Zeus Network Released the Official Super Trailer For “Bad Boys: Los Angeles”, Will You Be Watching The Show? (Official Trailer Included)

So I just recently saw that Zeus Network has released the official trailer for the new series “Bad Boys: Los Angeles. Did you happen to catch it? Well if you didn’t, no worries, your girl got your back! Here it is…

(Posted on YouTube by The Zeus Network)

So it looks like from watching the action packed trailer, there is going to be a lot of drama with this series right? There are a lot of characters with a lot to prove. Especially if they are going to be riding the success of The Bad Girls Club that while their popularity is marginal, they have a lot of die-hard fans, and I am one of them.

So I am excited to see just what the boys will do, and what will be the set up of the show because Natalie Nunn is executively producing this reality show. Well we see what her other reality show “Baddies” gave and it wasn’t much. But I’m going to give her another chance to wow me with a new series because if Natalie is anything it is a hustler who loves to get to the bag. I just hope this time it is worth my time and the money that will go to subscribing to Zeus Network which for all intents and purposes has been keeping me entertained.

Who are the Bad Boys?

After watching the trailer I see a couple of familiar faces but mainly the cast was unfamiliar so I moseyed on over to Zeus Network and looked on their page and found the description of the show. So the cast is described as having some big personalities, and we can believe that from what we saw on the trailer, right?

But I wanted to go deeper and do a little digging into the cast. So I will highlight a few of the more notable cast members.

Milan Christopher

I personally always liked Milan Christopher. Milan is not new to reality television. Remember him from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? He had a relationship with Miles whose storyline was that he needed to come clean with his family about his sexual orientation and his down low relationship with Milan. Milan is also an actor that has appeared in a few projects, so let’s just hope he is not going to hit us with his acting skills this season. We see he has a flair for the dramatics, but I hope this show will prompt it to keep it real. And I hope that after seeing him in this new series, I still like him, ya dig?

Jonathan Wright

I never heard of Jonathan Wright before now so I had to look him up on social media. Well he is a celebrity hair stylist who has worked with people like Megan Thee Stallion and others. But what surprised me is that the first thing that popped up when I searched his name is that he was arrested for theft…

Whew chile!

Well that is his past, and his present is really what we should focus on, right? So I wonder if his arrest will be the topic of discussion on the show. Let’s hope not because like I said, he runs in the circles of celebrities so he has more to give us than just that!

Kerrion Franklin

Kerrion should be familiar to many Gospel music fans because he is the eldest son of Gospel star, Kirk Franklin. Well last year the two was the subject of conversation when audio of an argument between the two went viral where his father threatened him with violence. It was really quite sad and had a lot of the elder Franklin’s fan seeing him in a new light.

Well it seems like his drama with his father will be his storyline this season as apparently his father has an issue with him being gay. We see him in the trailer crying and being comforted by another cast mate. So be prepared for a tear jerking moment here or there with Kerrion.

Relly B

Relly B is apparently a social media star that does music. He went viral for a jingle he came up with when he was a car salesman. He climbs out of a trunk of the car and says the catch phrase, “I am where the money resides”. Well it was made into a song that took social media by storm…

(Posted on YouTube by Remix God Suede)

Kinda catchy huh? I am interested in anybody who has such a fun loving personality.

Andrew Caldwell

I took me a moment to remember where I remembered Andrew Caldwell from because he has put on a little weight. But when I saw the name I knew exactly who he is…

(Posted on YouTube by Silly Funny Videos)

Well over the years he has kept his name on social media for repeated drama. And even now it is being reported he has quit the show. Well that is obviously allegedly because we see with our own two eyes he is on the show! But if he is on the show, which I suspect he is, we can expect a bunch of shenanigans, and I am here for it, are you all?

What is troubling is when Zeus puts on the screen…These boys are so bad that it hurts…

And we see there will be a lot of fist fighting this series, much as what happened with the girls of BGC. I personally get tired of seeing people fight because I am not a person who usually finds violence entertaining. But I’m sure there will be a bunch of hands being thrown.

Natalie Nunn

I would like to congratulate Natalie for once again showing the world why she continues to be a boss. She has gotten another show off the ground due to her perseverance and hard work. Kudos to you Ms. Nunn and I hope the series is successful and interesting because of course I am going to recap each and every episode so check back with this blog.

The show is airing this Sunday, March 20th at 8pm? But my question to you is will you be watching?

What are your thoughts?

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