Recap Of One Mo’ Chance Season 2 Episode Ten: “Just Me, You, Her, Her and Her”


I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season? But if you haven’t started watching the tenth episode, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode ten. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Ten: Just Me, You, Her, Her and Her”

The episode begins with Micah and Chance in a fly Mercedes pulling up to an even flyer house…but Chance sent a bus to pick up the ladies…lol! Chance says if the ladies liked the first house then they are going to love the new house. Well the question is, will it stop them from tearing up the new spot like they did the old spot, because this new spot is fabulous for real!

Chance says with all the fighting going on I the last place, he has come to the conclusion it was demonic and he had to get to a better place. Well way to do better, Chance. This house is beautiful and like I said on some other posts about Zeus, production has a tendency to find some nice cribs, do you agree?

Micah says if he thought the last house was nice, they have pulled up to paradise…well my question is, will the girls respect the new digs? Because if they are going to continue to cut a fool, instead of upgrading maybe production should of moved them to a motel, just kidding.

The house seems acceptable for a show where ladies are competing for the love of an eligible bachelor. Chance seems pleased, and so is Micah and we know the girls will be pleased as well. But with these ladies you never know.

Chance says the last challenge was hard on the ladies. He is hoping this new house has a more relaxing type of vibe. Chance says he has placed a note in each girl’s room explaining the next challenge he has going on. He is going to have some one on one dating with each of the ladies at a specific time to eat, breakfast, lunch, diner, snack….



Back at the house, the van pulls up for the ladies to the new location, and the ladies seem eager to escape the bad vibes of the old house and experience someplace new. Once in the van, they converse about the elimination ceremony from the night before and the girls that went home. Bad & Bougie is irritated. She basically has to point out that all of them can’t win I mean it is a competition and of course it seems like women who enter into these spaces always seem to forget that premise. Well she doesn’t want to talk about the elimination.

They wonder where they are on their way too, and they all hope that it is somewhere nice. Bad & Bougie is hoping for a beach house. Yodela is ready for some romance. The ladies feel that after the last challenge they are in need of some T.L.C. from Chance, maybe it is time for him to romance then a bit and let him know who he is interested in through his actions. Yodela feels like they have been working like a full time employee without many benefits. The house has been stressful.

Rollie says Chance should have to dance for them, maybe get on the pole and shake what his mama gave him….naw I’ll pass lol. Especially when Yodela tells us he has no rhythm…Bad & Bougie tells Soulja Girl that she could tell them how Chance moves. Soulja Girl says that is her business and Bad & Bougie corrects her and says “Ut uh that is our business…”


We all know that she has been sleeping with Chance thanks to the other girls constantly putting Soulja Girl o blast, but let’s not forget. We never would of known anything if she hadn’t of confessed it when she was asked. It’s kind of pointless for her to keep getting an attitude when it is brought up. It is annoying, but all she had to do was not tell anyone that she and Chance were having sex, duh!

Rollie gives Soulja Girl some great advice. She tells her that she is not supposed to share what goes on in the bedroom between her and Chance if he is really supposed to be her man. She tells her that just gives ammunition to the next woman to want to try out her man since she is bragging…true.

The ladies arrive at the new house and they are all impressed, especially Bad & Bougie. She knocks on the door and Micah and Chance greet the ladies. Chance welcomes the ladies to paradise. He tells them he had to move them to a house with positive vibes because the last house was so negative. He is hoping this new house has a more relaxing type of vibe and the ladies will create a more chilled out environment.

Chance is reminded by Micah to tell the women he has placed a note in each one of their rooms explaining the next challenge he has going on. Remember,  his goal is to have some one on one dating with each of the ladies at a specific time to eat, breakfast, lunch, diner, snack and the goal is for him to get to know the ladies now that there is only four of them.

The ladies go off to their rooms…


Rollie goes to her room and she says that it is a nice room. She notices she has a “Stallionaire” T-shirt but the size is small, lol. She also notices a letter from Chance:

“Rollie My Rollie,

Tonight I wanna snack and chill with you. Meet me for a dessert.



Rollie says she is going to be Chance’s dessert, lol.

Soulja Girl

Soulja Girl is excited when she sees her room. She says she feels like she had the best room in the house. She sees her t-shirt and her letter o the bed:

“Good Evening Soulja Girl

It’s time for us to get to know each other better. Slip on something sexy and meet me for dinner



Soulja Girl is glad she made it to the house and can’t wait for her dinner date with Chance.


Yodela apparently saw the other girl’s rooms so when she sees hers she is upset. She feels that she should have the room that Soulja Girl is in because Soulja Girl is a newer girl than she is. She sees her t-shirt and letter on the bed:

“Good Afternoon Yodela,

I hope you can make some time for ya boy because I want you to join me for brunch.



Yodela says that the note was inviting her on the date was cute, so despite hating the room she is all smiles now. She is happy she is getting a date with Chance, especially since she won the last challenge, remember?

Bad & Bougie

Bad & Bougie may of loved the house, but she hates her room. She tells us it is definitely not, “Bad& Bougie.” Whatever that means, lol. She notices her t-shirt and note on the bed:

“Good Moring Bad & Bougie,

I was thinking last night who would I like to see first thing in the morning? And I thought she has to be bad and bougie. See you for breakfast.



Bad & Bougie says that breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day so she is happy that Chance chose to see her first thing in the morning, and while she is at it she will discuss with him her room situation…



We see Chance and the girls, each getting ready for the upcoming dates. Are you all ready to read how the ladies did with each time of the day? Well let’s get to it, read on…

Bad & Bougie/ Breakfast…

Chance looks nice as he sits and waits for Bad & Bougie to arrive for their date…but why does he have black shades on indoors? It was strange.

