Recap Of One Mo’ Chance: Season 2 Reunion PT. 1

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well, you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season’s reunion. But if you haven’t started watching part one of the reunion episodes click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of the reunion part one. Ready? Let’s get started…

Part One

The episode begins with the cast and the hosts arriving on set for the reunion. Then we see the cast and hosts settling in and getting ready for the night. A message flashes across the screen:


The next thing we see is Brown Suga and Bombshell squaring up and fighting in what looks like the lobby to the dressing rooms…

Sigh. Already?

It’s just fists flying and hair pulling. To me no one won the fight or lost the fight, it looked like mutual combat. Bombshell goes into one of the dressing rooms, and she throws Brown Suga’s wig out onto the floor. Bad & Bougie is in the doorway of her dressing room checking out the may lay with one of the makeup artists from the adjoining dressing room. During the fight Brown Suga’s wig came off and Bombshell has it I her hand.  Bombshell has gone into her dressing room, while Brown Suga stands in the lobby ranting. Another message flashes across our screens:


Wap Wap is in one of the rooms where the makeup artists are and she is screaming and hollering and ACTING tough as usual. My head is starting to hurt. Her rant is apparently directed at Brown Suga. She is screaming that Brown Suga started it, while Bombshell brags about her ponytail not being pulled loose while Brown Suga’s wig came off during the fight…

Sigh. So?

Wap Wap, because she is big mouth almighty and tongue everlasting, comes out of the dressing room with the camera’s following her while she screams threats in the direction of the other girl’s rooms where they are getting ready.


The other girls, Smallz, Biggie, Rollie and Slim are in the dressing room chilling, listening to Wap Wap scream outside their door like a maniac. Brown Suga comes in telling, them about the fight she just had with Wap Wap. Her mouth is moving a mile a minute.

Brown Suga claims Bombshell was beat up in the boxing ring, and she just beat her up again. I didn’t see that, but okay. It seems like both girls held their own, and Bombshell might have even got the best of her, but okay let Brown Suga tell it she keeps beating up Bombshell…she is talking so dang gone fast it is hard to keep up with what all she is saying. But, she had beef with Wap Wap and they both were having words on social media but rather than she come out and run her the fade, Bombshell did.

Yet here loud mouth Wap Wap is, going back into her dressing room with Bombshell, to continue selling wolf tickets because none of the other girls she is beefing with paid her dust. They all stayed in the room, listening to Brown Suga tell them the story, as they should of and left Wap Wap outside screaming like a dam fool.


Rollie says Wap Wap followed her around the house like a puppy, was acting like she was her friend but was actually envious of her. Rollie said after the show Wap Wap said something’s about Rollie to Brown Suga and that got back to Rollie and that’s why Wap Wap has an issue with Brown Suga. Brown Suga ran back and told Rollie what Wap Wap said about her, blah blah blah.


Bad & Bougie comes in to ask Wap Wap how all of this started. Wap Wap says it all stems from the Internet. Wap Wap says Rollie asked to be separated into another room. She says Rollie is only big and bad when security is around… Wap Wap admits to putting Rollie’s address out on social media….

So she doxed Rollie! I have a special post coming talking about that so stay tuned…

So, Wap Wap is proud of doxing Rollie despite the fact that she has a son.



Bad & Bougie and Smilez have a talk about being back for the reunion. Bad & Bougie says she has some questions to ask and some people to serve. In walks Daugh Tee, she says it’s a mad house out where the other girls are. Smilez thinks that Bad & Bougie is a target tonight. She thinks it will be Soulja Girl but it may even be someone sticking up on Soulja Girl’s behalf. Well, Bad& Bougie says she is ready for the girls. She says she doesn’t start stuff but she will finish it.


Wap Wap says Brown Suga, who she nick name’s “Brown Sewage” is the reason she and Rollie are beefing. She said that Brown Suga came to her telling her the things that Rollie was saying about her. Wap Wap says she lives better than Rollie so who is she to talk about her when she owns her house and Rollie rents.

Sigh. When does this dam thing start because I promise you, this stuff is stupid.


Slim says she doesn’t have a problem with Wap Wap but she doesn’t like that she is beefing with Rollie who is her friend, and she says Rollie is a follower. She says she doesn’t know the problem Wap Wap has with her. Rollie says it is because they are friends. They say together, they make the number 10, lol. So now, Rollie and Slim are close apparently.


Wap Wap said she didn’t do anything to Rollie but one day she just stopped talking to her. Bad & Bougie comes where they are at, as if on cue giving the two ladies some of her products from her brand. They thank her. Bad & Bougie asks them if they are going to turn up for the reunion. Bombshell says she gave them an appetizer with the fight she just had Brown Suga….


