Unbelievable But True! There Is A New Online Pharmacy That Is Helping Americans Afford Their High Priced Medications

So many Americans cannot afford their prescription drugs. But I found a pharmacy that seems to be too good to be true, but it is. Scripto Pharmacy that is based in Dallas, Texas gives unbelievable discounts to its members. And I want to help to get the word out.


Over 79 million Americans are on three of more medications they use to maintain their health. I used to work for a well known health insurance company and my job was to explain the prescription drug benefits to the members. It was heartbreaking to explain to a member who needed their heart medication that their tier had changed and now what normally cost them a few dollars was now going to cost hundreds of dollars. I even had a member cry and ask me was there anything I could do because without her medicine she felt she would fall ill or even possibly die.

Well even though I haven’t been on that job for years, I still think about the members and I hope this post could somehow reach that lady. But if it can’t, my hope is that this will help someone who is struggling to pay for their medications. So I came across some invaluable information and if you need some help keep reading…

What is Scripto Pharmacy and how does it work?

Scripto Pharmacy is a pharmacy that puts its members above the desire to make huge profits. Its boasts that it is able to save the consumer 99 percent of their prescription drug costs. Well this pharmacy while based in Texas will ship anywhere in the United States. And the good news is that they have every generic prescription drug that is on the market.

The greatest arrangement is they work outside of insurance plans, which means there isn’t a health insurance company setting their price for the drugs they sell. Without that mark up the consumer can spend a few cents for what another pharmacy would charge exorbitant prices for. Whatever it costs them for the drug, is what you will pay! Yes you read that right, you pay the wholesale cost for the drug. They make no profit on selling the prescription medications they sell.

Here are some examples of what you can save…

Atorvastatin 20mg a drug many Americans take to lower their bad cholesterol will normally cost them a little over seventy dollars. Well if you buy the drug from Scripto Pharmacy it will cost 54 cents for a thirty day supply.

Flomax 0.4mg which is used to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate would normally cost over 66 dollars, when you buy it from Scripto Pharmacy it will only cost $1.20 for a thirty day supply.

Need more examples or want to know how much your generic prescription drug will cost? On their website they have a tool that will help you price how much your medications will cost and it is free to use.

So how do they make money if they don’t up charge for prescriptions medications?

All you have to do is pay a yearly membership fee of $140 dollars and you can have unlimited access to every generic drug that you need.  And if you are paying sky high prices for your drugs that will be a welcome change to your shrinking wallet right?

So if you happen to use the pharmacy, feel free to leave a comment on how it has worked out for you, I’m sure the readers will appreciate you for it. And to all the people struggling to maintain the cost of medication, I hope this helps.

Visit their website at scripto.com

What are your thoughts?

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