Recap Of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 3 Episode Six: “Mar-Tale Signs”

I’m back to recap another episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of season three. But if you haven’t started watching the sixth episode yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode six. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Six: “Mar-Tale Signs

We are back where we were last week at the Taco Party, where Destiny brings up the “cold tea”, a.k.a. gossip that Tiffany served at her birthday brunch. Tiffany acts like she doesn’t know what she is referring to. Tiffany says she didn’t bring the tea and Destiny insists she did. Melody asks if Destiny thought that Tiffany intentionally came to her brunch with some tea. Destiny says she doesn’t know. Melody asks Destiny why not ask her if she invited Tiffany with that intention of spilling tea, and Destiny asks Melody to “pipe it down, bring it down, I will ask you I have no problem but give me a second”…and the two proceed to have words with Melody insisting she be told the problem and Destiny assuring she will talk to her later.

Melody asks what was wrong with the tea. Because she just refuses to let Tiffany be confronted about the bull she has been spewing. Destiny tells Tiffany, “You told me something that was not relevant” and shoots Tiffany a look. Destiny tells Tiffany that she was bringing up a sore subject, and Tiffany says she didn’t have a problem with the comment when it was first said…Melody just want them to agree there was no intention to spoil Destiny’s brunch. Destiny says, “No.” And Melody makes a look. Destiny says she felt it was not the time or place to bring it up. And I agree. Tiffany is messy. I’m not sure why Melody has decided to coddle her, I mean isn’t Destiny her friend too?

Eventually, Tiffany apologizes and Destiny accepts. They play a game. They each get a card that says either, “I would never”, “I have never” and one that says “Guilty”. Someone asks a question and the ladies will hold up a card pertaining to their answer.

First question, “Have you ever been a side chick?”

Melody, Latisha and Tiffany cards say, “I would never”.

Destiny holds up two cards, “I would never” and “Guilty” because she was the side chick and didn’t know it because the person didn’t tell her they were in a relationship.

Kimmi holds up the card “I would never.” Latisha gives her a look as if to say, “Yeah right…”

Next question, “How often do you think a man should receive oral sex?”

Destiny says, “Birthdays, holidays” lol.

Kimmi says she gives Maurice oral sex weekly or every other week.”

Melody says towards the latter part of her marriage she gave Martell oral sex every day. Good God! And he still cheated. Let that be a lesson to you ladies, if a man wants to cheat he will cheat. Here he is insisting she wasn’t putting it down, and this woman was giving him head every dog gone day! That’s crazy! What more did he want?

Well the truth is, he wanted her and the side chick. And for awhile he had both, but now that has ended and we see how he is reacting. I mean he had a pretty good deal. If Melody was doing all that could you imagine what the other woman was doing?

Next question, “Would you have a threesome with your mate?”  Kimmi said Maurice suggested it but when she said she would do it with another man, and she said the discussion of a threesome was quickly over, lol.

Kimmi says they still talk about it from time to time, and in fact…..if you were to call Maurice right now and asked if they did a threesome who would Kimmi do it with, he would give us a name.


Latisha asks Destiny if it was her, and Destiny is shocked when Kimmi says that Maurice would not have said Destiny. They go back and forth with Destiny insisting she thought she was the one Kimmi would have the threesome with. Destiny says when she had on a certain dress Kimmi rubbed her leg so she assumed that meant she was attracted to her.

Kimmi was like I rub everybody, and Latisha says, “You better not rub Marsau”.

Really Latisha? Why would you even say something like that?

Melody takes the time to tell the ladies her and Martell started doing co- parenting classes. She said they are co- parenting better and being respectful of boundaries. Destiny starts to say, “Boundaries are pertinent to life” and Melody says that she was still talking. Destiny tells her not to shush her, and Melody points out that Destiny interrupted her…..

What the heck is going on? Why are these two bickering all of a sudden?

Melody says she was not done, Destiny says if we were talking about boundaries she agrees but these two are arguing about who should be able to finish her point and my head is hurting.

