My Reaction To Ceddy Nash’s Video, “Young Dolph Was Not A Street Dude”

On November 17, 2021, the Memphis rapper Young Dolph was tragically shot and killed leaving the Hip Hop community, and his legions of fans to mourn along with his family and friends. While it is widely known that he was a gangsta rapper, what was lesser known was that Young Dolph was a dedicated family man and a successful entrepreneur and businessman.

I recently came across a touching video that highlighted the real Young Dolph who was so much more than what many people believed he was. A YouTuber named Ceddy Nash who has extensively covered the murder case surrounding the execution style shooting of the rapper also made a video that I feel more accurately depicted who this man was.

According to Ceddy, Young Dolph was not a street dude despite being a rapper that rapped about the tough streets of Memphis. If you didn’t catch the video, here it is and after you watch it for context, of course I will come with a recap of the video and my reaction…

(Posted on YouTube by Ceddy Nash)

My reaction, to the video…

Ceddy chose to first show us Young Dolph interacting with his daughter. Were you touched? It made me sad to see that his kids’ loss a good dad. I don’t have to imagine the trauma and pain his children will have to face. I also am a daughter of a father who was murdered. I can personally attest to the anguish his children will face because I too had a mother devastated at the loss of a provider, protector and best friend. And they too will have to not only grieve for their loss, but also watch their mother cry also. It’s rough on a child.

So, getting further into the video, I would like to discuss some of the points Ceddy so eloquently made, shall I?

The killing of Young Dolph made a huge impact in the city of Memphis…

A true testament to the gravity of the situation, the city went under a curfew after the murder of Dolph.


Because Young Dolph wasn’t the average Black man gunned down in the hood. When he died the city erupted with threats and actual violence. You may say well that proves that he was a street dude. No it doesn’t because Memphis has seen this before. In 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, and violence erupted as well. Yes, you could argue on a wider scale not just in Memphis, but there was violence in response to his killing. No one has ever made the argument that Dr, King was a street dude.  The reason for the violence was anger over a community leader being killed. The reason stands true for Dolph as well. He was a leader in Memphis. People were angry that he was shot down in such a senseless and cold-blooded manner which made it necessary to suppress the violence in the wake of the killing.

Young Dolph was a successful businessman…

Young Dolph was an independent artist and despite not being signed to a major label, he still had a flourishing rap career. He owned his masters which made him one of the rare artists that had control over his intellectual property. Young Dolph also had his own record label and was able to sign artists and created creative opportunities for people who were in Memphis when they normally would not have had them. It is believed he had numerous investments that are unaccounted for mainly because; he didn’t broadcast all his business dealings not out of necessity but out of intelligence. Street dudes will sometimes brag and Young Dolph was discreet.

And he was a visible sign of success, which undoubtedly inspired many young men to want to be like him. A Street dude gives the youth the opportunities to destroy the communities, but Young Dolph was building the community up. His success also put him a position to give back. He was actually in Memphis to participate in a giveaway at a local church he organized but was killed before he could attend. Because of whom he was the giveaway happened anyway because he would have wanted his acts of charity to continue.

Young Dolph was a family man…

Despite his reputation as a gansta rapper, Young Dolph did not fit the mold. He was a dedicated father who was raising his children with the benefit of the nuclear family. He was giving his kids the opportunities few children that resembled them have. Almost sixty percent of Black children in America grow up without a biological father in the home as opposed to twenty percent of White children.

That is the sobering reality that someone gave his children who are now without their father. His wife now is left without the benefit of a protector and provider when she most certainly had that before. It’s a tragedy on many levels but the fact that he was there for his family as well as his community is heartbreaking.

His mentality was elevated…

Ceddy reminds us that Dolph’s mentality was different from a dude that is getting it in the streets. Young Dolph didn’t come from money. You know the saying; he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was actually born to parents who experienced addictions to drugs that they had to overcome. He was raised by his grandmother and only had a high school education. And despite of all the hardships he faced, Young Dolph died a multimillionaire who used his elevated mindset to put him in a position to give his family the life he didn’t have.

The killing of Young Dolph was a hit…

The Black community is full of people with a scarcity mentality. Ceddy says too many people want to see a successful person’s downfall. Jealousy could certainly be the motive for the assassination of Young Dolph who despite not being actively in the streets, he was a victim of gun violence as if he was. For God’s sake the man was driving a Lamborghini at the time of his shooting! And despite his success his fate was like so many men who looked like him. Black men are gunned down in the streets so much we hardly blink an eye anymore as it becomes more and more commonplace.

He wasn’t selling drugs, running from the police, or arguing with another Black man. He was trying to buy cookies for his beloved mother who he knew enjoyed them. Ceddy alleges Young Dolph was stalked and killed because there was money on his head.

For what?

Could it be he was a victim of his own success? And some jealous hater killed this man based on their own internalized hatred that they projected onto him? Well, we have yet to hear a motive. The killing at this point is senseless and beyond heinous.

The call to action…

Per Ceddy Nash, we should all stop referring to Young Dolph as a street n***a or a rapper. Young Dolph was a Black entrepreneur who died going back to a community full of men “hypnotized with hatred” as the rapper Boosie would say.

Well, I for one want to thank Ceddy Nash for his perspective. On my blog I am all about putting out narratives that resonate with me. At the time of this post, Ceddy Nash is at approximately 78 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and I feel it should certainly be more. He has a plethora of subjects that he talks about, but he has some of the best videos and updates about the murder and murder case involving Young Dolph. So maybe we can give this deserving man some more subscribers.

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog…

What are your thoughts?

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