Recap Of Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas Episode Six: “We’re having a pool party!”

I’m back to recap “Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas” and once again let me remind all of the Joseline Hernandez fans, if you are watching “Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas” you are in luck because I am recapping each episode this season but if you haven’t started watching episode six yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode six. Ready? Let’s get started…….

Episode Six: “We’re having a pool party!”

The episode starts with Joseline and Balistic Beats in a fabulously white bedroom. Joseline has on no make-up and her hair tied up in a scarf, but even fresh faced and without a wig she looks pretty good. And if you don’t think so you are just hating.

They are discussing the previous night and all the fights Ms. Wet Wet had. Joseline wonders how they are even going to have a club opening with all the mess going on. She was upset she didn’t get to celebrate the five ladies who will be dancing the opening night, because the women who lost were tripping. She says she will be giving the ladies two more shots to make it to dance in the cabaret because apparently the cabaret will dance for three nights, not just one. She says Ms. Wet Wet has dragon breath and she should have used it to burn all of the ladies who wanted to fight her.

Dang Joseline, that was cold.

She then calls K.Kapri a leprechaun. Well excuse me Puerto Rican Princess, a leprechaun is an elf, and K.Kapri is 6’3…Sigh. Joseline has her own brand of women empowerment and apparently it involves reading the women for filth, but I digress…

Joseline says the women really want Ms. Wet Wet gone but are not women enough to say so. She tells Balistic she was glad he was there for the fight between Gaia and Ms. Wet Wet because remember, Gaia dropped Ms. Wet Wet again. Joseline says Gaia belonged on the wrestling team not the cabaret and that’s why she is now gone from the competition…

I don’t care do you all? She made me super uncomfortable with all of the shenanigans and the way she attacked Lexi Blow and Ms, Wet Wet for no reason and then tried to act scared…it was strange. She was strange. And she could miss me with the heresy, blasphemy, and disrespect for God. So I don’t give a care Joseline, move on.

Joseline says there is a lot of pressure on the girls so she is going to throw a pool party for them to relax and maybe calm down a bit from the fighting and relieve the stress.


Next we see K.Kapri, Blckdiamond and Raven talking in what looks like a living room. That’s when we find out that Lollipop supposedly has a crush on Raven and wants to fondle her breasts…

Ummm, okay…

They bring up the fight from last night and in walks ReRe and Jordan to join them on the couch and to join the conversation. Blckdiamond brings up having to go to the hospital…we don’t car ma’am if you had of kept your hands to yourself your arm would be okay. But now your goofy self has a sprained elbow…well boo hoo you shouldn’t be round there jumping people. You a grown woman, take responsibility.

They ask K.Kapri about Ms. Wet Wet possibly coming back, and she says that Ms. Wet Wet doesn’t deserve to be in the competition and proceeds to insult her. She says she doesn’t like her as a person. Well too bad because your bullying antics have the fans not liking you and actually giving Ms. Wet Wet a chance. Too bad you didn’t see that coming huh?

Yawl K.Kapri stay on Instagram whining, fussing, complaining and yelling because of the comments the fans give her. The truth is, she played it all wrong. Had she just sat and let Ms. Wet Wet be annoying, we wouldn’t be giving her the chance we are giving her. Nobody likes a bully, K.Kapri should just stop it,  but she is so bothered by Ms. Wet Wet she won’t give it a rest…and now? I don’t like you at all ma’am and too bad because you were one of the ones I thought I would really like until you showed your true colors. K.Kapri says she is going to throw a Red Bull at Ms. Wet Wet everyday…

And everyday Ms. Wet Wet is going to serve you, why? Because you are a bully who can’t fight, that’s why. So when you do that, don’t be surprised if you get something thrown back at you again, you punk you!


We don’t want to hear any of you bullies complaining that the universe is on Ms. Wet Wet’s side okay? Yawl walking around with cuts and sprains because God don’t like ugly behavior, lol.

Raven and Blckdiamond try to reason with the very unreasonable K.Kapri to talk some much needed sense into her. They tell her they need to move away from all the fighting and focus on the dancing. Duh, that’s what you are there to do, or did you forget?

They finally address ReRe and Jordan and congratulate them for winning the competition to dance opening night. See K.Kapri? ReRe and Jordan just sit there cute and mute. They don’t get involved in the drama; they just watch yawl idiots fight for no dang gone reason and then dance their behinds off as they should.

Blckdiamond calls K.Kapri out for choosing her and Raven to be the first to dance along with her. Raven says she was embarrassed because she wasn’t ready…could that be because you and your friend should spend less time fighting and more time practicing?

