Recap Of The Conversation: The Bad Girls of Reality TV Pt. 2

Recap Of The Conversation: The Bad Girls of Reality TV Pt. 2

The episode starts with Natalie confronting Jada about what was found in her bathroom…which I assume she is insinuating that she found drugs in her bathroom. I don’t understand why it is so important that she put her on blast, but repeatedly throughout Part Two, Natalie was insinuating that some of the girls had drug issues.

Jada jumps out of her chair, and so does Natalie, but what surprised me was that Natalie had so much smoke for Shannon. Natalie turns her attention off Jada and gets in Shannon’s face for touching her chair. Mind you, Shannon is wasted. The girls have to intervene to get Natalie out of Shannon’s face and Rocky has to remind Shannon not to touch Natalie…

Natalie turns her attention back to Jada. Jada says she shared a bathroom with four other women so how does Natalie put whatever she found in the bathroom on just her. And I would agree. If you share a bathroom, anybody could have left something in there. Jada asks who left the drugs in her bathroom and Shannon confesses it was her.

Well there, mystery solved!

Rather than apologize, Natalie doubles down and tells Jada that she acts like she on drugs regardless because her behavior is up and down.

Natalie turns her attention back to Sarah and tells Sarah she is not running anything, but Sarah tells her she ran a lot. Remember, Natalie has a problem with Sarah acting like she is the mother or the boss of the girls. Sarah and Natalie argue with who even came up with the idea and Sarah gets up to have paperwork given to her to prove who did what. You already know Sarah always has her “proof”, lol.

Sarah comes back with a folder and starts pulling out her invoices, contacts, emails, you name it she was pulling it out! Sarah…you gotta love her! Well Natalie doesn’t care what proof Sarah has, they continue to argue about who did what.

Sarah gives Natalie and Shannon checks, and Natalie gets offended. She says Sarah is basically giving them their money they invested so how dare she try to act like she is giving them money when she is actually paying what they are owed.

Shannon touches Natalie’s leg and once again Natalie is in her face telling her not to effing touch her. She then walks over to Jada and tells her to shut the eff up. Jada jumps up too to prance around, refusing to allow Natalie to be in her face.

They all sit back down and Natalie once again confronts Sarah for trying to act like she played a bigger role in their project that Natalie feels she did. So of course they continue to argue. They both accuse each other of having fake asses. While they scream back and forth Rocky prances around showing off her shapely body…


Natalie rips up the check!

Natalie says Sarah had sex with her brother in the “Boom Boom” room for one hundred dollar and calls he a stupid b***h. And the arguing continues, with Sarah denying it. Sarah accuses Natalie of basically cheating on her husband with other men. While they argue, Jada gets up and starts dancing around while Rocky laughs. Sarah is still pilling out her evidence to show Natalie what all she did, and Jada is there twerking up a storm!

While Sarah and Natalie argue, the other girls are having side conversations and Jada is mocking Natalie. Natalie turns her attention back to Jada who she wants to stop talking. Jada jumps up and gets in Natalie’s face. Natalie gets up and demands that Jada sits down but she refuses. Natalie gets in Sarah’s face to discuss the issue and Sarah stand up. While Natalie and Sarah continue to argue, Jada is now having a side conversation with Rocky.

At some point Natalie confronts Jada for her side conversation. Now they start to argue. But nothing comes of it so Natalie turns her attention back to Sarah. She tells Sarah that she is playing puppet and Jada is the puppet master. She calls Sarah out for supposedly insinuating Jada is a thief, to the point she didn’t even want to leave her belongings in the house because Jada might take them. Sarah says that was six years ago…well aren’t you all there to address things that happen years ago as well?

So the arguing, screaming and over-talking continues….whew!

Now remember the drug issue was just addressed? Well Natalie wants to know who was doing cocaine in the house recently…didn’t yawl just talk that out? But I think it was to push Jada’s buttons.

Sarah calls the other girls out for having conversations with her, but not sharing what they said about Natalie. Natalie says Sarah is annoying and acts like the babysitter. Sarah admits to being OCD.  Natalie says that Sarah tried to get the girls to gang up on her by asking for her to pay for security when they go out because Sarah felt Natalie was the one pushing for them to go out to the club. Natalie says that was for promotion so they all should have had to pay for it out of the budget….I think?

If you are still reading this recap, let me apologize if I leave some things out or mix some things up. It was literally a bunch of screaming, yelling and commotion. Not exactly what I expected, or wanted because these types of shows are difficult enough to recap without a bunch of information being thrown my way. It was hard to discern what the heck the issue was with all the calamity taking place…forgive me, and keep reading…lol.

Sarah says she does a lot of things behind the scenes. Natalie says that’s because she had sex with half of Atlanta and doesn’t want to be seen…She says Sarah had five abortions by Julio Jones!


So as you see this conversation is getting messy, right?

Jada gets mad that Natalie said that and gets in Natalie’s face. Natalie tells her to back up, and then this happens…

(Posted on YouTube by kaila duro)

So Jada and Natalie fight. I wonder if Jada has a concussion from getting her head slammed on the coffee table. Security separates them, but Jada has Natalie’s wig and is waving it around. She goes and throws it in the pool. Natalie goes upstairs followed by security…wigless of course!

She screams insults at Jada as she goes, and Jada twerks and dances to antagonize her….all the girls think it’s funny what happened except for Christina. She goes to check on Natalie but she is mad at Christina for some reason. She tells her to get out and she is not effing with her…why? Who knows because Christina didn’t get to talk to her…

The conversation continues without Natalie. Jada is lit, I don’t know what has her acting like this, but its rather distracting…

Jada starts going in on Natalie, but Rocky tells her to stop body shaming. Could you all please? It’s childish. Jada keeps bending over and showing her butt and I’m wondering why? This makes no sense, especially because they don’t really get anywhere. Shannon gives Rocky her check as a birthday present, aaaaw! Happy Birthday Rocky!

When finally Christina has the floor to talk…Natalie comes out and wants everybody to leave. They once again try to come to some resolution but never really get anywhere. Natalie isn’t having it any way she just keeps screaming for them to all go so basically it’s over. Natalie keeps insisting they all leave and I’m wondering…

What was the point?

What are your thoughts?

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