OMG!!! Tommy Sotomayor Appeared On Fresh & Fit Podcast And Gets Punched (Video Included)

Tommy Sotomayor recently appeared on the Fresh & Fit Podcast and got in an argument with a woman who he repeatedly insulted, and in response got hit for his disrespect. Now while I do not agree with using physical violence to solve your problems, I feel like he somewhat had it coming. How can you provoke someone without expecting someone to react?

Tommy Sotomayor is no stranger to controversy. He is also a proponent and advocate for men’s rights. He has a popular podcast and appears on YouTube. So, I was not surprised to see him on a podcast like Fresh & Fit who say they are the number one podcast for men. I wasn’t even surprised to see him arguing with a Black woman. But what surprised me is when the woman who I believe is named Chay, stood up, he didn’t back away, he actually stood up. It was also Sotomayor who started calling her a “b***h” and got belligerent, when she revealed that he supposedly flew her out to have sex with him.

Did you see the altercation? Well, here is a video I found…

(Posted on YouTube by John Johnson)

Of course, Mr. Sotomayor is pressing charges. But I want to know what you think? Can you repeatedly call a woman names, disrespect her, stand up in her face and then go to the law when you get punched? Or is Tommy the victim?

What are your thoughts?

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One thought on “OMG!!! Tommy Sotomayor Appeared On Fresh & Fit Podcast And Gets Punched (Video Included)

  1. Well one things for sure is that, yes you can. Women act like that towards men all the time, and a lot of times unprovoked. Just like we are told that we should not resort to violence and walk away, she could have done the same. I’ve avoided a lot of fights, but leaving before things get to intense


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