Recap Of One Mo’ Chance: Season 2 Reunion PT. 2

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season’s reunion. But if you haven’t started watching part two of the reunion episodes click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of the reunion part two. Ready? Let’s get started…

Part Two

The episode begins where the last one left off, with Brown Suga and Bombshell fighting…despite them both yelling that they won the fight, I see it as a tie. Even though Brown Suga’s wig was pulled off, again! I still don’t think either one actually lost but they definitely were throwing hands. Security has Bombshell off stage ranting, while Brown Suga is on stage ranting.

Claudia asks the girls, “Does anybody else want a rematch?” Claudia, what’s wrong with you, lol. Don’t be asking these girls that, we actually have tuned in for these ladies to have an opportunity to get Chance all the way together. If you keep letting them fight, we will never get answers!

So while Claudia seems more interested in the ladies getting down, the women in the may lay are talking back and forth between the two opposite facing couches. Something about what went on online…

Janeisha asks Daugh Tee if she was talking mess about Slim online…Daugh Tee did an interview, and apparently said something upsetting so Slim wants her to say it to her face. They start going back and forth, and Bombshell returns to the stage. Once again Claudia asks them, “Do yawl want a rematch?” But no one gets up to fight, they just keep going back and forth. Slim says Daugh Tee is really just mad because she got beat up when they had their boxing match.

Janeisha says they have a post taken off social media that was written by slim which she addressed to Daugh Tee:

“I’ll never understand it she needs clout so bad it’s sad but hey we all knew this was coming she been said it at the interviews to folk like it wasn’t go get back to me”

Janeisha also points out that a few people are upset with Daugh Tee for apparently running her mouth on social media. Biggie says Daugh Tee, who find out is thirty two, stays on the internet speaking negatively about the girls. But now that we are down to the reunion, Daugh Tee doesn’t want to throw hands. Slim, Biggie, and you already know, Smallz, all start going back and forth with Daugh Tee.

Janeisha instructs them to talk one at a time…

But when Biggie starts to make her point to Daugh Tee, here comes Smallz jumping in.


Biggie says Daugh Tee was irrelevant on the show, so that’s why she went on social media talking reckless…to make her relevant.

Rollie says Daugh Tee said that Wap Wap was jealous of Rollie and wanted to be her. Daugh Tee says actually Brown Suga was talking about Rollie…Daugh Tee and Rollie are now going back and forth…

Rollie says Daugh Tee has a daughter she doesn’t take care of…Daugh Tee says Rollie can say whatever she doesn’t give an eff but then while Janeisha is trying to ask questions she interrupts so Janeisha has to check her. Rollie screams at Daugh Tee to shut up… Janeisha tells Daugh Tee she isn’t going to keep having to scream over her because it is disrespectful.  Good for you Janeisha, because we need answers, not ranting and raving!

Janeisha says knowing that this is a competition; did they consider the fact that they may get a little heartbreak by not making it to the top two? Wap Wap says there were times the girls would just say “hi” and Chance would act like he didn’t want to talk to them. Smilez said it was the comments and jabs at the ladies that were made when Man-gina appeared on the show that did it for her. She knows it was a completion and knew she would be eliminated and that it’s ok Chance likes what he likes…

All of a sudden, Chance perks up and interrupts her like, wait what do you mean I like what I like? Smilez meant he likes the girls that he likes, but the fact that Man-gina was mentioned before her statement, Chance wants clarification. Skittlz is like, we know what you like. But Janeisha skip over that and gets back to when Man-gina appeared at the house, and Smilez was upset that he only came to clown the ladies.

Janeisha says Man-gina’s real purpose was to stir things up and get the girls going, which he did. Janeisha says a lot of the girls took it personal but it really was just a challenge to see how they could handle the pressure. Chance says that is correct but under the pressure the ladies cracked. Chance says he didn’t know Man-gina was going to come into the house and act like that. Daugh Tee says Man-gina crossed the line and was being disrespectful.

Chance says although it looked like he was coaching Man-gina to disrespect the ladies, he was just trying to get Man-gina to get the questions he wanted answered across.

They play a clips from when Man-gina was in the house. Claudia asks Chance if Man-gina were at the reunion what would Chance say to him about how he treated the ladies. Chance said he would tell Man-gina that he effed up. Skittlz says Man-gina was following Chance’s direction. She points out that Man-gina had an earpiece in his ear and Chance was in the background telling Man-gina what to say.

Chance interrupts he and tells he doesn’t care what she saw, because he has a whole squad behind him and we don’t see everything. Basically according to Chance, it was edited to look like Chance told Man-gina to do what all he did. Skittlz rebuts. And Chance says again it was editing. He also says this is why he did not pick any of the girls because of all the arguing. He says he doesn’t deal with women that argue, and Skittlz says she doesn’t deal with dudes that suck d**k.


