When This Woman Speaks About, The Traffic Stop Of Congressional Candidate Martin Hyde

How many of us are upset when we are pulled over and given a traffic ticket by the cops? I would bet all of us are a tad bit annoyed, apologetic, or even angry, but we would still maintain a level of decorum and respect, right? Well not Martin Hyde! He is running this fall in the Republican primary for Congress in District 16.

When he was stopped by a female officer recently and given several citations, he had in my opinion, a temper tantrum. Did you catch the video? Well, no worries of course I found one for you to check out and then of course I will be weighing in. Here it is…

(Posted on YouTube by WFLA News Channel 8)

So, you saw the video, so let me dissect it just a little for clarity, shall I? And please forgive me if I don’t get all the details exactly right so make sure you watch the video for an accurate depiction of the stop, now let me begin…

As soon as the officer walks up to Mr. Hyde’s vehicle…

It seems pleasant enough. They both exchange pleasantries, and she immediately notifies him he is being recorded and the reason for the stop. She clocked him doing 57 in a 40 mile an hour zone, which is speeding, and he was texting while driving. She tells him the exact location where she observed the violations and points in the direction of the cross streets she mentions. He responds with; don’t point at me officer…


She clarifies, still using a professional tone that she was not pointing at him but in fact pointing in the direction of the location where he was speeding and texting. Then it goes downhill. He says he is going to call the Chief. Then the officer, still referring to him as sir, tells him to go right ahead.

In my opinion I think he thought if he brought up a person superior in rank to her she would become submissive to his authority. Why would she do that when she has a job to do? Your guess is as good as mine.

He then asks, “You know who I am right?” She says, “Yes sir, I do.” And when she immediately asks him for his license and registration he asks her, “You gonna do this?” And she responds, yes sir.

Of course, she is going to do her job. Sir, you were speeding and had the nerve to be texting while doing it. A ticket is appropriate, because it is her duty to cite people who violate traffic laws.

He goes in his wallet to get his license. He is now visibly upset. Now at this point he asks for her name, and she tells it to him, and informs him it will also be on his citation…

Well now he definitely knows he will be getting a ticket and he doesn’t like that he is getting cited, but does anybody?

She asks him for his insurance and registration. He begins asking irrelevant questions rather than complying, like how long she has been on the force which she replies seven years.

What does that matter? Just give her your information, get your citation, so you can be on your way. And I commend the officer for remaining professional, and I hope she treats all her stops as courteously and professional as she did with Mr. Hyde.

He apparently hands her his insurance card, but not the registration so she asks him for it again and even says, please. He tells her no. She clarifies and asks, “So you’re not going to give me your registration?” He wants her to get another superior on the phone to talk to him. He continues to name drop and be non-compliant. He wants her to call the mayor…

Sure, I’m sure a traffic cop on the beat has him on speed dial!

She tries to redirect him and take control of the situation by again asking for the registration. He wants to know why she is doing this, as if she doesn’t have on a uniform, and hasn’t already informed him of why he was stopped, and why he was getting a citation. She again tells him that he is being cited because he was speeding and texting…


He says. “By who?” and she rightfully disengages and walks to her vehicle to write his citations.

I’m sure she doesn’t have time to spend going back and forth with people who decide to be combative. We all know where that can lead. The best course of action, now that she has at least his license and insurance card is to just go write the citations and then bring them back to the vehicle to Mr. Hyde. Arguing with him will get her nowhere, right?

When she comes back to his vehicle…

He immediately tells her to call the supervisor.

Huh? For what?

She is not fazed and says, okay. She holds out his paperwork to give it back to him. He continues to insist on a supervisor, and she is trying to give him his things back. He wants to go into a diatribe…she immediately calls for a supervisor but keeps her composure. She then continues to try to give him his id and insurance card back, when he refuses to take it, she places it on his dashboard…

That’s right ma’am, move it on along…

He tells her she doesn’t have a warrant.

Yeah, and this idiot is really running for Congress. It’s a traffic stop, dude.

When she begins to explain the citations, he puts his hand up and tells her he is not going to listen to anything she has to say, he is waiting for the supervisor, and she explains anyway. And now he decides, after she has already written the citations to produce his registration…


She informs him she already wrote the citation for failing to provide the registration and he says for what?

Well, because you wouldn’t give it to her genius.

