Recap Of Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas Episode Nine: “The More, The Sexier”

I’m back to recap “Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas” and once again let me remind all of the Joseline Hernandez fans, if you are watching “Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching episode nine yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode nine. Ready? Let’s get started…….

Episode Nine: “The More, The Sexier”

The episode starts where it left off last week. Joseline is confronting Chanel Tso. So apparently Joseline got into it with one of the producers and the make-up artist and Amber overheard it. She told Chanel. Well apparently the make-up artist was later being discussed and Chanel called him and told him what was said about him. Did I get it right? If not, correct me in the comments. So Chanel warned the make-up artist that Joseline said that he talks too much, and Joseline is pissed.

In her confessional Chanel says all she was doing was telling the artist to mind his business and because of that Joseline threw apples at her. She really doesn’t feel like she did anything wrong.

Joseline is also mad at the make-up artist and she tells him that he does need to mind his business…

Wait. I’m confused. Isn’t that what Chanel told him? Why is Joseline so mad?

But Joseline is mad at Amber as well. Apparently Amber told the make-up artist that they had enough producers on the set one day, and that meant they did not need Joseline. When the artist says this to Joseline, Amber strongly denies that she said that so she and the artist go back and forth. Amber tells him to stop running his mouth before she has her brother beat him up.

Joseline tells Amber not to say another word or she is going to snatch Amber’s wig off and drag her out…


Joseline asks Amber how she can say that production doesn’t need her on set when it’s her show?


Amber goes to deny she said that but Joseline cuts her off and says this is not her time to speak. Joseline asks the other girls if they think that Amber actually said that. They all sit quiet except for Lollipop who says she does think that Amber would say something like that. Joseline asks her why, and Lollipop says because all Amber does is keep up drama.

Joseline asks Amber again if she said they don’t need her at her own show, and Amber denies it. The make-up artist, whose name is Carlos says that Amber is lying and trying to start things in the house, so they argue again. Carlos says that Amber claims Henny is a witness, so Amber touches Joseline’s arm to get her attention, and asks her to ask Henny what was said…

Well why did she do that? In response to being touched on the arm by Amber, Joseline goes off! She calls her a b***h and shoves Amber hard in the chest. She tells her to back up and not to touch her. She then gets in her face and says “Don’t touch me my n***a”…

What did she say about using the “n” word yet here Joseline is directing that word towards her…this is a mess yawl.

Joseline tells Amber that they are not cool. She then orders her to her room like Amber was Joseline’s child…ain’t no way another grown woman going to order me to my room, and I am going to go like an obedient puppy, but here Amber goes walking off to go to her room…


Before she leaves Amber says she is done and she is going home. Joseline’s response? “Bye b***h!”

Amber is better than me, Joseline was being a disrespectful bully, but Amber just let it go and left. Joseline then tells Carlos that he should not be talking to the girls because things like what just happened will occur and Lexi Blow backs her up, because despite Chanel being chosen last season, all this season Lexi Blow has been treated like she was the one who should have won.

Lollipop calls Amber messy. Joseline dismisses the make-up artists and continues to berate Chanel for making the phone call to him. And when Chanel tries to explain, Joseline tells her to shut up and once again calls her the “b” word.

In her confessional, Chanel says she realizes she is not what Joseline is looking for and she doesn’t think Joseline likes her…

Well what was the clue Chanel? The way she always finds way to disrespect the mess out of you? Or was it tonight when she threw apples at your face dear?


Joseline huddles with the girls so that she can decide who won the spot to dance with the other girls at the cabaret performance that night. The camera shows the other girls waiting excitedly, but when it shows Chanel’s face I felt so bad for her.

Chanel, why do you allow your self esteem to be trampled all over? I want better for you. I wish you wanted better for yourself, because no opportunity is worth the abuse that you are putting up with. Yawl, I like Joseline but that doesn’t mean I am going to just agree with all of the things she does, and the ways she treats Chanel is foul and I don’t understand why. What did I miss? What has Chanel done?

Joseline says the girls have decided to do two ladies instead of one because Amber has gotten kicked out of the cabaret. Joseline announced K.Kapri won one of the slots, and Lexi Blow announces Raven won the other.

This is when we find out that it is also Raven’s birthday. Well happy birthday , Raven and you won a spot dancing with the cabaret.

Joseline cues of the music and Raven performs a dance for everybody in celebration of her birthday. Aye! Do it like it’s your b-day baybeeeeee!


They all applaud for her. Joseline reminds the ladies that lost, that they have one last shot to dance with the cabaret for the final performance, but not tonight.