Janeisha is like, wow, and Claudia puts her hostess question cards in front of her face as if in shock. Skittlz says it again and says she doesn’t give an eff.

Chance says she can say what she wants and everyone knows…a Micah pipes in that it isn’t true. Skittlz says it is true. Chance says when you make an accusation like that have some “tea” behind it, have some proof. She says she has proof and he tells her to bring it out…Skittlz tells the producers to put her proof on the big screen. And Micah concurs and says if she has it for them to put her proof on the big screen. I mean he doesn’t seem worried…maybe because it isn’t true?

Chance is livid. And he should be. I don’t believe he is gay, but let’s just say he is…why would you think it would be cool to out someone. But when it isn’t true, why do you think it’s cool to call him something he isn’t? But I don’t know him personally and I could be wrong. But damm!!! Chance is to his feet calling Skittlz a “n*gga” and telling producers to play her proof. Good Lord, this is a freaking, flipping, hot, stinking mess, for real!

Skittlz says she has a video of Chance with a tran sexual and tells Micah there is a lot he doesn’t know about Chance. Well I think he would know if his brother was gay! Micah is pissed. He tells Skittlz if she has some mutha effin proof for her to play it then…

Oh no, they done got Micah hot…

Chance is screaming at producers to play Skittlz proof. Because Chance is standing, Skittlz stands up and come towards Chance asking him what he is standing up for. Claudia gets in between Chance and Skittlz. Security gets Skittlz to go back to her seat while Claudia tries to calm Chance down.

Janeisha is trying to get control because now Bad & Bougie is on her feet. She tells Chance, oh you mad cause they lying, now you know how I feel. She says because the girls lied about her. The stage is loud with people saying things out of order. Poor Janeisha is up trying to get the stage under control. She addresses one of the accusations, and tells Skittlz, Chance did not tell Man-gina that Bad & Bougie had a child. She says she was there, Man-gina said that on his own. Skittlz says it doesn’t matter Chance shouldn’t have said it. Skittlz says Chance is disrespecting females…Micah interrupts her and growls, eff that s**t you lying, and he tells her to tell the truth. She says if she had her phone she would show her proof. She insists she has a video of Chance.

Thank God, Biggie asks can she say something. And then she makes a point, she disrespected a lot of them; she was called a hoe repeatedly. She says it’s just a show. But Skittlz makes a point, but they are women so that is expected, but its different when a man does it.

Janeisha takes control and asks Chance, looking back, and now seeing how the ladies feel disrespected, does he feel he owes the ladies an apology for going through that? He says he never brought a guy to the show and that he only brought girls to the show. And he says he does apologize to anyone who felt he said something out of line.

Skittlz says Chance is a colorist who doesn’t like black women and there is a lot that she hasn’t spoken on. She says at the season premiere party, Chance had the lighter girls in his section and when Skittlz came over there to ask Soulja Girl a question, Chance asked Smallz why she was over in his section. She says that proves he is a colorist.

Chance doesn’t know what she is talking about. But if he did refuse her entry into his section is because he felt she was a hater not because she is brown. Chance points out that his Daddy is dark, and he is surrounded by dark skinned people all the time. He says he has had all kinds of dark women that were way finer that Skittlz. He says it was probably her vibe that got her denied entry. He claims she is a hater and she asks him why she would hate on him. She asks him what does he have that she doesn’t have, and they go back and forth. He says this is why Skittlz didn’t get picked because she doesn’t know how to love. He tells her he wished he had never put her on the show. Chance says from now on he is letting Micah pick the girls again.

He says he never said anything negative to Skittlz to bring her down so why is she trying to bring him down? Then because Soulja Girl got herself in it by confirming that Chance did in fact say Skittlz could not come in his section at the party, Chance calls Soulja Girl a rat. He says that is why he isn’t with her. He says Soulja girl was lying about her baby daddies and goes on a tirade. He threatens to leave. Micah is mad! I didn’t even think he could get mad like this but he is.

Chance tells Bad & Bougie she should even be at the reunion. He calls he a n*gga and tells her she wasn’t there for love. Micah gets into it with Bad & Bougie and he tells her not to try him. Bad & Bougie turns her attention to yelling at Chance, and stands up. Micah steps up in front of her and puts his arm out to prevent her from advancing towards Chance and she tell him to move out the way. Chance has had enough and he walks off the stage calling Bad Bougie a dirty tramp as he leaves.

Back on stage…

Micah is pissed as ever yelling that this is real and the girls were just there for entertainment. Claudia says call her when they want to talk one and a time, and she walks off stage as well. Biggie tells everyone to shut up because the reunion is getting ghetto. Skittlz walks over to the other couch and confronts Biggie because she feels she is low key taking Chance’s side. Micah is going off and then he leaves too…


Chance is outside ranting to production about the false allegations being made…he decides to go back in and talk.


