Recap Of The Conversation: Natalie Nunn & Redd Part. 2

So if you have been watching the Zeus Network shows faithfully, as I have, then you have been catching episodes of “The Conversation” and it features highly profiled people and their conflict with each other. The gist of the show is two people that are in conflict sit down with each other to converse without the aid and comfort of a person to mediate or interview them. They just sit down and talk. So last night, the people featured were the ex cast members from one of my favorite cancelled shows, “Bad Girls Club” which originally aired on the Oxygen Network.

Sometimes a conversation will help bring clarity to situations when people are in conflict but things can also go another way. Sometimes things can end up being even worst after the sit down and that appears to be the outcome of Part Two of the conversation between the ex “Bad Girls”, Natalie Nunn and Alyssa “Redd” Carswell.

So do you remember how Part One ended? Natalie walks toward Redd and Redd puts up her dukes and tells her to “run up.” ….fist start flying and security rushes in because they end up fighting…when I see the fight again, it doesn’t seem like they connected very much from what I could see, and it was hard to really see because the camera angles, and the fact that Redd is shorter than Natalie.

So now security has separated Natalie but she still wants to fight. For some reason security stops blocking Natalie and she is calmly able to walk over to Redd and kick her, and they start fighting AGAIN!

Security gets these women separated yet again, and Redd tries to charge at Natalie, to no avail because security grabbed her first. Natalie continues to try to call out Redd and say she is not done fighting, but security has them both restrained. Natalie keeps taunting Redd saying things like, “Do you want to be on Baddies?”


When Natalie keeps trying to call Redd out to fight, Redd points out that neither one of them will be able to get past security….yet Natalie continues to push the issue, so security has to continue to keep the women separated. At one point Natalie tries to run, but it looked like it was in slow motion, and kick Redd again, but security stopped her.

Now mind you, now Natalie’s poof has worked its way out into a wild ponytail, and she has makeup all over her t-shirt…both of the ladies tell each other to have some class…but Redd is shoeless….is any of this classy?

Because this is a mess.

They can’t get pass security so Natalie continues to taunt Redd and it goes on, and on….at some point Redd picks up a chair and security gets it away from her. Okay Natalie, you better be glad Zeus has security because should the chair had went upside your head, you would have been screaming about being hit again, you know how you do, lol. You would of went on social media with a bandage on your forehead having a complete melt down and a whole rant about Redd hitting you with a chair…you know I’m telling the truth!

Redd is tired of trying to get at Natalie with security blocking her so she starts walking away, she is going towards the kitchen, and gets a bottle of water and walks back. Natalie asks her if she thinks she is about to pour water on her…they continue to call each other names and argue but security is preventing them from getting close enough to fight.

Redd decides to walk off and now she is going upstairs, apparently she is leaving. Natalie is downstairs screaming about it’s the “Natalie Show”. She keeps screaming to Redd, “Welcome to the Natalie show….hoe”.


Natalie screams after her that she is scared but once again Redd reminds her, SECURITY IS PREVENTING THEM FROM FIGHTING!!!


The video is just six minutes in and already mu nerves are getting bad.

A screaming Natalie is downstairs being restrained, while Redd has made it upstairs and is in the room with her team…packing up to leave. One of Redd’s friends is mad and talking mess about Natalie and the conversation while the other packs up quietly. Natalie yells threats at the friend and Redd.

Natalie tells Redd to move very carefully through L.A…..because remember yawl she runs L.A. But question, don’t you run Atlanta and the Bay too? So when you are in Atlanta do you allow other girls to run L.A. in your absence? Because I’m from L.A but I don’t run L.A. though. But I didn’t never hear that you ran L.A., and was that because you had your representative running it for you?


I think I met your representative before, but she never mentioned you….lol.

All of a sudden, for no reason that I can fathom, Jela tries to make it upstairs, I guess to fight Redd, but security restrains her. Once again…why is Jela inserting herself into Natalie’s beef? Why is she going so hard at Redd? This is confusing. Jela is so aggressive one of the security guards has to call her out….what did Redd do to Jela to make her so mad?

Natalie calls to Jela to come out of the room….for what? Natalie you are too grown to be asking another woman to fight your battles….Jela you are better than this, so why would you want to take up another grown woman’s battle?

This is stupid.

Natalie says Redd is not leaving the house without fighting her… she goes up the stairs. Security prevents her from going to the room. Redd is changing clothes while one of friends pack and the other straightens up the room.

