One Mo’ Chance Season 2: Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz Alleges Wap Wap Called CPS On Her (Video Included)

Okay, now that the One Mo’ Chance reunion episodes have started, the eliminated contestants having been spilling a lot of tea. Well, we all saw that despite being good friends on the season, Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz and Wap Wap fell out, and now they have beef.

But one thing we were all surprised to learn was, Child Protective Services was called on Rollie, and she alleges it was Wap Wap who did it.

(Posted on YouTube by AnsonXEddie Rivera)

On the first part of the reunion, we all heard Wap Wap admit to leaking Rollie’s address to her residence online. She even laughed and was quite proud of herself. This revelation has caused some of the women to take sides. For example, Skittlz unfollowed Wap Wap because of her actions. She says she is a mother, and she didn’t think that it was cool of Wap Wap to put another woman at risk by leaking her address.

Rollie alleges CPS came to her door. So when Child Protective Services comes to your residence, they must identify themselves and then tell you what the allegation are against you. How do I know? I have had a spiteful family member try to exact revenge on me by calling CPS and having them open an investigation on me.

You heard the allegations that Rollie says CPS told her that was made against her in the report they were investigating…and supposedly based off the allegations, Rollie believes Wap Wap was the one who made them…

Rollie says that CPS asked her “who was out to get her” because the allegations were so wild. That sounds like something CPS would say. They will not tell you who made the allegations. They will tell you the allegations, and then if it is not in alignment with the situation they are met with they will come to the conclusion that the allegations are either exaggerated or false. They will then ask you if there is anybody in your life who might have a grudge against you…because the allegations are so farfetched from the vibe they are getting.

For example, one time CPS was called on me. The allegations were that I was violent, and I beat my daughter. So one day when I picked my daughter up from school because my job called me in to cover another shift but the teacher was serving ice cream to the students in her class. My daughter cried because I had come to pick her up a little early which meant she wouldn’t get the ice cream. I got her in the car, handed her some fruit snacks as a consolation and even though she was disappointed she accepted them and started back being her happy self.

We went home, and while I was getting ready to go to work, she was in the living room happily turning cartwheels. But a woman from CPS was also knocking with the police. So I let them in, and kept asking who called, and why! I was upset when I saw a big burley police officer was with the lady but this was my saving grace.

Because the allegations were I was violent, the worker asked the police to assist her on the call. The officer told me he stood by the door and through the window he could see my daughter turning cartwheels in the living room, and he saw a glimpse of me in the bathroom doing my hair. He said he was a kid, and had kids, and never knew a mother who allowed her child to play that way inside the house…

He said the fact that I didn’t yell at her, despite him watching me walk into the living room and heard me asking her to go outside and flip so she wouldn’t get hurt…proved to him I wasn’t violent. Because I never yelled at her, and I didn’t hit her and she was clearly doing something that would upset a parent.

My point?

I knew who had called when they told me that the report was that a violent parent was removing their child from school and the child was crying because she was going home to be abused…I knew it was my daughter’s teacher. She was too much of a coward to confront me and ask, hey why is your daughter crying? Not because she ever even saw me being violent, but because she was quaking in her boots with fear to confront me because my aura let her know that I would have told her off if she got in my business. So rather than be uncomfortable, she simply called CPS and lied…

Rollie says the motivation for Wap Wap to call the authorities on her was based on her revealing that Wap Wap had Covid-19…That’s very petty. If this is true, Wap Wap seems like she is not the kind of woman that is able to confront Rollie…she rather hide and do covert things like call CPS. But this is all alleged…

What do any of you all think? And, have you ever had anyone maliciously report you to CPS? And, are you watching the One Mo’ Chance reunion?

What are your thoughts?

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