My Reaction To Funky Dineva’s Video, “Love & Marriage Huntsville: Arrionne Curry Says She’s Suicidal Due To The Show”

Recently YouTube commentator Funky Dineva drug Arionne Curry for filth, and you know I’m going to talk about it!

First of all let me commend Funky Dineva for how far he has come since his “My Hair Is Layed Like” videos. If you are a fan than you know that he has been busy doing a lot of great projects and making quite the name for himself, and I am proud. It’s cool that he still posts on his YouTube channel so if you aren’t subscribed, go over and do that now.

But I want to react to his latest video, and if you haven’t seen it, check it out and then I will give my reaction…

(Posted on YouTube by Funky Dineva)

My reaction…

Whew! That was a lot wasn’t it? Well since he took the time to be so insightful, let me weigh in.

He misspelled her name in the video title…

First of all let me remind everyone why Arionne has the nickname “coleslaw” it was given to her by Funky Dineva and now everyone pretty much refers to her as such. Many people do not even know her name but he did at least address her by her government given title. So we can expect a few misspellings from pretty much everybody, right?

He points out that despite doing a “tell all” interview with Tasha K she never mentioned being suicidal…

I also reacted to that interview and pointed out key points that were made, but Funky is right, Arionne did not mention once that she was suicidal. Seem like if you were letting it all hang out, you would tell the public how you are battling suicidal thoughts. Funky says the reason for this is that public opinion did not go Arionne’s way and in a desperate attempt to sway it in her favor she is now claiming to be suicidal.

He points out that Arionne does not show the attitude of someone who is suicidal…

I would have to agree. Arionne is always smirking and smiling and spends a lot of time taunting Melody Holt and the people associated with “Love& Marriage Huntsville” on social media. In my opinion her behavior is to the point of bullying. But I will also like to say, many suicidal people will try to act in ways that will hide their real feelings to the public, so what we see may not be how Arionne truly feels. She just may be suicidal, but from the way she behaves people would not believe it especially because her behavior is all we can go by.

He points out that Arionne might of though she secured Martell with her baby but it did not work out the way she thought…

This video is not the first time that Funky has told Arionne that the quickest way to lose a man is to have a baby by them. It is a popular saying for a reason. She when its just a couple it is fun and simple. Having a baby will complicate things and put stress on a relationship. And when Melody divorced Martell it was like she was giving up her position, and allowing Arionne to move in her spot.

Well part of the fun of cheating for some is the rush of sneaking around. As soon as Melody left, Arionne basically became a bummer. Now all the nagging and stress that surely came from being the “main” has undoubtedly made Martell distant. I suspect the shine has worn off and now Arionne seems quite dull. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is entertaining options who won’t require anything but him providing a good time. Arionne played her hand, and now she is played out, poor thing.

He points out that Arionne has made a lot of threats but nothing has really come of them…

If anyone has been keeping up with the story, supposedly Arionne has a lot of dirt on the cast and she has threatened to out them in retaliation for them mentioning her on the show. Well she never really made good on those threats. If she really had dirt she would have laid it all out. What is she waiting for? Or could it be they were just threats and Arionne cannot do any damage to any of the cast because all she has is gossip but not hard proof? So Funky says this suicide hoax is Arionne’s desperate attempt to get the public on her side.

Arionne accuses Funky Dineva of being on payroll and not playing fair…

Funky also reads us the DM’s between him and Arionne where she is calling him out for being biased and demanding an interview with him. Funky obviously was offended by her disrespectful approach to using his platform as an outlet for her side of things and I would agree. If she wanted an interview she could of went about securing one in a more professional manner. Funky says he will still interview her, but what more is there she has to say?

Ummm Arionne, didn’t you do a tell-all with Tasha K? What were you holding back that we haven’t all heard? But if she does sit down with Funky that would be epic and we would all tune in that’s for sure.

Funky if by chance you run across this post, which you probably won’t but just in case you do, pleeeeease, do an interview with Arionne. This is a request from a fan. But I understand why you won’t.

Funky Dineva give Arionne some advice that he usually charges people for…

Even though she has disrespected him, he does give her some advice on how she can clean up her image, but we all know she is not going to take it. Arionne seems too narcissistic to humble herself and go on an apology tour, and at this point who would believe she is sorry for what she is done. I can believe she is sorry for how things have turned out, because she has been made to look like a horrible person. But she doesn’t seem sorry for being one of the reasons the Holt’s broke up. She hasn’t taken responsibility or apologized to Melody and that would be the first step to redemption in the eyes of the public but accountability does not seem to be on the menu, just some stale coleslaw, ya dig?

Most people will admit to making a lot of stupid mistakes when we were young and could probably identify with Arionne. But many of us are turned off by her arrogant attitude, and like I said in a previous post, she and Martell have a lot in common and you see how the public feels about him, right?

He calls her pathetic for saying she is suicidal…

If Arionne is lying about being suicidal, she is disgusting and beyond pathetic. Suicide is not a ploy you use for attention. The truth is most people who are truly suicidal do not tell anyone in hopes that they will not stop them. No one wants Arionne to kill herself, including Funky so he does say throughout the video that anyone in Arionne’s circle should urge her to seek help.

Well suicidal or not, I feel Arionne needs therapy anyway. Although she acts like she has high self esteem, no woman with self worth would play second fiddle to a man’s wife for a series of years if she had self worth. She would of left him even before he got on national television and called her a “peasant”. Let alone had a baby for him that he tried to keep secret until he couldn’t any more.

And what about her son who will always be looked at a certain way because of how he came into the world. No child deserves what Martell and Arionne has done to secure their child’s place in social media as illegitimate. I feel sorry for all of the children, but especially their son because both of his parents are attention seeking and it’s sad to watch.

He reminds her that beauty ain’t enough…

He tells us that in his opinion Arionne is immature. Well when she does finally get grown in the head she will realize that when her beauty fades, then what? A man will not take her serious enough to marry her for the right reasons if she doesn’t start working on her inner beauty. Inner beauty will never fade and it keeps a man because he will find that she is a rare breed. But Arionne is obviously not getting that memo and it worries me because she has a daughter who may think that the way her mother put herself out there to be disrespected is cute.

Funky Dineva tells us not to fall for Arionne’s story that she is suicidal…

Most people don’t believe it anyway but just in case. Arionne please get some help. No show, man, situation or circumstance is worth you making a permanent solution based on your emotions. You will be missed terribly by the people who love you, think about your friends, family and more importantly your children.

Ride this wave and keep reaching out even if people don’t believe you. For you and anyone who may be struggling please call 911 or The Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

And it may help to stay off social media and surround yourself with support because I for one would not want you to take your life. You have so much going for you and its worth riding this life out until the wheels fall off.

So did anyone catch the video? What do you think about Funky Dineva’s commentary? Well obviously I enjoyed it, but I always do.

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog…

What are your thoughts?

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