Janeisha is telling girls that they took a lot of what happened o the show personal and the fallout on social media got crazy even led to them questioning Chance’s sexuality online. Chance comes back with Micah. Janeisha says just like they are upset, Chance is too.

She says she will let everyone have a Chance to speak, if they just let Chance speak uninterrupted. I like Janeisha as the host this go round, she is really bossing up and taking control.

Chance says he didn’t know what the Gay community was going through until he let Man-gina come on the show and that’s when he was heartbroken because of the backlash. He says it comes from straight people, and I would agree. Nobody is teased for being straight but gays are bullied for being homosexual and that’s just wrong.

Daugh Tee calls Chance out and ask Chance was it editing when he said that she and her mother was going to be sucking his d**k at the same time to Ma-gina? She says it was her mom who auditi and when she was picked she was nervous so Daugh Tee came on the show too. She says she and her mother were real fans of Chance. She said to look at the show and see how he talked about her and her mother broke her heart. She wants to know was the disrespect edited too?

Aaaaaw! Gran Tee, if you read this, I liked that you repped for the older ladies, it took a lot of courage to come on the show.

Chance looks genuinely upset and moved by her words. He says the network gives him notes of what to say and it tore him up to say certain things and he apologizes to her. She accepts his apology. The reason Gran Tee is not there is because a family member is going through the dying process. Janeisha and Chance express their condolences, and I offer mine at this point as well…

Claudia is back on stage now. Brown Suga brings up that Daugh Tee has been talking mess about Chance, and Daugh Tee points out that Chance has now apologized…Brown Suga calls her fake. She says even Gran Tee be talking about Daugh Tee…


Janeisha welcomes Claudia back Daugh Tee is talking over her, which Biggie points out. Biggie, did I mention I love your dress? Now that I have had a chance to see it again, it’s really cute…

The stage is back noisy with girls talking back and forth. Claudia tries to talk sense into the girls. She wants this to be their chance to get it all out, but they need to be orderly to achieve the goal. She says you never know who is watching, and they are missing an opportunity to show themselves in a good light. She wants everybody to let the other speak. She says they are making Black people look bad. She says some real stuff…Claudia is one of my Sheroes!

Wap Wap says it hurt her when he said her teddy bear she gave him was from Goodwill. Chance owns up to it being him and not the producers who told him to say that. He said it was a funny moment. She asks him if he even read the card. He says he did and he smelled her flowers she gave him too. He said he smoked the weed she gave him too…Rollie says he tried to sell it.


Wap Wap asked him was it good, he said it was.

Claudia says Chance is a comedian and he says things for shock value so the show will be funny and it comes off mean and disrespectful.

Now wait a minute Claudia, if it comes off mean and disrespectful how is it funny?

Chance says the thing he liked about Wap Wap is that she didn’t take his joke personal and came back with a comeback. They hug. He gives Daugh Tee a hug as well for accepting his apology. He tells her again he is sorry, and I believe him.

Bombshell aint trying to let Chance off the hook, she reminds him that he did say some effed up things about them. Chance tells her the network gave him things to say and she points out that he had the choice whether to say them or not.

Good point Bombshell…did I mention I like your shoes, lol. Chance chalks it up to being a team player. Claudia point out it’s the extras that make the things he says messed up. He admits he does “put some stank on it”.

Janeisha moves on to ask Rollie about her reunion “hit list” or her “whose ass might get whooped at the reunion” list. Well, who is on it? Here it is: Wap Wap, The sisters, Daugh Tee, Bad& Bougie, and anybody else who wants it.

Slim, The demon sisters, and Rollie agree that Daugh Tee has the most to say about Wap Wap on the internet. Wap Wap doesn’t know how to feel because this is the first she heard of it, and is sitting right next to Daugh Tee. Rollie says Daugh Tee talked about Wap Wap like she was a dog.

Claudia asks Wap Wap if she believes that. She says she doesn’t know how to feel. She tells Rollie she did put her address out there and she admits she was wrong. They show a post that Wap Wap posted that was addressed to Rollie. Basically telling her to keep her name out of her mouth.

This leads to them going back and forth…Claudia tries to get them to calm down but they are heated…Rollie gets up walks across the stage and tells Wap Wap to run up…She does, and gets those paws put on her. Security separated them and a wigless Rollie has Wap Wap’s wig and she tosses it into the air as she is escorted off stage. Wap Wap tries to go after her. Rollie is backstage proud of herself and then she realizes her wig is gone too…


How does the show end?

When Rollie hears Wap Wap talking mess still, she goes back on stage and they fight again! Then Rollie goes back stage where Daugh Tee has went, and beats her down….


Did anybody catch the reunion? See you for part three, thanks for the support! Muah!

What are your thoughts?

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