Recap Of Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas Episode Seven: “SHAKE SOMETHING”

I’m back to recap “Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas” and once again let me remind all of the Joseline Hernandez fans, if you are watching “Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching episode seven yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode seven. Ready? Let’s get started…….

Episode Seven: “SHAKE SOMETHING”

The episode starts with Joseline getting her hair and makeup done for the show that is occurring that night. Balistic Beats comes to see what progress is being made on the glam and to inquire if she is excited about the upcoming show. And she is excited about this Las Vegas Grand Opening.

Well Joseline told the girls that were not performing she would consider if they could attend the show or not. Well she thought about it, and decided against them coming and I for one do not blame her. They would have just found a way to take the spotlight off of the show and put it on them anyway. So according to Joseline the losers are staying back at the house because they are haters.

Then Joseline brings up the pool party that she threw for the girls last episode. She told Balistic about the argument brought up by Blckdiamond and Raven that included, Amber, K.Kapri and Lollipop. Balistic is surprised it was just arguing and no fighting, and so were we.

Tonight even thought the ladies aren’t getting naked, Joseline wants the five winners to be very sexy when they perform. Whatever they got to do to entertain the people, she says.


Jordan, ReRe and Lexi Blow are getting the glam squad treatment in preparation for tonight’s performance. In walks Ms. Wet Wet. Lexi Blow is the only one who talks with her though. It’s funny how sometimes I forget that ReRe and Jordan are even there until they dance…that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Ms. Wet Wet basically wishes the ladies congratulations and hopes they do well. Lexi Blow hopes Ms. Wet Wet doesn’t get into any trouble because she is being left behind with all the other girls who won’t be performing. Ms. Wet Wet says she will be on her best behavior, and I believe it because she is not the one who starts the fights but she has no problem finishing them.


Next we see Blckdiamond, Raven and K.Kapri outside looking like they are preparing to smoke. They are mentioning the pool party and Blckdiamond has the nerve to say minus the b.s. she had fun…

Well it seems to me like you and your sidekick was trying to get the b.s. started, but we gonna just pretend like you didn’t right?

In walks Chanel Tso, and she is another one I forget about being on the show sometimes…but in her case that is not a good thing seeing how she is suppose to be the winner! She asks if the girls are excited for the others, the only one really responding is Blckdiamond.

Chanel asks Blckdiamond if she is ready to step up to the plate so she could make it to dance for the cabaret and she says she is. Well if she had been doing that all along, maybe she wouldn’t be sitting here with her arm in a sling. If she had of been truly focusing on what was important maybe she would be dancing tonight instead of staying back still engaging in drama.

I was annoyed when Chanel asked K.Kapri how she was feeling. I personally like that she was just sitting there rolling her blunt, but no, Chanel just had to ask as if we care. She says people’s true colors came out last night, referring to the argument she had with Lollipop. So we have to hear the b.s. YET AGAIN!

K.Kapri says her connection with Blckdiamond and Raven is broken because of some “he said she said” drama. Raven says she is disappointed by K.Kapri. They all seem wary of each other now, and that tends to happen when you come to a competition trying to befriend people instead of trying to compete.

Chanel lets them know that Ms. Wet Wet is back in the house. Of course K.Kapri starts with stating her desire to throw a Red Bull at Ms. Wet Wet. Well my questions to K.Kapri are, do you remember when you threw water at Ms. Wet Wet? How did that work out for you? You would think you have learned your lesson but since you insist, where would you like the band aids to be next?


You might want to stop trying to bully Ms. Wet Wet before you leave on a stretcher, smh. Blckdiamond says if Ms. Wet Wet says anything to her she is throwing water on her…Well my question to Blckdiamond is, is your arm still sprained? I hope you aren’t trying to get Raven to help you jump Ms. Wet Wet because you do remember Raven hitting the floor, hard?

These ding bats kill me. Rather than practicing, one is sitting with a band aid under her eye and the other has her arm in a sling but they still want another embarrassing fight with Ms, Wet Wet that they are sure to lose. You can’t fight so why not leave it alone and do something that none of us would expect you to do?



The five girls that are performing later are now all together getting glammed up and discussing the night that lies ahead of them and how excited they are. Side note, I really like Lexi’s ponytail for the night, she looks really cute with her hair pulled back.

Amber says she has anxiety and Jordan tells her to channel it into her dancing and use her anxiety as an advantage. They all are giving the nervous ReRe some good pointers to help her with her nervousness. They wish the other girls could come see them perform but understand why Joseline decided against it.