Here comes the b.s…

Blckdiamond reveals that someone told her that K.Kapri said that she and Raven are cute but they can’t dance. So then Blckdiamond asks Amber what all was being said about her and her Bestie. K.Kapri tells Blckdiamond to tell her friend to keep her name out of her mouth if she is not going to say exactly what she said. K.Kapri says she never said that they couldn’t dance. K.Kapri now wants to confront Amber…

For what, so she can serve you up too? I don’t know why K,Kapri acts so tough. Its mind boggling…we saw your hands. We saw Amber’s hands. I would advise you just shut your reckless mouth before Amber socks you in it, but I digress…

They remind her that Joseline doesn’t want the fighting, so K.Kapri says she is not going to fight Amber but she has something else for her…

Well let me guess, a Red Bull can? Shut up K.Kapri…


Joseline and Balistic are outside in the pool area, Balistic is drinking a shot and the Puerto Rican Princess is drinking champagne, as usual. They are going to have a pool party and Joseline is excited because today is about having fun, finally! They call out the girls before the pool party begins.

They all come out and line up before them. Joseline says the drama is understandable because they are a lot of females stuck in one house but today is going to be a day to be drama free and enjoy the party. She tells them to drink, eat, smoke and show a little p***y…well what did yawl expect? It’s a pool party, cabaret style, ya dig?

Joseline asks the girls what kind of food they wanted her to order. Well surprise! Amber cooked for the party. She is cooking crab legs, chicken, mac and cheese…makes me kinda sad I wasn’t invited. I would have squeezed into a bathing suit and got lit…Joseline why wasn’t I invited?


She tells the girls to run and go get into their bathing suits and they disperse.


Lexi Blow and Chanel Tso are in their room, folding and putting away laundry. They discuss the night before and Chanel congratulates Lexi on her win and tell her she is super proud of her. Lexi asks her if she is okay about her losing her spot and Chanel says she is going to step her game up.

For what? I’m confused, didn’t you win the cabaret last season? Seems to me Chanel should be mad and confronting Joseline about how she is being sidelined for some brand new girls.


Chanel is nicer than me. I would be raising up a storm about even having to compete because YOU WHO….YOU ALREADY WON YOUR SPOT! But apparently not, so let me get back to this trifling recap, lol.

They bring up the night before and what happened to Ms. Wet Wet. Chanel feels it was unnecessary because she was just doing what ladies named Ms. Wet Wet do and got attacked for it.

There is a knock on the door and it’s Lollipop. Chanel congratulates Lollipop too, why? Because Chanel aint no hater, now if she would just stick up for herself she would have my full respect. I mean dang rep for Cali! Ms. Wet Wet can’t even fight all that great and she was over there handling her business. Chanel sometimes you gotta let em know you bout that life! But we know you aint so let’s move on, smh.

They are all excited about the pool party and can’t wait to see all the girls in their bathing suits. Well I just don’t wanna see no more fights especially because there has been a lot of sneak attacks and jumping people…whew!

They all feel bad and hope Ms. Wet Wet doesn’t go home. These three seem to like Ms. Wet Wet. See K,Kapri? It just shows how likable Ms. Wet Wet is despite you hating on her all the time, you didn’t turn all the girls against her, just mainly the bullies.

They video call Ms. Wet Wet to make sure she is okay after the night before and all the shenanigans and to invite her to the pool party. She is still at the hotel but in good spirits when she answers and says her slogan, “Never thirsty cause I stay wet wet!”


Of course she has to pull down her top to expose Paris and London, and for once I wasn’t even annoyed or surprised even. I have become desensitized to her antics, too bad some of the other girls aren’t. Ms. Wet Wet congratulates the winners, of course because just like Chanel she aint no hater.

Even though they invite her, she says she won’t make the pool party…


But she says she will be back in the house later…


They hang up with Ms Wet Wet and decide to go get a drink together.

The Pool Party…

The party starts and it looks pretty lit. The girls seem to be having fun going down the water slide, throwing a huge beach ball, and twerking in the pool. They are drinking and smoking and surprisingly getting along. Amber, with the help of Henny, is serving her delicious looking food.

Eventually the more they are drinking the girls tops come off, and even Joseline is topless! I bet production, security and the camera men love this! There were literally boobs of all sizes so for those of us that are working with very little, we were proud, lol. That shows you don’t have to get a boob job to be confident in what God gave you naturally. But I would have been too shy to bare my chest…aw dam. Is that why I wasn’t invited?


It starts to get a little raunchy as girls are fingering, touching rubbing, oh my!

