Recap Of The Way of the Househusband Season 1 Episode One

I’m back to recap The Way of the Househusband, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season one. But if you haven’t started watching the first episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode one. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode One

We first see Tatsu concluding his preparation of a meal that he has “styled” and is now photographing, and his wife Miku rushes out claiming to be late. She burst through the door and her suitcase and papers spill out onto the floor. He reminds her it is not time for her to leave for work yet. She forgot that she has an important meeting to go to and rushes off. He tries to remind her about breakfast, but she rushes off.

At that moment he remembers that the food he was styling was his wife’s lunch. He throws the food into her lunch box, grabs his hat and jumps on his bicycle to speed away to give it to her.

Well apparently, that brought on the attention of the police, because we next see him stopped on the bike being questioned by a couple of officers who want to know what his profession is. He tells them he is a Househusband. But they recognize him, and ask him if he is the immortal Dragon?

He flashbacks to a memory of his former life when he was a crime boss called the Immortal Dragon. The police officers remember him and tell of the time when he fought ten men, alone and unarmed! They say after the fight he disappeared. Tatsu goes to pull something out of his pocket and the officers become alarmed…well no need; it’s just coupons he would like to give them. He gives them the coupons and prepares to leave on his bicycle.


We see a salesman named Urita arriving in Tatsu’s neighborhood intent on selling his knives to the public. He rings Tatsu’s doorbell, and he answers. Urita gives him his card and goes into his sales pitch. He notices Tatsu has blood on his apron and a knife in his hand. Urita gets nervous and asks Tatsu if he caught him at a bad time but is assured Tatsu was just carving up a little something…


Urita continues his pitch and shows his knives. Tatsu says he heard that people have been getting ripped off and sold inferior goods, he wants to try out the knives, so Urita agrees and Tatsu checks them out. Urita is impressed with Tatsu’s skill as he prepares a meal using the knives. He allows Urita to try the meal and he is in heaven. It reminds him of his hometown, and he begins to cry. He is enjoying the food, but fears Tatsu. He has a bad feeling about him so Urita hurries and leaves.


We see a guy named Masa being thrown out of a business onto the public street. He says since his crime boss has disappeared, he is out in the cold. He spots Tatsu, who apparently is his old crime boss, but what is he doing? Haggling with the grocer over the price of cabbage!

Masa is confused when he sees Tatsu he confronts him and ask him where he has been all this time because he had been looking for him. He tells him that after Tatsu left the Shinzaki Group disbanded and some of them even got arrested. After that they all went their own way. He asks Tatsu why he quit the yakusa. Rather than answer him, he takes him to a cooking class he attends with housewives. Today they are going to learn to make cheese croquettes.

Masa is confused but goes along with the program anyway, as the instructor goes through teaching them the recipe. The class is impressed with Tatsu’s cheese croquettes. They applaud. Masa can’t take it and explodes.  He asks Tatsu what the hell is going on because last he remembers; Tatsu was nothing like the domesticated man that is before him. Tatsu tells Masa he is done with his former life and is a househusband.  He says he protects his family now, but not through violence. Masa gets mad and asks Tatsu if he has gone soft. He knocks the plate of cheese croquettes out of Tatsu’s hand and gets beat up in return. Masa reminds him that his punches are violence.



We see a vehicle riding down the street and it contains the Kunimi Group. We find out there are a lot of people looking to find Tatsu and kill him and at that moment the car collides with Tatsu on his bicycle. He recognizes the inhabitants of the car, and they recognize him as the Immortal Dragon. Tatsu gets the heck out of there on foot. They give chase. Tatsu runs into a crowded clothing store to escape as the Kunimi Group follows him. They have him cornered but Tatsu runs into the middle of a bargain sale full of customers fighting over clothing.

He tells the Kunimi Group that sales are a battle and being a househusband is no joke. They don’t believe he is a househusband and draw a gun on him. Tatsu disarms the gun and puts gloves onto the gunman instead. Tatsu tells him winter is coming and it is cold outside. The gunman is touched by the act of kindness. He remembers a time when he was a boy, and his mother could afford a nice pair of gloves. Tatsu tells him not to catch a chill. The gunman begins to cry thinking about his mother.


Tatsu leaves…


Tatsu goes to the video store, and the clerk recognizes him as one of the yakusa.


Miku comes home from a long day of being a hardworking career woman. Before she ca come in the house, Tatsu pats her down and goes over her with a metal detector. She is confused to what he is doing. She comes into the house and Tatsu has a wonderful dinner prepared and a cake with candles for her birthday. He sings her happy birthday with a party hat on his head.

He gives her a present. It’s a blue ray video box set she wanted, and she thinks its sweet, but she already got those videos.



It’s the next day and Tatsu is going grocery shopping. The house cat goes on an adventure while he is gone.

So that’s the end of the episode. It was hilarious. See you next time for more!

What are your thoughts?

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