Wap Wap says the only reason everybody has beef is because of Brown Suga, well Bad & Bougie dramatically says that it’s all because of Chance but she has something for him…what? What do you got for Chance? She says Chance is not doing the show for love she says he is playing with the ladies heart. She says the girls can come to fight her, but she is coming for Chance. She says he blocked her on Instagram because he can’t take the heat.

Wap Wap says she left the show to go see about her child, being a mother comes first. Well, Bad & Bougie brings up that some people left for other reasons. Wap Wap agrees.


Soulja Girls saw all the comments being made about her Baby Daddies, and her children and now she feels some type of way. She apparently is going to let Chance have it.

So are the women mad at Chance? Seems like it. Soulja Girl is upset with Bad & Bougie for bringing up her kids on the show but she says she would be wrong if she brought up how she can’t have any…


She says Bad & Bougie can’t fault her for being a mother which is something she can’t be.


The other ladies say that Rollie has a hit list and put the girls she got beef with on it. Well, apparently, she put Bad & Bougie on the list. Wap Wap says she is at the top of the list. Well Bad& Bougie says she is ready for Rollie.


Some of the girls is wondering well Yodela is, well she is not there neither is, Gran Tee, Baybi Ruth, Fluffy, Danii Dashian, Shyne.

They all seem to have a problem with Daugh Tee, and imply she is a uncover lesbian that supposedly got it on with one or more of the girls in the house…allegedly?!

Skittlz arrives late…

Smallz and Biggie are so happy to see her, and they fill her in about what’s been going on so far. She is surprised to hear about the fight. She asks who won, they don’t know…but they do know suspiciously, producers put the ladies I the room together because they didn’t know they had beef…wink, wink!

Skittlz says Wap Wap is upset with her because she un-followed her when she posted Rollie’s address. She says as a mother she can’t respect that. I can’t too. I mean what if some crazy person comes to her house and does dirt? Wap Wap…you know what? I won’t even give it anymore energy…sick of you already!


We see the lovely Janeisha John and Claudia Jordan have a sit down in the dressing room before they go out to the stage. They know they got their work cut out for them because the girls are already fighting while the hosts were getting ready.

Claudia says she heard Rollie and Slim requested to get their nails clipped so that they can be ready to fight. Janeisha is all smiles, why? Because she could believe it about those two. Janeisha tells her the story of  how “Flat Back” became “Bombshell”.


Claudia says she went to school for Journalism…well did it prepare you for this? Janeisha says they got a lot of things to get into; she is leaving the dressing room so that Claudia can get finished getting ready….

Chance and Micah talk before the reunion…

The energy is off. Chance says he didn’t have to see the ladies again, but he is going to give them a chance to say their peace. Micah just hopes that he doesn’t have any love for the women he eliminated. With all the fighting back and forth on the internet, Chance is hoping to be the peacemaker. Chance says some of the girls have issues and today they are going to get to the bottom of things. He is upset the girls have already been fist fighting either. This is the same thing they did in the house.

Chance just hopes Micah will have his back as always. Well, Micah will have his back….Way back on the other side of the room…

The Reunion…

Janeisha John comes out in a killer pink jumpsuit and a short finger wave hairdo….we like Janeisha don’t we? She is a bit too classy to host these reunions but we like that she is classy. You look cute Janeisha too bad you look like you can’t throw them hands so you can bum rush anybody who doesn’t shut up when you say so, lol. She tells us that the girls have been going at it nonstop on social media she has a lot to discuss, so joining her on stage is Claudia Jordan and we love Claudia don’t we? Well I do! She has on an outfit that looks straight from Carnival…They discuss the last time they saw each other and other pleasantries. And now its time for the ladies to come to the stage…

They all come out looking nice…Bad & Bougie had a nice pink outfit on, Rollie has her comfortable shoes on. But everybody sits down like a lady except for Wap Wap’s dramatic ass that is sitting with her legs gapped open like she plays basketball… Claudia tells them how nice they all look…so there are twelve ladies that showed up for the reunion. Six on one side, six on the other, and the girls on the opposite couch tell Skittlz she is on the wrong side. Does it matter?

Janeisha notices the masculine way Wap Wap is sitting, as if she is going to do something, so she asks if she is okay. Well, Slim notices too and they start arguing back and forth from across the room from opposite couches. The hosts try to get things under control to no avail. They get them calmed after a bunch of time….

Claudia gets them to at least agree to get through introductions I’m waiting too so then we will judge the fashions, wont we One Mo’ Chance fans?


Brown Suga looks cute in her black dress, hair cute too. Slim looks cute in her long dress, her hair is cute too. I didn’t like Smallz dress, but her hair was cute and so was Biggie’s…I really liked Biggie’s dress on her, the orange feathers, cute. Rollie’s hair and outfit was cute so was her makeup but the shoes had to go!