They show the food and it looks spectacular, Amber you look like you can throw down! There was lamb chops, macaroni and cheese, chicken alfredo with broccoli, crab legs ….you name it, Amber looks like she served the girls a mighty spread with all her love.


So the party was a success and Joseline feels she got the ladies back on track. Well, good for you Joseline. A good time was had by all.


Joseline is in the house sitting and having a drink at the bar. And just when you thought the b.s. is over, here come Blck Diamond and Raven.


Here comes the b.s. again…

Blckdiamond tells Joseline that she heard K,Kapri said that she and Raven were cute but couldn’t dance. Joseline admits she thought they were going to do better. She says they don’t know how to separate because they are so close and that is hurting them in the competition. Blckdiamond says she asked Amber what was said and she said she didn’t remember but then went up to K.Kapri and revealed the messiness…


I promise you we don’t. But here it is, they done had a great time and Blckdiamond just has to get some camera time with some mess we don’t give a dam about. Good job Blckdiamond because even Joseline looks bored. Joseline wants to know why Amber ran and told K.Kapri what was said. Well we don’t but since I’m doing the recap I guess I have to entertain it but I’m over these two and K.Kapri…

They call Amber over. She says she doesn’t even want to stand near these two because she is going to knock them out. She says she likes Blckdiamond but doesn’t like Raven. Now remember how these two had all that energy when they were jumping folks? Well they aint got none of it for Amber.


She calls them out, and even tells them she will take them both on, and they don’t budge.


Because they are some punks that’s why. Amber pulled their card, and now I just wish they would stop trying to fight people when they know good and dog gone well they some cowards that have to run in a pack. Amber was just one person who said she would fight them both but here Blckdiamond goes whining about her sprained arm.


Well why Raven didn’t run up? I bet her heart was pumping out of her chest when Amber kept telling them to fight her.  And when she ran up in Blckdiamond’s face they just stood there looking scary.

If yawl think I’m bout to recap every detail of this argument…I can’t. It was a lot of Blck diamond trying to act tough when Amber walked away. I aint got time for the foolishness. K.Kapri comes over and says Lollipop went to them and said that she said they could dance and she claims she never said that. She calls Blckdiamond out for calling Amber a fly on the wall…


How much longer is this episode because I’m so sick of this junior high stupidness. Then K.Kapri admits they didn’t say Amber was a fly on the wall. This is so dumb. Well here come Lollipop to join them because I guess she heard her name being mentioned. She calls the besties out and wants to know what they are saying she said…

Lollipop says she never said the two couldn’t dance but that they danced like strippers. WHO CARES? Yawl aint going to do nothing are you besties? So let it be. Amber goes in on the two and calls them all kinds of names. They don’t do nothing of course. Amber walks away. K.Kapri leaves to go get some more crab legs.

Joseline wants to know what the resolution is. Lollipop says she doesn’t care because all this is goofy…


Let’s move on…


Joseline has all of the girls sitting down at the kitchen table. She asks them if they all had fun and they all say they did. So tomorrow is the opening when the five ladies will dance for the Grand Opening of Joseline’ Cabaret: Las Vegas. She instructs the girls they need to go to bed early and look well rested for tomorrow or they are not dancing. The show is already sold out. She got hair and makeup lined up because she wants the girls to look good tomorrow and if they don’t she will call them out. Even though all the girls are there at the table she is only talking to the five that will dance opening night. Apparently she has 500 people who RSVP’ed to the event so she doesn’t want anything going wrong so no fighting.

She says the remaining girls will be staying in the house because she doesn’t want any fighting. She says she doesn’t feel the other girls are happy for the girls that are performing, but they all say they are. Well I call cap! Some are happy and others are hating, secretly of course. Let’s not forget how K.Kapri said in her confessional she didn’t care that she ruined the toast for the winners. Why let her be a part of a moment she is sure to ruin? But they take a vote and the winners agree that the other girls should attend. They promise to all behave. Joseline says she will think about it because she has been working on this for years and doesn’t want her night ruined.

You sure Joseline? Well if you say so, I mean you are the boss…


A black suv pulls up to the house and guess who it is in it? Ms.Wet Wet with a new wavy red wig on. She looks good. She has a talk with Joseline about the night she fought the four girls, something she never done before and it seems to have given her even more confidence if that was possible, lol. She wants to come back into the house and compete for her spot. Ms. Wet Wet is over the fighting, and really she never was with it in the first place, real talk.

How does the episode end?

Ms. Wet Wet is back, are the other girls ready?

So we can’t wait for next week, can we? It’s the Grand Opening, and I am happy that Joseline is realizing her dream, aren’t you? See yawl next episode, muah!

What are your thoughts?

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