My Top 10 Bad Girls Club “Blondie’s”: The Blonde Bad Girls Who Proved They Were Bad

One of the shows I have been binge watching since this social distancing has been “Bad Girls Club”, remember this guilty pleasure? If you are a fan of the show and watched it religiously like I did then you are sure to have your favorites and they will have their time to shine. That will be for future posts that I am sure to do for all of the BGC fans. While we are used to Blondes being ditzy or sweet, not all Blondes are demure and calm. Well, I found some Blondes who don’t play!

This post is about all of the Blonde Bad Girls who surprised us with their badness.  So, are you ready to stroll down memory lane with the Bad Girls who got us to respect their gangsta? Well let’s get started, shall we?

Amber “Cookie” Meade

Does anyone remember Cookie from Season 3 of BGC? Here we thought she was going to be a sweet girl from a small town, she ended up being a sassy ball of fire. She said what she meant; consequences be dammed.  She wasn’t scared when girls stepped to her.

Remember KC from Compton? Well, who can forget when Cookie had Amber B. pull over to a gas station and what happened surprised us all? KC tried to bluff, and Cookie called her out to fight. Cookie didn’t back down even choked KC and earned our respect.

Kristen Guinane

What about the pageant girl with the annoying Valley Girl voice? When we first saw Kristen, how many of us thought she was on the wrong show? Well, we were the ones who were wrong, because this Blonde was definitely bad in her own way!

Remember when Erica called her voice annoying the first night they met? She threw a drink, and Kristen went off! And that was just a taste of this Bad Girls mouth.  What about when the cast went on vacation in Jamaica and a random tried her? Kristen opened up a tirade right back. Kristen may not have been the best fighter but she was not one to sit there and be bullied and for that, she will always be one of the most memorable Blondes to ever appear on BGC.

Kori Koether

Kori was a pretty little thing, but don’t get her mad. Kori was beautiful but combative as all get out. She punched the wall when she got into an argument with Nikki and that should have told us everything, we needed to know about her, right? What about when Lauren pushed Char and Kori came to her defense because Char refused to fight? Well Kori had no problem handling it for her.

But who can forget when beat up Ashley? Ashley punched her in the face and Kori proceeded to pummel her face in. It was epic.

Amy Cieslowski

We are used to girls from Chicago being tough, but boy were we surprised season 8 when Amy rocked a many girls world, and she did it with a deranged smile on her face. She shoved poor Gia and she went flying off the bed like she had wings. Or when she pushed Demitra and she went down like a bag of rocks?

She wasn’t a follower, and she didn’t jump people, but she did handle women when she had to, or even when she didn’t! Were you surprised when she fought Camilla? Well, I don’t know why, Amy was kicking ass and taking names the whole season.

Nicole “Nikki” Vargas

I have already talked about this bad girl before. Nikki just refused to be bullied. She told us she never really had been in a fight, and just wanted to be friends with the girls. Somehow it didn’t work out that way. Nikki beat the breaks off Janae in the van and when Janae tried to apologize Nikki wasn’t having it.  But when she saw Janae was being bullied, she stood up and called out the girls.

But what will always stand out is when Nikki was drunk and broke the glass in the kitchen and Alicia wanted her to clean it up and she refused. When Valentina stepped to her in Alicia’s defense Nikki threw her around the kitchen like a wrestler and broke free to deliver a few socks to Valentina’s head.


Sarah Oliver

Sarah Oliver is known for her long blonde tresses and getting them yanked out of her head. While Sarah may be a “Karen”, and that label is debatable what is not up for debate is her skilled hands. Sarah may be loud and whiny, but she does not back down from a rumble despite rolling with personal security.

Sarah keeps talking, and talking, but I dare you to try to shut her up or shut her down, she refuses to back down even if she is outnumbered. She had numerous fights on her season. We can’t forget when she fought Mimi and got her eyes clawed and hair pulled and was kicked out of the house, But Sarah showed up at the reunion and showed out. She cried because Steph didn’t like her of course…but don’t be fooled by the tears Sarah is far from a punk, ya dig? And when she threw money in the air like she was at the strip club, she cemented her position as one of the baddest Blondes ever!

Jada Cacchilli

Okay, I get that a lot of people don’t like Jada because of some of the things she did on her season, and I must admit over time she put a sour taste in my mouth, she still makes this list. She was small but wasn’t afraid to get girls out of her face if she needed to and that led to her being on two seasons of BGC because people were so surprised this little blonde girl would use her hands to get her respect. She slung poor Aysia to the floor and beat her senseless.

She lost a little respect for sucker punching Danni on season 13 reunion, but we liked when she stood up against Redd.

Lauren Lewis

Lauren may have been season 14’s resident redneck, but she threw out the insults like she was from the hood. We were surprised when she invited a boy over, did the do and then kicked him out like a real player. She showed us that being bad is not all about fighting sometimes it’s about doing what you want to do, when you want to do it and not caring what anybody thinks.

We don’t like that Lauren sung the “n” word along with a song, but we do like how she didn’t back down from Jela. When she called Lauren, “Lucifer Lauren” she shook off Jela’s insult because, she didn’t care. And when Jela pushed her, they did fight. Lauren may not have won the fight, but she won our respect.

Francesca Fran Jacovino

Fran was your typical blonde girl who had a love for Rock music. The more we got to know her we wondered why she was even on the show. She whined a lot and had to have a battery put in her back to fight back. She grew some “balls” as the season progressed and at times that made her even more annoying.

Fran may have been a rocker chick that never had a fight before the show, but we were all surprised by her when she did stick up for herself. Yes, she was annoyingly Kiki’s side kick and that alone means she shouldn’t be on this list, but who remembers when Deshayla confronted her in the closet? When Shay spit directly in her face, who knew Fran would open up a can of whoop ass? Way to go Fran!

Briana “Bri” Walker

She may have been a replacement, but this bad girl made her mark when she came into the house early in the morning while the other girls were sleeping and threw dollar bills in their bedrooms like a bad ass. She was a perfect mix of bougie, and ratchet and it showed.

While she didn’t get any brownie points for fighting Fran, who can forget when she gave Key the business. She was screaming about being from Compton, but Bri proved how they really do it on the West Coast. It was messed up when Key ran up on her in the house when she was not expecting it, but she gave her that work again! Beware when this Bad girl bites her acrylic nails off, because it is about to go down!

Who loved the pink Timberland boots she showed up to the reunion in?

So, what do you think of the list? Were there any other Blondies that should have been on this list? See you next time when I come with some more posts for the fans of BGC!

What are your thoughts?

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