When Narcissists Run In Packs Otherwise Known As The Cowards That Gang Up Against Us And Their Motivations

Narcissists are problematic people. They tend to be combative, argumentative, sullen and envious. Because they are such haters, they tend to get into relationships short term because people usually find out what they are about and either they end it, or the narcissist moves on from fear of exposure. It is not far-fetched to see narcissists have long term associations, and even long-term friendships with other narcissists. The types of relationships that tend to be long-lasting are usually narcissists with strong familial ties.

People should tend to notice if a narcissist is among them, that narcissist is sure to have enablers among their circles. A narcissist will usually have at least one enabler, but most will have “flying monkeys” to do their bidding, especially the covert narcissist. So, look out for a narcissist’s family members because they are sure to be a narcissist or two around, so look out. They all seem to be able to be around each other because these relationships tend to be self-serving, and predatory in nature. So certain behaviors are tolerated or overlooked if the other narcissist can benefit from a narcissist and the supply they bring into their lives. Whether friend or family member, narcissist tend to associate with each other, and work together to take down a target of their unified envy.

Surprisingly, this is a group activity that serves as a sort of bonding ritual for the narcissistic associations. Narcissists will usually envy a target to the point of getting others who envy the same target to want to join in a campaign designed to destroy the victim of their narcissistic rage and envious and sinister hatred.

The pack of narcissists usually do not even seem to really care for each other much and outside of getting their needs met, they may not even hang around each together that much. . All the things they do to you will help them to stay in association by using the activities such as “gang stalking to reconnect or stay connected. They seem to hate each other as much as they do their targets but will still come together to destroy the target of their insatiable envy.

A Narcissist’s child is their easiest and most die-hard supporters…

A child is the perfect facilitator for the goals of the narcissist. The narcissist will prey upon the youngest and vulnerable that is within their grasp. This is the main reason that parents that are not narcissistic should seek full custody from narcissistic parents that are not in treatment and monitored in some way to access their harm to their child.

For example, narcissistic mothers often try to turn their children against the absent father out of spite. The fact that they have constant access to the child gives them ample opportunities to brain wash the child. It’s sad but true.

Parents that are narcissists can turn their children into narcissistic codependents that try to please their parents by doing their dirty work. Narcissistic parents enmesh their children and try to manipulate and control them for as long as they can. They interfere in the relationships of their children and even triangulate them against other relatives in order to keep power over them.

Parents will turn their children against others that they envy, regardless of who that person is. They will plant seeds of doubt and misinformation to ruin the credibility and reputations of anybody they fear will take any of the control they have over their children because their children are their best enablers. But anyone can be an enabler of the narcissist. Parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, anyone can be a source of support for the manipulative narcissist.

Narcissists are cowards…

Narcissists invent a false self, and they will protect that image at all costs. They create a sort of “mask” that they hid behind and live in fear that their true selves will be revealed. So much of the abuse you will suffer from narcissist will be based on them avoiding “narcissistic injury.”

The narcissist has a deep seeded inferiority complex that causes them to be hypersensitive to anything that may destroy their reality they create. But at the same time, they need people to engage with because other people are needed to validate their false reality. They are afraid that the target of their envy will escape the relationship therefore confirming to the narcissist that the narcissist is flawed. This will injure their fragile self-esteem. When a victim escape it cause the narcissist to suffer a major self-esteem blow also known as a “narcissistic injury”.

When a victim escapes the abuse of the narcissist this can cause the narcissist to go into a rage. So, another fear of the narcissist is that the target will at some point escape the relationship before the narcissist is ready for the relationship to end. When the target is able to cut off contact with the narcissist, the narcissist will be triggered to try to get the target to return to the relationship.

The narcissist will enlist an enabler to “test the waters” out of fear the victim will reject them and again escape their grasp. The enablers will contact the victim instead of the fearful narcissist and try to persuade the victim to return to the abuse.

How do narcissists work together to take down a target of envy?

The goal of the narcissist is to exert power and control over the victims. When the narcissists work as a group, they are a powerful force. The narcissist uses his enablers to help them torment the victim. When the narcissist is cut off from contacting the victim, they will call upon their enablers to gain access to the victim in some way. The narcissist can use the enablers to abuse the victim by proxy.

Whether they are aware or unaware, the goals of the narcissistic enablers are to destabilize the victim. The victim will doubt their reality and start to think they are crazy. For instance, when the narcissist projects their behavior onto the victim, the enablers will confirm the victim as the offender. So, if the narcissist is the liar, the narcissist will project this behavior onto the target of envy and the enablers will confirm that the target is the actual liar and not the narcissist.

The enablers will harass, bully, intimidate, stalk, monitor, gaslight, shun, and confront a target. These campaigns can last sometimes for years.  They will run back and tell the narcissist information about you no matter how small. Even if you cut off contact with a narcissist hoping to get away from their mistreatment, the enablers will likely pick up where the narcissist left off. That is why usually the best way to escape the narcissist is to also cut off contact with their circle of enablers as well.

The Gas-lighters…

The enablers will also try to gaslight you into returning to the toxic relationship with the narcissist by trying to convince you the narcissist has changed or the abuse you suffered never happened or was minor. They will try to alter your reality, by pretending. Pretending is a major part of a gas lighter’s repertoire.

The covert narcissist will enlist other narcissists to help them rage a “smear campaign” against you. This is not uncommon so be on the lookout for the gossipers in your circle. They could be covert narcissist, and don’t think they will be above gossiping about you if they gossip to you about other people.

The enablers of the narcissist will pretend to want to stay out of any confusion or disagreement you may have with the narcissist. On the surface they will want to appear neutral. But behind your back, if you do some investigating, you may find that they are fully invested in gossiping about you or worst. Remember, the covert narcissist is a coward who uses gossip as a non-confrontational way of slandering your reputation.

The gas lighters are quick to make you think others believe the lies they have made up about you. It’s all about shaping your reality.

Narcissists run in packs…

Being in association with narcissists is toxic so you should avoid them as much as possible. It’s best to just not be around them ever. It’s better for you to find people that are healthy to be around. You can start by getting healthy mentally. It would help if you found help and support to get over the trauma you have experienced.

Remember narcissists are cowards that run-in packs, so find you a tribe of people who will be your strength and not your weakness.

Need a tribe, or support to help you overcome narcissistic abuse? Try this website:

Narcissist Abuse Support Groups – Narcissist Abuse Support

I am trying to compile a list of resources for narcissistic abuse, so if you try any of the resources, could you please leave a comment about your experience. Good luck on your journey to living a healthy life physically and mentally.

What are your thoughts?

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