The ladies get in the van and arrive at the club…

So the five ladies, Lexi Blow, Amber, ReRe, Jordan and Lollipop arrive at the club, but it’s still early. They are in the back getting ready for the red carpet when Amber notices someone poked holes in her red dress…

So apparently someone is going around the house breaking, and stealing stuff and the girls are wondering who.


We see our favorite older security guard, The Guardian of Zeus, remember him, and he is turning people away because the venue is packed. It looks like a nice turn out for the Grand Opening. Joseline says this night is what she has been waiting for since she was a child. Well I am happy for Joseline, aren’t you cabaret fans?

She and the other girls line up on the red carpet to take pictures in their all red outfits. They all look amazing of course. I think ReRe looks the best. I like her red dress, makeup and hair, but they all look fantastic to be honest. So after the promo shoot you know what happened…

The show begins…

The crowd is chanting her name and Joseline comes out an performs “Live Your Best Life” and its high energy, and the crowd is singing along. You already know I was at home doing like it was my b-day, shimmying and singing along too!

Then she introduces the ladies of the cabaret and sings her song “Vegas” while they are on stage dancing in their black cabaret outfits.  Some are on the pole and others are twerking. People are taking pictures, and videos with their phones and seemingly enjoying the show.

And then Joseline starts berating the girls calling them b****es and h**es for remaining on the stage with her instead of working the crowd like she apparently told them too…

I was confused because there was no routine, no choreography, just a lot of free styling…you know what you get at a strip club, but Joseline is the expert not me, so back to the recap. She threatens to “pop” the women as if you would do naughty children, and they disperse into the crowd to free style dance in the audience who are able to touch and see up close…

Is that better Joseline? Whew! Does anybody like Joseline’s own brand of female empowerment? Because she comes off almost like the pimp she professes to be, and treats the women as if they are her h**es, or am I not seeing things correctly?

They go out and work the crowd, and the show continues. The crowd is delighted. And then she performs, “Welcome to Vegas” and she says this is for the ladies. ReRe even lights her boobs on fire while she twirls on the pole. All the girls are interacting, and Joseline gives the ladies of the cabaret a shout out and the crowd goes wild.

So the Grand Opening was a success…


The girls are exhausted from the show, and they go backstage and an argument sparks up. Well apparently during the show Lexi Blow was picking up money and Lollipop is pissed because apparently none of the other girls did. Lollipop is demanding her own trash bag so that she can collect some money too. None of the other girls seemed pressed about the money only going to Lexi Blow and I was a little surprised.

When Lexi agreed to split the money with all of the girls, Lollipop continued to be mad and said she didn’t want it, she still wants her own trash bag so she can collect her own money. Please forgive my ignorance, is that protocol? When you dance as a group do you all split the money? Did Lexi Blow violate the rules? Leave a comment and educate me.

Amber who seemed to be trying to mediate the situation seemed to get mad at Lollipop for insisting she wanted her own bag of money…they agree to talk about this issue later. Well good because I really want to know if Lexi was being shady or not because I’m confused.


When the show is over and the club is now emptied, Joseline comes out to congratulate the five girls and they all applaud for her. They all say they had fun and the night was a good experience. She says what they just did, they will be doing this every night that the cabaret is open, and she asks if they can handle it. They all say they can. She tells them how proud she is of them and how great they look. She says the feedback was great too, especially for ReRe and Lexi Blow.

Joseline asks Lexi if tonight in Las Vegas was different from the show they had in Atlanta, and Lexi seems like she is about to cry from the emotion…aaaaw! Lexi Blow is the only one from season 2 who made it to the opening of the club. Things have really come full circle.

Too bad Chanel wasn’t included…

Joseline mentions that she heard someone had tampered with Amber’s dress. So Joseline wants to get to the bottom of who is doing the shady things that are being alleged.

Ut Oh!

How does the episode end?

She goes to toast with the girls, but first she reminds them that the losers will get another chance to prove themselves worthy to dance so she warns them not to let another lady take their spot…

And they toast to the cabaret…

So we can’t wait for next week, can we?

Thank you to everybody who comes and supports me by reading my recaps. It’s been a tall order to keep us all entertained, but it seems like the show is heating up. Let me know in the comments if anyone wants me to cover some of the drama that has been taking place with the ladies on social media. It may be time for a special post dedicated to some of the drama that has taken place off camera, what do you all think?

See yawl next episode, muah!

What are your thoughts?

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