It’s now K.Kapri, Raven, Lexi Blow, Jordan, ReRe, and Lollipop are leaving the house to get in the van and go to the second performance at the club. They are riding in the van and Lexi Blow gives the girls the instructions from Joseline on how the night will go. She also lets them know not to pick up the money that is thrown, it will be collected and they will split it.

Raven brings up Amber and says it was karma that she lost her spot because she was not humble. They all agree if Chanel hadn’t pissed off Joseline she would of earned a spot to dance. Well I doubt it because this whole time Chanel has been treated like a bald-headed step child…Joseline was just looking for a reason to exclude her if you ask me. I bet Chanel wishes she hadn’t given Raven those pointers right? In my opinion she did better than Raven too.


It’s before the photo shoot and ReRe, K.Kapri and Raven are outside smoking. ReRe tells the the line to get in to the club is longer than it was the previous performance. Once again Amber is the topic of conversation…surprisingly K.Kapri joins in talking mess about Amber proving she really didn’t come to the cabaret to make friends.

K.Kapri basically calls Chanel weak for wanting to have some integrity about how she conducts herself. Why? Because as you can see for K.Kapri and some of the other girls, anything goes, and I just wish she would shut up. We find out that ReRe gave K,Kapri some pointers tohelp her win the spot. We don’t care, move on! K.Kapri asks Raven if she was going to let her eat her p***y for her birthday…

Where the heck did that come from?

She basically wants to know if Raven was still mad at her for being a un-loyal flip flopper, but they work it out because K.Kapri flip flops again, so apparently she is eating Raven’s p***y that night….



Joseline and Balistic Beats arrive to the club. I love the song that is playing in the background. I know you cabaret fans do too don’t you? Well I found it so you don’t have to look for it, here it is…

(Provided to YouTube by TuneCore)

It’s the jam right? You all can thank me in the comments if you have been searching for it. It by an artist named VincentBerry2 and it features Balistic Beats and it’s the jam!

Joseline is happy to see the crowd waiting outside the club is bigger than the other performance night and she is excited. She and the other girls take pictures for the cabaret but this time they wore black. They all looked good but I feel like the night they wore red they looked so much better. Do you all agree?


So tonight the cabaret outfits are pink instead of the black ones they wore the other performance. I think the outfits are cute.

The second cabaret performance…

The performance starts like it did before, with the crowd chanting Joseline’s name. And she did pretty much a repeat of what she did the first performance too. It really was basically the same. There was no choreography, and she and the girls free style dance. The girls work the crowd and pour liquor into the mouths of the fans. And this time there is more people than before. And many have their phones out…well it’s a good thing too because Joseline makes the announcement that what happens in the cabaret stays in the cabaret. And you won’t believe what ReRe does….She lights her crotch on fire and K.Kapri puts it out with her tongue…

I can’t.

How is this raunchy mess supposed to be classy? Despite her insisting the cabaret is different it really looks like the strip club to me. Joseline, the ladies and the crowd seems to be enjoying themselves and that’s what really matters, right?

When the dancing is over Joseline has a cake brought out for Raven’s birthday. And she going to have the crowd sing to Raven….aaaaaaaw! See, that was really sweet of Joseline. It’s times like this, that I remember why I like her. Raven goes to blow out the candles but Lexi Blow drops the cake onto the floor…

Omg. Joseline is pissed. Now they can’t even taste the cake. Oooooh Lexi, you bout to get it!


But no worries Lexi is true to this, not new to this. Do you know how she savages the moment and stays in Joseline’s good graces? She picks some of the icing off the top of the cake that fell and she smears it onto Raven’s bare breasts and she licks it off. The crowd claps. And Joseline asks them who is better than the cabaret and the crowd cheers. She thanks them for coming out to support the cabaret and the show is now over…



Joseline and the ladies are now in the back of the club discussing the night’s performance and how well it went. They are thanking Joseline, but for her it is not enough, she apparently thinks they should be kissing her feet…

But she tells them that she is proud of them. She shades the previous seasons, and says no other season understood her vision the way this season of girls do. They all remark about how big the turn out was because like they keep saying there was double the people who showed up than the first night. They all agree the highlight of the night was when ReRe lit her vagina on fire…

This is crazy.

Joseline says that when the performance was over the crowd was sad that they were leaving. She says tonight was sexier than the other performance. What do you all think?

How does the episode end?

They all applaud for Joseline and then leave the club to go home.

So we can’t wait for next week, can we? See yawl next episode, muah!

What are your thoughts?

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