Recap Of One Mo’ Chance: Season 2 Reunion PT. 3

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season’s reunion. But if you haven’t started watching part three of the reunion episodes click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of the reunion part three. Ready? Let’s get started…

Part Three

The episode begins where the last one left off, Rollie goes back stage where Daugh Tee has went, and beats her down….

So now Daugh Tee is on the ground pissed screaming that Rollie “sneaked her”. But I went to last week’s episode. When Rollie walks to the back, Daugh Tee was talking to someone. She see’s Rollie, yet when Rollie attacks she says she was “snuck”. No, what happened is, when you saw Rollie, you didn’t think she would hit you, so you didn’t put up your dukes. That’s not the same as being “snuck”. So now she is crying to security saying they let Rollie “sneak” her. Well, they did not. But, they should have been following Rollie then she never would of gotten the chance to attack you. But, you should of seen it coming, security will not always be able to save you, dear.

Wap Wap is being held back by security and being prevented from leaving the stage to go upstairs to fight Rollie again. Rollie is upstairs looking down at the stage, bragging about beating up Wap Wap.

Rollie is upstairs with Brown Suga who is getting her hair touched up. Rollie is bragging about beating up Daugh Tee, and Brown Suga is thrilled because she felt Daugh Tee had it coming. They bring Rollie her wig but she doesn’t get it reapplied…she is not finished whooping behinds apparently, lol.

Rollie prances back onto the stage, cup in hand…Janeisha laughs when she sees Rollie doesn’t have on her wig…this is when the stage is informed by Rollie that she beat up Daugh Tee backstage.

Chance is surprised, but Rollie tells him she been wanted to beat up Daugh Tee for what she supposedly said about Real, Chance’s and Micah’s deceased brother…he said he didn’t know she had mentioned Real until the girls told him and it did hurt his heart. He said he hugged her just now, because he has a lot of love in his heart.

Well too much love if you ask me. She would have gotten the apology, but not the hug…but Chance is basically drunk at this point…so most of what is going on seems to be barely sticking with him. Daugh Tee returns.

Claudia asks the girls if any of them genuinely like Chance because all of the fights are personal beef and not over Chance. Skittlz says she was genuinely there for Chance. She says that the comments he made about her fake breasts being hard, upset her. She didn’t come on the show to degrade herself, but here Chance is degrading her for no reason.

Claudia wants Chance to admit he tries to be funny but goes too far. Chance is not apologizing for his comments for her breasts. He tells Skittlz he is not apologizing because if her allegations against him basically. He tells her she has anger issues, she can’t take a joke.

Wap Wap tries to rush the stage to fight Rollie but is prevented by security. She breaks loose and Rollie runs up and they fight again. Claudia picks up Wap Wap’s wig. Chance makes a joke that it’s his but when Claudia goes to put the wig on him, he prevents her. See, its stuff like that this, Chance. You don’t want to be accused of being gay, but you always making questionable comments and they don’t even be funny so why say them?

Rollie takes the wig from Claudia and proceeds to wipe her vagina area with it. Wap Wap is trying to get back to the stage to fight, but security has her. Rollie falls to her knees and humps the wig…


She them wipes her butt and her underarms and underside of her breasts with the wig… security has Wap Wap off stage in the back and she is still trying to get to Rollie as everyone laughs at Rollie’s antics…

This is a mess.

The hosts try to remind the ladies that they are going to be upset because there is a lot that they didn’t get to because of all the fussing and fighting. Rollie leaves the stage to change because her shirt is ripped, and they let Skittlz finish her point.

She points out that this season’s cast of girls is beautiful and Chance still found something wrong with each and every girl, which is true. Chance says since Skittlz loves girls so much she should go date one and leave him alone.

Janeisha makes the point that the women were so focused on each other there was not much attention left for Chance. And I think that was Chance’s problem. The girls that came on this season some had agendas. He didn’t get the attention he felt he deserved so he wasn’t putting much energy into girls who really were focused on making a name for themselves instead of stroking his ego. Smilez points out that Chance kept the girls that kept up the drama, which was true. For all his complaints about drama, he kept the drama going. Smilez points out that Chance should have picked Soulja Girl because she did everything he asked. Smilez wished Chance wouldn’t blame the network for making him do everything.

