The “Famous Twins” Arrested For Assault After A Fight, But Was It Self Defense? You Decide…

Once again the “FamOus Twinsss” are trending for all the wrong reasons. If you recall they were caught up in some drama last year when their father was tragically killed. But now they have recently been arrested in Mobile, Alabama for an incident that took place recently where a woman and a teenage girl were shot and it is alleged it was by one of the twins.

The twins are from Mobile Alabama and their real names are Consuela D’Nay Jones and Allie Monay Jones. The reports say they are TikTok sensations with over a million followers. It is alledged that they met up with some girls after one girl alleged to have bragged about hitting one of the twins in the face with a “moonpie”.

Yes you read that right, a moonpie.

So the twins went to a local park named Maitre Park in Mobile with the intention to fight but ended up being jumped, alledgedly.

So first let me show you a video of the incident just in case you didn’t see it you can see it for yourself…

(Posted on YouTube by Tina Bopper)

So now that you saw the incident for yourself, what do you think? Well they were arrested and if you didn’t hear about the story here is a news clip describing the incident…

(Posted on YouTube by FOX10 News)

It seems to me like these young ladies are very troubled. Rather than being known for their music, because sometimes we forget they are rappers with all of the drama, they are seemingly more known for the shenanigans. I think the smirk on their faces when arrested say it all.

Do I feel maybe they have a case for self defense?


But, it is questionable why they went to fight with a handgun in their possession, allegedly. Thankfully the people shot did not receive life threatening injuries. But this could of ended up easily as a murder case. And rather than being somewhere contrite here are the twins when they were released from jail…

(Posted on YouTube by 1 Say News)

These young ladies are very young, and clout chasing is often the past time of the youth these days, but take it from me, the types of games that are being played are very dangerous. Its not funny or cute to repeatedly be the subject of gun violence. I hope that they get out of this situation a receive help for the issues that have led them to seek this sort of attention rather than put all of their focus on their music. But as far as rather this incident was self defense…

Do you know what I think? They shouldn’t have even been at the park trying to fight anyone and then all of this mess could have been avoided.

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog…

What are your thoughts?

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TikTok’s Famous Twins arrested for allegedly opening fire in Mobile park in livestreamed incident –

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