Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas: Amber Says She Knocked Joseline Out And Ballistic Beats Attacked Her (Video Included)

Well, it apparently went down at the reunion for Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas, and I am disturbed by the allegations cast member Amber is making. She goes on live after she says she was released from the hospital after she says she was attacked. If you missed it here is a video of her speaking on the matter…

(Posted on YouTube by Confessionsofarealityqueen !)

All I can say is, OMG! This is terrible if it is true. Yawl, it just may be the last season for the cabaret show because Amber says she is on a mission to get the show shut down. Well, she said so much but here are the things that stick out to me…

Amber says that she hit Joseline, and she fell and that’s when Balistic Beats attacked her as if she was a man. She says she was rushed and was slung around by her hair. Amber says she will not rest until Joseline and Balistic are behind bars, she is paid for her suffering and the show is cancelled. She says she is suing so they cannot continue to mistreat the women who want to be a part of the cabaret.

She also says the reason Balistic is not in jail for assaulting her is because as soon as she said she wanted to press charges Zeus had her locked away and held by security so he and Joseline could leave the scene. She says her back hurts and her ribs hurt. We see she has on what looks to me to be a hospital gown and her wig is in disarray.

She also says that Henny fought Raven. She says K.Kapri fought Lollipop. She says ReRe was jumped by some of the girls, and Joseline kicked ReRe in the back. She also says Blckdiamond kicked ReRe in the stomach. She says ReRe was attacked, and her hair was pulled also. She says that Joseline slapped Lexi Blow for no reason. Amber claims she knocked Joseline out and because of that she was attacked by Balistic so she is pressing charges. Amber says she plans to show up to every upcoming performance that Balistic has with the police, whew!

So apparently Joseline is on tour with Lollipop, Jordan, Raven and Blckdiamond for Spring Break. It would be wild if Amber showed up at every location where they performed and had the cops there. This is a big mess let me tell you. I don’t know if Joseline’s show can come back from this type of bad publicity after already catching flack for how season two reunion went.

Well, Joseline disabled her Instagram in response to the backlash, I’m assuming. So the story is still unfolding, so you can expect me to try to keep you all updated soon. What the burning question is, will Zeus be airing the reunion since all this fighting and mess went down?

What are your thoughts?

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