Yeah Chance, you are lame for that. You are lame for not accepting responsibility for treating women bad. Your jokes were cringy not funny. And if some lame ninjas cackled with you when you told them? You all are lame. And that’s why you are sitting there uncomfortable as all get out because you have to sit in the hot seat all alone. It’s cute how Micah tried to help you out, but it just succeeded in making him look lame too. And Janeisha trying to interject whenever you might have to take responsibility for some stuff you all agreed you would do, is a testament to her loyalty, but its lame.

Janeisha remember what all of our mama’s used to ask us? Now Chance if Zeus told you to jump off a bridge would you do it? Well apparently Chance would dive off a bridge if the producers told him to. And the sad thing is, what they told him to do just make him look bad and he wasn’t strong enough to refuse to make himself look horrible for some cheap laughs from a bunch of lames.

Smilez asks Chance why he didn’t pick anybody and he says she didn’t feel any one would last, as Rollie comes back prancing of course, to the stage in a dress but no wig, and goes to sit on a couch right by Daugh Tee…

Lol, Rollie is hilarious.

Chance says the girls were too into each other for him to pick any of them. He says the person with the most genuine love for him was Rollie. At this time the hosts notice Rollie is on the same side as Daugh Tee and they have her trade places with Skittlz… smart move Zeus.

Claudia asks Chance if there was anything he stood up and refused to do. Chance says yes but at the end of the day he still would of eliminated everybody.

Janeisha asks Chance why Soulja Girl and Bad &Bougie made it to be finalists. Chance says rather than hurt people he eliminated them. He says he is not into stringing people along because he respects them. He saw potential in Soulja Girl and Bad& Bougie so he kept them as finalists. But he admits he did not see a relationship being possible with the two women.

Claudia asks him to give him to give him a lie that prevented him from picking each of the beautiful women.

Chance says that he knew Soulja Girl had unfinished business with her baby dads because of her children being young. He says Bad& Bougie was too much for him.

They show clips of Chance with the top four women. Janeisha asks the three of the four that showed up for the reunion if they enjoyed their time with Chance. And they all said that they did enjoy their final date. Bad & Bougie asks Chance if he even wore the boxers she gave him and he said he did while picturing her giving him head…

Sigh, well you asked for it.

Claudia says that there seemed to be a lot of real chemistry between Chance and the ladies. Chance agreed but says at the same time he has to protect his heart. He says he just felt with these ladies that it wasn’t right and he had to follow his gut. Bad & Bougie says there was not enough time, and Chance says he could look into the ladies eyes and feel their spirits through their voices and he determined they were not for him. He says Soulja Girl was full of b.s.

Claudia asks Chance if he and Soulja Girl were intimate. She asks him if he thought he was playing games with her to be intimate with her then not even pick her. Soulja Girl says she was shocked. As were we girl! She says she is glad she got eliminated and Chance says she can go back to her baby daddy and she says she did.


She says when it didn’t work out with him she went back. Chance says he saw that she was young and he remembers when his kids were young he went back to his kids mother so he felt she would do the same thing. Well, he was right! Chance says he stopped being intimate with Soulja Girl because he didn’t want to lead her on. Claudia tries to take him to task for sleeping with her in the first place. It was inappropriate to then discard her so nonchalantly.

Soulja Girl makes the point that Chance kept bringing up her kids as baggage, yet he has more kids than her, and two baby mothers so they are tied. Right, so he was foul to go there and that’s why sleeping with her was wrong. When Skittlz tries to stick up for Soulja Girl, Chance tells her to concentrate o being with a woman and that she doesn’t know enough about being with a man…

Janeisha asks Soulja Girl if she regrets sleeping with Chance and if she feels that it was valid when Bad & Bougie told Chance she had unfinished business with her baby daddy.

Soulja Girl says she went back to her baby daddy because she did not find love on the show and Chance says he respects that. He says he backed off because he realized that Soulja Girl had something beautiful with the father of her daughter. He says he showing him pictures let him know where her heart was leaning. He says he does like Soulja Girl. She says it worked out for the best. That was classy of you Soulja Girl. It’s just not worth it when you are back in a better situation. I wish you and your family all the best.

Skittlz says it’s the slick comments that he is making about her kids that is making her upset. Chance goes on a rant about kids being with their fathers for some reason. It was strange. Zeus shows a clip of Soulja Girl and Bad & Bougie arguing about her bringing up her kids. Bad & Bougie says that she never talked about her kids she just brought them up so Soulja Girl got real hype for no reason. She says if Soulja Girl felt like she disrespected her kids she apologized.