Rollie makes the comment that she was the oen girls wanted to be like….and those words pulled Wap Wap like a dog’s chain and she sat on the other couch barking….blah, blah, she claims she doesn’t want to be like Rollie, then why talk? She aint talking to you or is she?

Soulja Girl had on a cute black velvet dress, and her hair was cute. She looked the best to me, sorry but other than Janeisha, Soulja Girl did it best…..

I loved Bad & Bougie’s pink dress, and her the shoes…but her hair was a no. I didn’t like Daugh Tee’s outfit, but her hair was cute to me. Slim immediately started talking mess when Daugh Tee was introduced. Wait….I thought they made up? It took Janeisha awhile to again gain control of the room.

Wap Wap had on a cute Blonde wig and a nice Black suit, She looked really good, but her attitude was bananas. When she was introduced she stood up and told all the girls on the couch, “F**k you….”

If you aint going to get froggy, why jump? Her and Slim argue with both standing up, going back and forth, so Janeisha stands to try to get them to be quiet and sit down and be ladies….no such luck they continue. Security has to get them to sit down….

Sigh…Janeisha, you should of brought a whip or more back up than Claudia….Wap Wap refuses to shut up, and we all seen you on this season lady. We know you won’t bust a grape….Girl, stop disrespecting the hosts and sit down…

Bombshell looked cute, but what I really liked? Her shoes! Smilez looked great I her long black dress, and her hair was cute. While I didn’t like Skittlz outfit, it did fit her, and her hair was beautiful.

The Stallionaires grace the stage…

Chance and Micah come out to one of their songs, with after a group of new girls in the red One Mo’ Chance cowgirl hats, jean booty shorts, and boots and some of the contestants seated on the couches laugh. Some look pissed. Micah has on black, but Chance has on a big red coat. He is siningg along to the song as he and his brother are seated after they hug the hosts…

Claudia mentions the new girls and asks him when is it going to be enough, and he says it will be enough when he knows….cryptic? But sometimes you never know, he says…


Janeisha asks Micah were those his ladies…was those the new batch of ladies?


just came out with them basically. But Chance says they are the Stallionettes. Claudia Chance if he really wants to find love or is the show just fun for him? He says he does want to find love. Soulja Girl asks how many chances were they going to give Chance…

Janeisha asks Chance how does it feel to be around all the ladies? He says all of the ladies look good. He says it’s sad the girls get so involved with each other they end up having beef onset and off set. He says its like they forget why they are there…


He said he wasn’t going to do a reunion but talking to Rollie and Wap Wap convinced him otherwise.

Claudia asks him does he play a part in the beef with the ladies….he doesn’t think so. He said he saw footage of the show and the girls were kicking it like they went way back despite barely knowing each other.

So were they really there for love? Chance says they seemed more interested in getting to kow each other. Skittlz gets up and walks of…


Janeisha says they will have to check in on her. They keep going…

They show flashbacks of the show…

Claudia asks does it feels different when he looks back at the clips. Chance says they just make him think. She asks if this was a good experience or bad experience if he was really looking for love. He says he could tell who to keep and who to get rid of.

Smilez brings up that he kept Yodela and she didn’t even show up for the reunion. Chance says Yodela had his back and that’s why he kept her. Micah says Yodela just came back for the clout, basically. Bad & Bougie says she did some checking, Yodela has a 438 credit score, evictions and needs money….according to Bad &Bougie.

The demon twins insist Yodela missed her flight. Janeisha points out Yodela is not there to defend herself against Bad & Bougie’s allegations.


I thought she and Yodela were cool but apparently not, lol. She argues with the demon sisters who are upset she is blasting all of Yodela’s business, but she is not there to say if it’s true or not. Claudia ask Chance if he was sad that Yodela didn’t show up. She asks was he interested in her or did he bring her back because she was a fan favorite.

Chance says once again that she is his friend…

Claudia ask who would he rather had instead and he says Smilez. He says beside her there were a few other girls he could of kept around.

Janeisha asks Bombshell about the fight between her and Brown Suga earlier. They will discuss it but first, they show a flashback of the girls fighting in the ring during the season…

Skittlz comes back to the stage and Claudia asks her was she okay, she says yes. She says she was just feeling nauseas.

Now Janeisha asks Bombshell about the fight between her and Brown Suga earlier. When Bombshell tries to tell her side she and Brown Suga start arguing. They showa video Bombshell made on social media about the boxing match that Brown Suga and she had during the season….

They argue back and forth about who lost the fight….eventually Claudia asks them if they want to fight again…. Well Bombshell wants the round three so she takes off her heels and charges, Brown Suga stands to her feet in her heels…and they fight! Dam!

Did anybody catch the reunion? See you for part two, thanks for the support! Muah!

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