She then explains the citations which include failing to provide the registration, and texting, and speeding. While he tries to argue, she talks right over him. He wants to tell her what was said about her and she rightfully continues. That’s when the threats start, including the threat of her losing her employment. He tries to play victim and accuses her of being rude…

If she is rude, what are you?

At one point despite being told he was being recorded he brings out his phone and starts recording her…

I wonder who is voting for this guy. Why would she be intimidated by your phone sir when she already told you a recording was in progress?

He wants to try to say she is lying…he refuses to take the citations, so she put them on the dash and goes back to her vehicle to wait for the supervisor. He tries to argue but she has walked away so he gets out of his vehicle and stands in the street. She tells him to get back into his vehicle or wait on the curb for his safety, so he doesn’t get hit by a car…

He doesn’t like that! And the sad thing is we have seen people killed for doing a lot less that this man is doing, so kudos to the officer for using restraint with a noncompliant menace. Because he proceeds to walk up to her vehicle, and she has to redirect him to stand back for both of their safety. She has to call for back up because Mr. Hyde is doing the absolute most.

Did you notice when the back-up arrived, he asked her if she knew who Mr. Hyde was? And did you notice he was surprised when she told him she already cited Mr. Hyde?

Makes you wonder if another officer, maybe a male, had of shown up maybe Mr. Hyde’s antics would of only gotten him a warning?

Mr. Hyde requested a specific higher-ranking officer to show up by calling him personally, even though a supervisor was on the way. So now they are waiting for both to show up. And as you saw a slew of officers are now on the scene…We also see why he didn’t want to hand over his registration, because it’s expired…

He tells another officer who I think was the supervisor when he showed up, “We gotta make sure she pays the price for being disrespectful…”


So, he lies several times in his recounting of just how he was disrespected, how rude she was, and how unwarranted the citations were because she lied. In front of the other officer, he tells her talks very disrespectfully to her, did you notice that? He warns her there was video evidence of what her behavior too.

I just wish he would have zipped up his fly when he was strutting around saying how he was not going to be treated like a punk…it was ridiculous. And the sergeant he kept name dropping should be investigated for supposedly making disparaging remarks about this female officer to Mr., Hyde over the phone. If, what he claims is true that was unprofessional of him.

When the sergeant he called shows up…

He obviously has some sort of familiarity with Mr., Hyde. He asks for him to turn off his body cam but the sergeant wisely refused.

Yeah, that would have been a bad move buddy especially because Mr. Hyde alleges that you were gossiping to him about the female officer. Ya dig? Mr. Hyde of course misrepresents the facts, and the supervisor while being professional seems to pander to him, and I was annoyed no one stood up for the female officer. Until now…

Mr. Hyde reminds the sergeant that he backs the police…

Well is it just the ones who kiss up?

The sergeant sides with Hyde even telling him he understands his frustration. He assures him he is going to review the video. But finally, the sergeant does say that the cop was an officer assigned to traffic and she was doing her job.

So yeah Mr. Hyde, she was doing her job, whew! Bet you thought the sergeant was your buddy and would make the tickets disappear…well with the entire stink you caused he couldn’t even if he wanted to! And I bet at this point he wishes he was anywhere but there listening to you throw a fit knowing good and well this whole thing was ridiculously childish, immature and entitled! All of these officers have better things to do, wouldn’t you think?

The sergeant tells Mr. Hyde he will be the first to know if there are problems alerted in the video because he informed the chain of command…

I bet they were delighted huh? As if they didn’t have more pressing matters than a brat who didn’t get his way and disrespected law enforcement because of it.

He says he is personally taking his complaint, because Mr. Hyde called him to the scene instead of going down to the station. He admits he doesn’t leave the office.

The nerve of Mr. Hyde making this man leave his normal job to attend to him!

Mr. Hyde tells him nobody in their right mind would give him a ticket for what he was cited for.

Well, lucky for the taxpayers, this officer was in her right mind. You could have killed someone because texting and driving is dangerous. You also could have avoided one of the tickets if you had of simply given her your registration. But you would have gotten a citation for the registration being expired, huh?

The sergeant tells him he would talk to him later, and an indignant Mr. Hyde has to drive off with his tickets of course. After learning about the racist behavior Mr. Hyde has displayed, and his disregard for law enforcement he has so clearly displayed, I’m concerned about him being a congressman. It makes you really consider, who is the people who want him to represent them, right?

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to, so I started a blog…

What are your thoughts?

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Who is Sarasota congressional candidate Martin Hyde? (yahoo.com)

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