Soulja Girl says just bringing her kids up was unecessaru and Bad& Bougie says calling her a prostitute was unnecessary. Rollie says she is one and Bad & Bougie denies it and they argue. Bad & Bougie stands up and Rollie flies across the room to get in her face. Rollie is pissed that she stood up but neither back down and surprisingly they don’t fight. In the may lay Slim runs across the room and attacks Daugh Tee.

This is a mess.

Bad & Bougie takes her skirt off to show us her behind…and then she puts the skirt back on, he he. She was waiting to make that move.


While they argue, girls are having side conversations, and making drinks. They then show a clip Janeisha says went viral of Soulja Girl falling down in those blue high heels from Fashion Nova, lol.

Soulja Girl says it was not the hells it was her ankles. Bad & Bougie says she felt so bad she offered to give her flats but she refused them. Soulja Girl admitted that Bad & Bougie was being nice about the shoe situation, and she low key was. They clap for the moment Bad & Bougie and Soulja Girl just had…we don’t care.

The hosts give everyone an opportunity to get their final thoughts out and here they were:

Brown Suga

She had fun on the show, met some good people so she would do it all over again. She got to see another side of the women at the reunion so she was glad the women were able to open up to her. She says she is upset with Claudia who she feels egged on a fight between her and Bombshell…

Umm lady, you had already fought her in the hallway for all your talk about not wanting to fight! Claudia points out she only asked if they wanted to fight, that she always had the choice of declining. Brown Suga you are tripping!

Janeisha tells her congratulations on her music…girl, you didn’t say jack about your music none of this time either?! Yawl, this girl is on some other stuff for real. Why didn’t you promote your music instead of fighting?

Brown Suga wants Claudia to take accountability for her and Bombshell fighting and she doesn’t, why? Because that would be stupid.


She had a great time. She thanks Zeus for the opportunity; she has nothing bad to say about Chance. Aaaaw! We like Slim don’t we?


She doesn’t like Daugh Tee, and she calls her out to fight. They argue. She tells Chance he is very disrespectful and doesn’t know how to treat women. She tells him he doesn’t ever deserve to have a woman. She thanks Zeus and the hosts for the opportunity.


She says she was called a hoe and accused of sucking penis and rumors with security…Janeisha asked if she and Smallz fought about her snitching on her. She says they did because she didn’t suck the security guards penis…and for all her denying…she admits to sleeping with security.


Chance does not look amused when she announces she was f***ing the security guard…we don’t care Biggie.


She says she will not be trying to have another chance with Chance…thank God because he don’t like you in that way, sorry but its true they are friends and there is nothing wrong with that.

She says she loves Chance and Micah and they feel the same way about her. She says coming on the show got her more fans…I’m one for sure Rollie! She says we will be seeing more of her on our screens and I hope that is true.

Soulja Girl

She is grateful for the oppertuity and it has opened doors for her. She prays that Chance finds love one day and she hopes Micah starts looking for love and stops trying to help Chance. She doesn’t like that she embarrassed herself on television. Well you live and you learn.

Wap Wap

She don’t like the girls and she never will.


She was mad when she came to the reunion but she is calmer now. She is mad at Bad & Bougie making a comment about her mother. She said if she wasn’t nauseas she would have punched her in her mouth.

Daugh Tee

Overall she was happy to be on the show and had a good time.


It was a rollercoaster but she had a goodtime. But everybody is beautiful and everybody is a winner.


She enjoyed the experience. And despite just having two fight with Brown Suga ahe says she is not a fighter no more. She appreciates everything and says when Micah has a show for him to let her know.

Bad & Bougie

She is grateful for the opportunity. And she wishes everybody the best.


He apologizes for raising his voice to the ladies.


He thanks all the ladies that participated in the show. He apologizes again to the ladies. He said his jokes rubbed some of them the wrong way and he is sorry for offending anyone. He wishes the ladies nothing but the best.

The ladies clap.


She is happy that despite being put in a stressful situation the people on stage were able to find positive things to say. She hopes everybody can all stay off the internet with the negativity. She congratulates them for making it through the season.


She is happy she was able to co-host with Claudia. She was a part of the show behind the scenes with production and Chance. She selected the girls as well and met with them and was a part of production and is proud of the girls. She is happy that the girls that showed up got some sort of resolution and she is proud that the girls have a lot of great things going on in their lives. She thanks Chance and Micah for going through the journey for a second time. She says maybe there will be a season three. Chance says he has to find love somewhere else because he doesn’t get along with American women.

So do you think there will be a season three? And if there is will you be watching?

Did anybody catch the reunion? Thanks for the support! Muah!

What are your thoughts?

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