Natalie wants the conversation to continue; now Jela is by her side, and both are taunting the others. Natalie wants to knock on the door apparently to antagonize Redd into fighting, but it’s a no go because security aint having it. Natalie taunts Redd, she tells security to go upstairs and tell Redd she will give her ten thousand dollars if she continues the conversation…..

Ummm Natalie.

I thought you said it was the “Natalie Show”? Why can’t Redd leave and you continue without her since it’s YOUR show….make it make sense.

One of the women that came with Redd is asking one of production to give her phone back so that they can leave. When she comes out of the room, Natalie tries to rush up the stairs to fight her, I guess. Security prevents her, and Natalie keeps telling the friend that she will get Jela who she calls her “bitch”, to stomp her. So once again, why is Jela choosing to go out like one of Natalie’s attack dogs? I really liked Jela, I thought she was different than she turned out to be. Because on her season of BGC she never seemed like a follower, but yet here she is years later, following behind Natalie, for what? So Natalie can yell “sick em” and you do it?

Jela, why?

Redd is trying to run pass security, I guess to fight, and her friend is yelling that she needs her phone…Natalie is yelling at Redd to meet her downstairs because she has ten thousand dollars to give her…Natalie holds up a designer tote bag which she is screaming contains ten thousand dollars, cash money.

It’s just a lot of yelling and both sides remaining separated while they scream and holler. Natalie doesn’t want Redd to leave, and Redd’s friend wants her phone so they can leave.

It’s a mess. And my head was starting to hurt. It was just a bunch of yelling. Natalie says she is going to the kitchen to get Redd some food to go, security follows her to prevent Natalie from getting food she could potentially throw.

Now Natalie….Sigh.

Wasn’t you telling Redd not to throw water on you? But you expect security to allow you to “hand” Redd and her entourage some bag of chips? Knock it off Natalie, this is childish. You are a whole grown ass woman trying to throw food, and hands, and its dumb, and tiring because security won’t let you do it, and you just keep screaming dumb stuff.

I bet your daughter acts more mature than you. Somehow you have deluded yourself into thinking we want to see BGC Natalie. I get that is what got you put on, and in some ways has kept you relevant, but its nerve wracking that you are a mother, wife, businesswoman, daughter, sister, friend, casemate and you keep trying to run L. A. I’m not being mean, I swear, I truly do like you. And you are a Capricorn….I’m an Aquarius so I get you. You are able to get out of your feelings. I’m able to cut to the case.

My criticism has some construct somewhere…

We don’t want to see you running across rooms to kick other grown women about old BGC beefs. We want to see BGC evolve into another brand, and see the alumn be successful off the content they create.

Your content needs work. Start with realizing your fans are GROWN now….their mothers, wives, businesswomen, career women….you know GROWN. You don’t have to show your life….just maybe introduce some women you can mentor, give opportunities to….help not exploit, guide not bully, you know be GROWN.

You would get some younger fans…you can be a boss….gain respect by showing how bossed up you really are, so much so you can give other gives the opportunities…there will always be drama when you know which talent to put on a developing show so rather than manufacturing stupid, dumb, petty, childish drama, Natalie can be the brand. Whew!

I get it though. You don’t want to put anybody on.


But it’s tiring to rock with you sometimes, because I’m GROWN …anyway, back to the recap….

Natalie keeps directing security to move out of the way, she has chip bags and is telling production that her “guests” are hungry. She says Redd and her crew has come all the way aross country, so she would like to “give” them some food. But security refuses to move out of the way so that Natalie can go towards Redd.

The woman that came with Redd, who knows if she has her phone now, but Redd is trying to calm her down because she is screaming complaints at security. It’s a bunch of commotion with Redd now being restrained from going down the steps to fight Natalie, who is taunting her downstairs with chip bags…and laughing….was anybody at home watching this and laughing?

All this because Redd wants to leave the “Natalie Show”.


So next scene we see, its now dark outside and Redd is on the balcony outside, screaming obscenities and threats towards Natalie who is apparently somewhere in the house….security is trying to get her to be quiet…Redd tells him, “F**k them neighbors you should of picked a bigger house”…


Redd finally gets a lighter to light her blunt….the security guard seems hella relieved…he tells her, “Hush, all I want to hear is the crickets”.


