The Curious Case Of Porsha Williams And 4 Reasons Women Might Have A Problem With Her

Recently, Porsha Williams had an altercation with her ex fiancée and father of her child Dennis McKinley. I have to admit I don’t watch her spin off, for all types of reasons. But when she started trending, I watched the two episodes that caused all the hoop de la. It was a mess, no correction, Porsha Williams is a mess. There was a time she was one of my favorite housewives, but Bravo did her no favors giving her own show. So guess what?

I have decided to yet again put the spotlight on a problematic woman, so if you want to know my opinions why women may have a problem with her. Are you all ready? Well keep reading because today I am highlighting Georgia’s peach, the legendary, extraordinary…Porsha Williams. Shall I begin?

She seeks attention.

It took me awhile to notice how much Porsha Williams seeks out attention, and if it gets on my nerves, I’m sure that this is one of the reasons, many women can’t stand her. We all weren’t privy to all of her wretchedness on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, so Bravo Network gave her a spinoff. And baaaaby! Why did they do that? Porsha simply is making a fool of herself, worse than she ever did on the previous show. She even brought her friends and family onto the spinoff and made them all look as ghetto, ratched, low class and ignorant as possible. It’s stupid.

We all know young ladies who put themselves out there, always seeking recognition and attention, but as women grow wiser, they understand, “Not all attention will be good attention” but apparently Porsha didn’t get the memo.

She is violent.

Porsha Williams is the granddaughter Civil Rights leader Hosea Williams, and her reputation is becoming so disgraceful I know that man is rolling around in his grave. Rather than show the upper echelons of society, she is making people question her upbringing, especially how quick she will throw hands. Porsha Williams is a violent woman who has had at least four altercations and fights on television, so I can’t even imagine how many she has had in life.

This is a grown woman, with a daughter, and she is constantly being restrained. I wonder what her daughter would think of her being picked up off the floor because she was being restrained from attacking her father….

You read that right. Porsha Williams swung on her baby daddy Dennis McKinley…a person that we all suspect she is still in love with. Why? She is mad when he brings a date to an event, yet she got a fiancé. So it is no surprise to us when she keeps having all this tension with him. Basically Porsha ends up having tension with a lot of people. How does she handle it? Well we all seen how she handed Dennis, and this all occurred while her new fiancé was standing there having to restrain her.

She plays victim.

The biggest reason I feel women may have a problem with Porsha is she seemingly doesn’t take responsibility for her life and the circumstances she creates. Porsha also seems to surround herself with people who coddle her and condone her bad behavior. We get it, she is the celebrity, and the bread winner, and she calls shots. But it’s sad how her family allows her to be the matriarch of the family. All of her dysfunctions are being highlighted, and they rarely call her out.

Remember her struggles with her public image while on RHOP? We had to sit and wtch her constantly have to be held to task, while she deflected and blamed others for her bad behavior. She didn’t want to be called out despite doing the absolute most.

She started a relationship with a man that was married.

Porsha Williams new fiancé is Simon Guobadia, a man who has been married a slew of times and was married when she began her relationship with him. This may be the biggest reason women have a problem with her. We can’t understand the desperation. She barely was done with Dennis when she moved on to a married man.

Porsha comes off as the type of woman that will do anything to get what she wants, and she allegedly wanted a man with money and apparently it doesn’t matter to her that the man in question was legally married at the time she started dating him. She the public found out and she faced yet another wave of backlash, she was super defensive. What was super annoying and continues to be annoying is the way she continues to justify being trifling.

Okay, so this wasn’t like my usual curious cases, but do you blame me? Porsha Williams was a woman I once enjoyed watching; now I don’t want to see the train wreck. Porsha, I love you so I’m telling you the truth…..


For real, Ms. Williams just seek attention in a better way, because it’s not a good look. Think about your reputation and the things your daughter will eventually see. You were once, in my opinion, an adequate representation of successful Black women, but over the years your true colors are being revealed. So don’t look at the criticism as being bad, it really is constructive when I say. Whatever you were trying to do?

This aint it.

What are your thoughts?

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