The Curious Case Of Hassan Campbell And 4 Reasons Men May Have A Problem With Him

Hassan Campbell is a YouTuber who gives commentary on Hip Hop news and issues affecting the Black community. And while he has his share of supporters there are those people who have a problem with him. Why does Hassan Campbell get so much hate? Well you know what I do on this series. I like to highlight people that others may have a problem with and give them a bit of understanding. While I understand that this man is the subject of some controversy, I would like to give another perspective.

I think I know a few reasons why so indulge me for a bit as I break down why I feel some men may have a problem with Mr. Campbell. It’s just my opinions and if you agree or have opinions of your own, may you always feel perfectly free to drop a comment because they are always welcome. Are you ready for my opinion? Well here it is….

1. He is outspoken.

Hassan does commentary on YouTube that many may disagree with. I have seen a few videos where he calls out dysfunctional issues that are prevalent in the Black community and in response several of his fellow male YouTuber’s have made videos criticizing him and his commentary.  He often calls out rappers for their hypocrisy causing some Hip Hop heads to find fault in him because he was once closely associated with Hip Hop.

Outspoken people are often avoided because they do not have the propensity to listen to other’s opinions so I can understand why men might have a problem with Hassan and the way he loudly states his controversial point of view.

The problem with being outspoken is that those type of people are also sometimes brutally honest and that can rub people the wrong way. Well what is one person’s “truth” may not be another person’s truth. Rather than just simply ignore him if he bothers them, there are those people who sling a lot of hate his way and I am concern with why? I don’t know when we got to the point where we could just simply disagree with someone and then leave it alone.

Yes, Hassan is outspoken but a great remedy that would help anyone who he offends? Don’t watch his videos. I wonder why?

2. He allegedly exposed a Hip Hop legend. 

I mentioned that Hassan was connected to the Hip Hop community. He was once associated with Afrika Bambaataa and hung around with his crew. Bambaataa is a popular Hip Hop heavy weight associated with early Hip Hop and its origins. Afrika Bambaataa has been accused of sexually abusing teen boys. This is an allegation that he denies despite a organization that he was once a head of, “Zulu Nation” released a statement apologizing for the way they handled the allegations against him.

Hassan alleges when he was a young teen Afrika Bambaataa sexually abused him. This caused a slew of controversy and rather than receiving an out poring of support from men, Hassan has been repeatedly bullied because of what he revealed. Not all of the men that speak out against Hassan mention his sexual abuse but quite a few make fun of him for claiming to be molested.

Some men believe this reveals a weakness in Hassan and that belief is disgusting and shameful. It is so hard for anyone to admit that they were the target of sexual abuse. It is very hard for a man to admit this vulnerability, so shame on anyone who would shame him for coming out with his truth. I actually think Hassan was brave to be so vulnerable, and I believe he may have helped other victims of this type of abuse especially men who under report sexual violence against them.

This leads me to another reason why Hassan receives hate from other men…

3. He can be immature.

I used to actually subscribe to Mr. Campbell early in his YouTube career. One reason I unsubscribed is I noticed over time his YouTube videos changed from the positive commentary he used to give and became filled with behaviors with many of his critics would call childish. Well I want to explain why I feel Hassan may be called childish in some situations.

Hassan was abused as a child which can be a very traumatic thing. Sometimes victims of abuse can remain stuck mentally at the age where the trauma was most prevalent. So I understand why Hassan can seem to sometimes revert to exhibiting behaviors that remind us of a teen. At a most crucial and vulnerable time in his life he experienced trauma. It doesn’t help that the men who could uplift him attack those vulnerabilities and laugh at his struggles.

I would like to encourage Hassan to continue to try to reach other men and seek healing in bringing insight to the struggles some men fight every day. And now I want to give one last reason some men hate Hassan…

4. He is unapologetic.

Despite being bullied repeatedly, Hassan has not stopped and left his YouTube channel. Despite constant harassment, he has not changed the direction of his content; in fact he has gotten even more controversial. And while I may not be subscribed, on occasion I do watch his videos. And I love how he is unapologetic and honest in his delivery. We need more men in America who understand they will be hated for the message that they spread when it may not always be well received.

So while you may have thought by the title this post was going to be a ride on the hate train that is not my intention. I wish Hassan Campbell continued success and want to encourage anyone who wants to get some interesting content on celebrity gossip and news to go over to Hassan’s channel and check it out and subscribe. But if your intention is to bully him, shame on you. And to Hassan? Thank you brother because who knows how many people you have helped by telling your story.

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog…

What are your thoughts?

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