropp received a massive beating. She alleges that the inmate was so intent on whooping Straight Dropp that it was difficult for the officers to get him off his target.

She also said that she does not believe that Straight Dropp was set up by the officers but that it was simply human error, which is easy to believe, because if they really wanted to set him up, Straight Dropp would be dead.

If I got any parts of the story wrong I do apologize. You can always watch her YouTube video in its entirety to get the most accurate depiction of what she alleges that happened.

This woman Tamera has done a few videos on the killing and murder case concerning Young Dolph. She claims to have worked in Memphis for two law enforcement agencies for a number of years. She also is a private investigator and claims to work closely with law enforcement as she conducts investigations for her clients.

I find that her information seems pretty credible and is probably the best source, outside of law enforcement, or the local Memphis news, to receive updates on the condition of Justin Johnson in custody. She seems to want justice for Young Dolph, but also shows some sympathy for Straight Dropp but I would not deem her biased in favor of lying for either side.

But what do you all think? Do you think Straight Dropp was beaten in jail by another inmate? Was it in retaliation for the brutal and senseless murder of Young Dolph?

All I can say is, wow! There are reports that some people are celebrating the news that Straight Dropp was assaulted. I am a fan of Young Dolph and I was grieved to find out that he was so cruelly and viciously slaughtered in Memphis. He was loved by a great number of people and it is not surprising that they would want to see his accused killers pay for what it is alleged they did. But that would not justify harm coming to Justin Johnson who is still considered innocent until proven guilty.

That being said, I hope that no further harm comes to anyone who can be held responsible for what was done to our beloved Young Dolph who did not deserve what happened to him. I know the people of Memphis are hurting from this unbearable loss but as a fan I must remind them we all want these suspects to all be kept alive and well so that we can get justice for Dolph and for his love ones, ya dig?

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog…

What are your thoughts?

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