Melody continues…she talks about her and Martell trying to set boundaries in the counseling session. Then she announces to the group that Destiny waited a month to tell her she was divorced and she is still pissed with her about that. Destiny reminds her that her divorce was not about Melody. And with that bit of information divulged, Destiny decides it’s time for her to go.

Kimmi tells Destiny not to be sensitive, but Destiny has her purse and is leaving the party with a wave…


Next we see Latisha trying to drive her Mercedes up a construction site. She is worried that her car will not make it up to the site to see the progress on Scott Manor. She is concerned about Uncle Mike being in charge of the project because things are not moving fast enough according to her and she wants to see what the holdup is.

She makes it up the jagged hill, but Marsau is already there sitting on a rock waiting for her to arrive. Latisha says that she needs a “work” truck…well I’m with you girl! I didn’t think so at first, but traveling in Texas, I wouldn’t mind having me a pickup truck myself.

When she sees the site she complains that it doesn’t look like much has been done since the last time she saw it. Marsau disagrees he says a lot has taken place. Latisha seems exasperated. The last time she talked to Uncle Mike he was supposed to be giving them an update and apparently he hasn’t. Marsau says Uncle Mike hasn’t been pushing the project because it is not as important to him as it is to them. He says if Uncle Mike doesn’t make some changes, he will be off the project. Latisha says mixing business with family can be tricky sometimes…

Latisha tells Marsau that the outcome of the party was that she and Melody are letting bygones be bygones and moving forward. She also tells Marsau that she shared with Melody that the women in Huntsville are thirsty for married guys and that she had to snatch Marsau up because she caught a woman eyeing him from a distance….Oh boy. I wish Latisha would not always be so quick to let her insecurities show…but here we go…

The look on Marsau’s face, when Latisha reveals that Melody told her that someone D.M’ed her and told her they saw Marsau hugged up with a woman in a club in Texas.

Ut Oh.

They even sent pictures and videos…Latisha apparently didn’t see anything inappropriate and is wondering why everybody keeps bringing her information that makes it seem like Marsau is out in society cheating…She says they want him to be the bad guy and her to be a stupid girl. Well, I personally don’t think being cheated on makes you stupid Latisha. And if you don’t believe it…Why do YOU constantly entertain the rumors? You put a lot of energy into things you say you don’t believe. Latisha says “they don’t want us to be great…”


So Melody seems like she was trying to be your friend by just telling you, no necessarily confirming anything. Seems like some women may just be trying to look out, but either way you say you don’t believe it…so why do you always get caught in these types of conversations?


She then brings up Destiny being divorced…she says she was sad to hear it because Destiny didn’t get to experience the whole marriage and kid thing…Marsau asks what did Destiny do. Latisha says it seems like Destiny didn’t do anything…

Hold up…why does Marsau assume Destiny did something? Marsau then asks what should she have done. And Latisha is like, what do you mean? Yeah, what do you mean, Marsau? Well Marsau concludes that Destiny must of did something awful to get married, have a baby and be divorced so quickly…

Really?!!! Or maybe her ex husband could be at fault, or nobody could be at fault. Seems like these two should be worrying more about their own lives than worrying about other people’s marriages, but I digress. And right on cue, Latisha asks Marsau how he feels about going to see the therapist again…he flat out refuses.

But you worried about Destiny’s marriage, I mean, divorce? She tries to convince him but he refuses to go. He brings up that they have date nights, and that is somewhat of a compromise to improve their marriage. He says surrounding themselves with people in similar situations would be more helpful than going to a professional. And Latisha listens extensively to excuses with a pined look on her face. He wants to know why she all of a sudden wants therapy…

Latisha wants to try this because she needs to get some things out. She says therapy will get them to the next fifteen years of marriage. He tells her no. She keeps trying to convince him they need counseling he tells her he doesn’t want to do it…he says he doesn’t need therapy. He says whatever they have been doing has been working for fifteen years…

Yeah working for you…

He says he supports her in her decision to go to therapy. She whines that she wants him to come with her…lol.

Leave it alone Latisha, he said no. You can’t fight progress, I guess.