Inside the house, in the kitchen, Jela is relaying to Natalie how security wouldn’t let her out the room when she was being summoned to attack….Natalie is sitting on the counter while she and her friends act like a group of mean girls. Natalie keeps saying Redd is not leaving without hving hands put on her.

Production gets Redd to agree to attempt to have a conversation with her again….


The second attempt at a conversation…

A producer, with his face blurred out, even though I know how he looks, with the assistance of security, gets Natalie and Redd to go downstairs to have a face to face conversation again.

The producer asks, “what can we do to move forward, how can we have some positive resolution?”

Redd tells production that she would have to ask Natalie what the issue is. He asks Natalie what the issue is, she sits down. But Redd kept standing of course…

Natalie says the beef is that she never had a problem with Redd when they were cast mates on “BGC Season 13” but Redd came for her every episode and eventually Redd even spit o her, bit her arm, and put glass up her foot….dang Natalie, I hope after today you can start to let it go…

Natalie doesn’t want an apology, Redd isn’t going to give her one either way…the producer asks when did this occur and Redd gets belligerent about it happening in 2014. Redd calls Natalie old…

Redd says she was told she couldn’t fight or she would be held responsible under the contract….Natalie chimes in and says, me too.


Well if, YOU, can’t fight according to the contract, why all the shenanigans Natalie?

Sigh….I can’t.

Redd accuses Natalie of wanting her…Redd says Natalie wants her body, mind and soul.


Redd wonders why if she is sleeping on an air mattress, Natalie is so concerned with her….

Natalie mentions Pride again, and name drops Sidney Starr and Saucy Santana…..she tells the whole story again, we don’t care!

Natalie says the things the fans say….Redd doesn’t care….they aren’t getting anywhere….

Natalie says Redd is never going to get an apology from her…. Redd doesn’t care….they aren’t getting anywhere….

Redd says that Natalie got her retaliation tonight….well it isn’t over for Natalie…sigh.

Redd says she is there for the fans when the producer asks her why she came to the conversation. Redd says Natalie needed her to make the conversation lit, basically.

They continue to insult and over talk each other.

Natalie says she came to the conversation because of a post on Redd’s Instagram that Redd wanted to have a conversation with Natalie. And she heard through the grapevine, Redd wanted to be on season two of Baddies….Redd denies this. Natalie says she is also there to tell Redd; no she cannot be on the next season of Baddies…Redd doesn’t care….they aren’t getting anywhere….

They continue to insult and over talk each other.

Natalie asks the producers if they are done, because she is, now that she has told Redd she can’t be on Baddies… Redd doesn’t care….they aren’t getting anywhere….

They continue to insult and over talk each other. Blah, blah, blah…..Redd starts rapping….blah,blah,blah….

Natalie points to the windows and tells Redd to take a good look of the view of Bel Air because Redd will never see anything like this again, but this is a view that Natalie gets to see everyday…

Redd says turns to productions and says, “Oh my God…see it’s the shoes. I’m trying to be cordial, but you know?” And she points to Natalie’s shoes….


I cracked up. So if you just watch this conversation to see Redd clown, it is worth it.  Because messy ass Zeus let the camera scroll down to show Natalie’s bright gold tennis shoes….I was rolling, I swear! So Natalie it was a good decision to have a conversation with Redd. She kept me entertained….back to this trifling recap, yawl…

Redd calmly tells Natalie, “I don’t want you”.


Natalie says, “Bitch I never wanted you, you’re a joke”


How does the episode end?

Natalie stands up and sweeps her arm towards the front door and tells Redd it was nice having her at the house but now she can go…

Redd stays calmly leaning against a chair, no moving. Security is wisely by both women just in case.


Natalie tells Redd she can exit, that she can leave….Redd stays put. Natalie starts calmly walking towards the door beckoning Redd to come on and go outside….Redd doesn’t move. She asks Natalie if she has lost her em effing mind….


Natalie goes to the door telling Redd to get her stuff because it is time to go…she opens the front door and calls to Redd, “Sweetheart you can leave…” Redd laughs. Natalie keeps thanking her for coming while beckoning her to the door to leave.

Redd walks to the kitchen and Natalie starts walking that way with security in tow. She tells production to give Redd all the food that’s left in the kitchen….

And that’s basically the end of the episode….did you catch it?

Hey, I also recapped Part 1 of this of this conversation…if you want to check it out, here is the link:

Recap of The Conversation: Natalie Nunn & Redd Part. 1 – When This Woman Speaks

Thanks for the support, muah!

What are your thoughts?

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