Breaking News: Allegedly A White Father And Son Tried To Duplicate The Ahmaud Arbery Case But Their Targeted Black Man Escaped!

If you thought Ahmaud Arbery was the last Black man to be targeted and chased down by a father and son, you were wrong. Two men have been charged for shooting at a Black man who was only trying to deliver packages.  Check out this video and of course I will be back to my opinion…

(Posted on YouTube by Actual News)

So, on January 24, 2022, twenty-four-year-old D’Monterrio Gibson was delivering packages for FedEx in Brookhaven, Mississippi. He says two White men tried to corner him and get him to stop. It was a father and son in a white pickup truck with a gun…sound familiar? This case is eerily similar to what happened to Ahmaud Arbery,  because Mr. Gibson coincidently is Black.

The big difference?

Mr. Gibson was able to escape and is alive to tell the story. And what a story it is! He says he was delivering packages when he notices the pickup is getting close to his vehicle. They want him to stop for some reason, but Mr. Gibson was smart enough not to do so.

It turns out, the father; Gregory Case is alleged to have tried to trap the vehicle that Mr. Gibson was driving to prevent him from escaping. When he does in fact try to flee them it is alleged the son, Brandon Case fired several shots into the vehicle but missed striking Mr. Gibson.

What is important to add is at the time of this post; Gibson is on unpaid time off from his job at FedEx, allegedly because he refused to drive the same route that he drove the night he was shot at. They say they are trying to get him a better route, and let’s hope that happens soon. Mr. Gibson is a victim of a crime, and I would hope that a company would treat their employees with more compassion seeing how it is understandable why this man would be traumatized and not want to return to the route where he was nearly killed!

What is also shocking is these men at the time of this posting have not been charged with a hate crime, or attempted murder despite several shots being fired at this innocent Black man. And surprisingly when he calls the police, they have the audacity to question if he did anything suspicious

It’s important to note that Brookhaven has a history of lynching going back to the 1950’s. So, let’s hope this young man gets the justice he deserves. The charges need to be appropriately upped to include charges for a hate crime, and attempted murder. Do you agree?

What are your thoughts?

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‘A copycat of the Ahmaud Arbery case’: Two white men charged with shooting at Black FedEx worker (

McMichael Copycats Attempt To Murder Black FedEx Driver – YouTube

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