A wise woman once told me; do you know how people make it be married for decades? They just stay married. Anybody can do it. But Latisha you should just stop worrying about it because Marsau says yawl are good and as long as it accomplishes your goal to stay married, according to him it’s working, right?


We see Destiny at home and its obvious she has a little one around. She is picking up toys and straightening up when Melody arrives for a visit. She opens the door and Melody has a big ole watermelon in her hands. Destiny takes it from her but its heavy so Melody warns her not to drop the fruit. They exchange pleasantries. But Destiny wants to pick up with the argument they were having at the taco party now that they are alone.

Destiny starts to address the issue. She brings up Tiffany and the “cold tea” she served. Melody says if she was Tiffani she would have been shocked that Destiny had a problem with her. I don’t know why, seeing how the lady was all up in through everybody’s business but barely made an introduction. It was weird, but Melody is acting like what Tiffany does is normal. Well it aint! People usually get to know you well before diving all up in your business.

Melody says she was just trying to calm the situation down and tried to just reveal who Tiffany is and she really has a good heart. When Destiny goes to respond, Melody lowers her eyes and Destiny instructs her to open her eyes when she is talking to her. Melody reminds her she is not her child and Destiny reminds Melody she is not hers.

Well this is going left!

Destiny starts to get excited letting Destiny know how she feels and I’m glad they were alone so nobody could hype them up…they both warn each other they have sides the other haven’t met…


Destiny gets back on track, and tells Melody how she feels and reminded Melody that at that taco party when she was trying to talk Melody interrupted her and shushed her. Well technically you both over talked each other, but I digress.

Melody laughs and Destiny asks her if they were going to be grown women about the conversation or act like they are in high school. Destiny definitely is walking the line between being aggressive and assertive. At this point it can go either way. Melody has to let out a deep breath because Destiny is willing to take it there…Destiny is mad yawl, and maybe a little hurt too. She says she felt disrespected by her friend…and that is the point. You ladies are friends and mothers. You can find common ground and pull this back around, cant yawl?

Melody imitates the way Destiny is speaking to her to make her see how, this line of conversation is not helpful.  Destiny tells her she didn’t appreciate Melody’s tone that day. So Melody changes her tone in that moment. I know some people don’t like Melody much, but I do. And its moments like this. She was able to talk to an irate and hurt Destiny and pull it around. She admits to over talking Destiny.

So Melody has a solution. They can cut the watermelon, and if it’s not sweet they won’t be frinds anymore and if it is sweet then they will. Destiny likes that compromise. They taste the watermelon and hug….

I’m glad the fruit was sweet!

Blaque Cigar Lounge

Marsau pulls up to the lounge with his kids and Latisha and a cake. They are throwing an eighth grade graduation party for their son MJ, cousin Micah and his cousin Monster. I wish they would call the boy that, but hey it’s just a nick name and we all have them!

The whole family is arriving including Maurice’s ex wife Kiuwha and her husband. Ms Wanda arrives and they tease her about her white toe nail polish. Latisha brings up she wants a convertible so she can have a “Hot Girl Summer” but didn’t you just say you also wanted a truck? So is it that you want a bunch of vehicles?

Marsau tells Latisha that if she can get her mother to be quiet for day when they are around, he MIGHT get her the convertible. I’m confused to why Latisha is not empowered to go get any car she wants. Why does she have to keep begging? Can’t you just go buy a car if you want, but I digress?

Marsau gives the boys a touching speech after they take a cute picture together. I remember when my sons were that age! It’s an exciting age to be and they seem like nice young men.

Melody show up for the party looking cute in her black and red hat and they seem happy to see her. The Whitlows also show up, Tiffany and Louis.  And Martell Holt also shows up to my surprise. He gives Melody a playful hug and she looks rather uncomfortable and somewhat offended.

Maurice and Kimmi pull the Whitlows to the side to talk privately about Tiffany bringing up Monster vaping in the bathroom. Maurice wants to know where she heard it, because if the school disclosed this information about his son who is a minor, they will be facing consequences. Tiffany conveniently forgot who disclosed the information to her.

