One Mo’ Chance Season 2: Yodela Addresses Why She Didn’t Attend the Reunion and Bad & Bougie’s Allegations (Video Included)

Okay, now that the One Mo’ Chance reunion episodes have started, the eliminated contestants having been spilling a lot of tea. Well, did you catch the reunion, part one? Despite not being in attendance Yodela’s name and her business was brought up by Bad & Bougie.

What did she say about Yodela? We will get to that in a minute, just keep reading. I also have included a video where Yodela responds here it is so that you can put this post into context and if you like you can scroll down a bit to get to it because first, I am going to give you some background.

Janeisha John who hosted the reunion told us during part one, Zeus invited all the ladies to return for the reunion and some of the ladies declined. But that was okay with Zeus because they wanted it to be more of an intimate setting with the ladies who had a stronger connection with Chance on the show.

So, remember not all of the girls showed up. Gran Tee, Baybi Ruth, Fluffy, Danii Dashian, Shyne were not in attendance, or at least we did not see them on part one, which aired this past Sunday. But the one that we expected to be there was Yodela, who was also on season one and we thought she had a strong connection with Chance.

I mean, he brought her back, and kept her around when he eliminated almost everybody first. She made it down to the final four and even beat out Smilez, who was kind of upset enough to mention it on part one of the reunion.

But at some point Bad & Bougie and Yodela made up, and last we saw had a touching moment when they both revealed they suffered miscarriages, but on part one of the reunion Bad & Bougie seemed like she had it in for Yodela.

I was confused why?

What did she say about Yodela? She said Yodela needed a check and that is why she came back onto the show a second season. She said she checked, and I assumed she meant public records, and found that Yodela had evictions under her name. She also said that Yodela has a 438 credit score. She also insinuates that Yodela is in Miami doing some strange thangs for some change…if you get my drift?

Janeisha brings up that Yodela is not there to defend herself against any allegations, and Biggie makes sure we know that Yodela missed her flight. Here is Yodela’s response I found, where she addresses Bad & Bougie and why she was not at the reunion…

(Posted on YouTube by In my defense)

So Yodela denies the information Bad& Bougie brought up…she also insists she missed her flight. She also says that she would of still took a later flight but she was told the reunion was starting at a certain time so she believed she wouldn’t make it, only to find out the reunion was taped much later.

Well, I think it was unnecessary for Bad &Bougie to bring up Yodela’s business without her being able to respond. And while I understand her position…things were said about her online so she is at the reunion to respond, but Yodela couldn’t and that’s unfair. I also see why some of the women are ticked off he kept Yodela, but that is their issue with Chance. Maybe next part we will see him confronted for some of the things he did that the girls are taking issue with.

What do any of you all think? And, have you ever had anyone say anything about you that you were not able to respond to? And, are you watching the One Mo’ Chance reunion?

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What are your thoughts?

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