Yeah right, Tiffany.

Kiuwah eventually join the conversation, as she should because she is Monster’s mother and it affects her a s well. Louis admits that Tiffany knew she had messed up by bringing the information up at Destiny’s party. He tries to stick up for his wife. Tiffany makes a speech about being an example and teens making mistakes. She said if her son did that she would be the first to post it so that he could learn from the embarrassment. Well Monster is not your son, what gives you the right to embarrass him for making of all things, a mistake? Kiuwha tells her she doesn’t want her son to be attacked negativey for making a mistake. The point is Tiffany was dead wrong.

Maurice points out that Kimmi didn’t even know and here Tiffany is telling literally the whole world his secret! She exposed a child to criticism and she starts to feel bad when she realizes her gaff, and that she is being held accountable. She starts to cry.

Over at the table…

Ms. Wanda is sitting amongst Melody and Martell, Destiny and Marsau running her mouth as usual! I love Ms. Wanda but I swear she needs to mind her own business since she claims to have a husband and a boyfriend. Aren’t you busy Ms. Wanda?

Ms. Wanda has an issue with Marsau giving Melody a bottle of their chocolate wine. She felt it should come from Latisha, which is stupid. They are all friends so who cares which one gives her the bottle? Melody gets up to get away from the conversation because like I said, it’s stupid.

Back at the couch…

Maurice feels bad because Tiffany is crying, he tells her the conversation is to find out if basically it was a malicious act against his son and it wasn’t. Tiffany is just a messy person, point, blank, period.

Melody comes over sees Tiffany is now crying profusely, and tries to vouch for her good heart. Tiffany apologizes. Louis apologizes on behalf of his family. Maurice accepts the apology. He just wants next time to be pulled to the side when told anything of a sensitive nature. They seem to be good now.

Tiffany and Melody go I the restroom, and Melody says the biggest issue was that Kimmi didn’t know about Monster’s vaping, so Tiffany bringing it up was upsetting for her. Nope, it’s the fact that it wasn’t Tiffany’s business and Monster is a child!

Maurice even hugs Tiffany when she comes out of the bathroom to show there is no hard feelings.

Some of the men go outside to talk…

Back to the mess Wanda is brewing…

Ms. Wanda sees Martell and Melody, and goes over to them. She tells Martell she hasn’t seen them since she had the altercation with Martell, and they show a clip where Martell is confronting Ms. Wanda about what she said about his daughters. But today it seems like Ms. Wanda and Martell are over the beef and are being friendly.


The men notice Martell is not outside with them…


Wanda tells Melody despite them not being cool now she always loved her. She tells Melody she knew about Martell having an affair with the “coleslaw” woman, and Melody points out that Ms. Wanda follows her on social media and even comments under her pictures that she is beautiful…

Ms. Wanda is so messy!

Martell tries to escape the conversation, but too late you should of went outside with the men, because Ms. Wanda is determined to bring the mess, keep reading…She wants Melody to give Martell another chance. She says that Melody will not find a perfect guy, especially with her having four kids. She says they will still cheat, well I disagree. Even with four kids a woman can find a faithful man! She tells Martell and Melody that she knows for a fact that they still love each other. Melody gives her the side eye when Ms. Wanda insists she still loves Martell. Martell says he will always love Melody and escapes to go with the men…

They question him about what was going on inside.

Back inside Ms. Wanda is still working on Melody’s nerves. She tells Melody not to just throw Martell away she tells her to give him another chance. Melody tells her well you go marry his ass then, lol.

How does the episode end?

Then men ask Martell if he had a DNA test for the baby he has had with the other woman…they also ask if he loves the other woman…

Mack inside Ms. Wanda tells Melody she wish her and Martell were still together. Well Melody feels Ms. Wanda has a lot of nerve seeing how she is following and liking the pictures of the other woman.  Ms. Wanda says so what? And the show ends…

So I can’t wait to recap next week. Are you enjoying the show? How about the recaps?

What are your thoughts?

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