Bad and Bougie slow walks up in her black lingerie and robe, with her hair tied in a gold and black Versace scarf. This lady loves her labels, doesn’t she? Chance was impressed with her outfit. She immediately gives him a sexy hug and a big ole kiss. It was long and sloppy. She gives him a neck massage then he gets up from his seat so she can sit.

She says that because Chance was complaining about the ladies not giving him any gifts, she brought him a gift. What did she give him? Red boxers with her duplicated face on them with her mouth open…he says I his confessional she looked like she was ready to give him some dome on the picture…


Someone else walks up and put a second gift from Bad & Bougie onto the table. The second gift according to her is the “Bougie Special”. I the second gift bag is a can of whipped cream. She says anytime of the day when they eat he can get this special….she puts whipped cream on an assortment of fruits and eats it with Chance. She’s licking and kissing all on his lips…it was rather, how can I put this best?


So over pancakes he asks he why he should pick her over the other ladies. She can be fun when she has to be. She owns her own house, car business and all she needs is the proper man to be in a relationship with…sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Chance says word from the other ladies is he needs to watch out for her because she messes with a lot of guys. She of course denies this….do you notice a pattern? Someone accuses a woman on this show of all types of sexual deviance only for them to flat out deny the allegations. Well somebody is lying, but we are never shown any hard core proof that anyone is telling the truth, right?

Bad & Bougie says she is ready for love and to start a family with someone. Chance doesn’t quite believe her though. Bad & Bougie tells him she is there to try to get to know him as well. She wants to know what does Chance like in a relationship. Chance says he is looking for someone who has their life together, like he does…whatever that means. He says he is tired of people using him. Well she lets Chance know that the girls that he kept in the competition are not there for him. Bad & Bougie tells Chance that Soulja Girl lives with her baby daddy.


Chance says he was always concerned because Soulja Girls children are young and there was always the chance that she was still dealing with one of the fathers. Well according to Bad& Bougie his suspicions about her were correct. Do you believe it?

Bad & Bougie says she heard Yodela confess to going on a vacation a.k.a. “baecation” with another dude occuring in the next two weeks.


Well, it seems like Bad & Bougie is spilling all the beans on the other girls to gain the favor of Chance. Chance apparently didn’t need Man-gina at all, ya dig?

Lol. I’m just saying…

Well they seem to have had a good breakfast date…

Yodela/ Brunch/Lunch/ Linner…

Chance sits down on the terrace and calls for Yodela. Well its dark outside so their Lunch is happening at dinnertime, hence the word, “linner” a play on lunch and dinner. Chance brings up fond memories of growing up in the hood…

He asks her how she likes the house, ad she tells him the place is pretty. She says that last season she didn’t get a one on one date with Chance and this time she does, finally. He brings it to her attention that at the other house, she was dodging him and she says that it’s not true and that he had the attention of a lot of ladies for her to compete with. Well Chance says this house is a “cleansing” and Yodela says now that he has gotten rid of most of the girls this is the time she has to show Chance a little love.

They bring out their food, and it is definitely dinner, baked chicken and rice, and nothing that would be served for brunch. This date is obviously happening much later than it was supposed to. I cracked up when Yodela checked Chance for not praying over his food before he tried to dig in. Chance says he was stopped the other day by by a shaman who called him out for not praying enough as well….


Chance does a hilarious impression of Mama Payne from the television show “Martin”. I cracked up and so did Yodela. Chance mentioned his deceased brother, Real and the mood gets somber.

R.I.P. Real…..but back to the recap…

In the end, the vibe I got from them on their DINNER date was that they are really just friends, do any of you all agree?

At one point Yodela points out to Chance that just because someone is throwing something at him doesn’t mean that he has to catch it. I assume she means just because Soulja keeps coming to his bedroom at night does not mean that he has to keep having sex with her, but I could be wrong, he he!

Chance says it is not about who is throwing their body at him, in the end it is really about who is in the competition for him. He asks her why he should keep her over the other women. She tells him that this is her second chance, but Chance interrupts her and tells her she has not been stepping up. Basically Chance doesn’t feel like Yodela has as much for him as he thought she did because she has not been showing him physical affection…I think that was what he was trying to express. But like I said, they give me a just friend’s type of vibe.

Soulja Girl/ Drinks…

Chance says he has eaten so much he is just going to have drinks this next date, yet he tells Souljah girl that he wishes they had some food when she comes out to the drinks….

Shut up, Chance.

Chance brings up to Soulja Girl that the girls in the house are indicating that she feels like she already won the competition, meaning she is just that confident. Soulja Girl chalks it up to hate but she doesn’t care because while the other girls were worried about fighting with each other, according to her she was getting to know Chance.

Chance brings up her having baby daddies, and she calls him out for being a baby daddy…


But he once again brings up the rumors about her and says he heard she lived with her baby daddy. She denies this. She wants to know who told him and when he reveals who, Soulja Girl says that Bad & Bougie is buying a house with an ex who she lets rub on her on Only Fans….


Chance asks her why he should keep her around over the other girls who have told him a lot of inflammatory things about her character. Soulja Girl says all the girls feel pressured by her because of the strong connection she and Chance shares.


Chance tells her that the tea from the other girls through static in his connection, but Soulja Girl seems delusional. She swears she and Chance have this deep connection that the other girl’s see and are threatened by…


Chance tells her he doesn’t want to be tricked by her big, beautiful eyes because he has already had his heart broken once so he has to be careful, blah, blah, blah…let’s not forget he didn’t have to be careful with his heart when he started having sex with her, but NOW….he has to be oh so dang gone careful….

Chance, shut up! This poor girl obviously likes you and you don’t feel the same way, because her kids, her baby daddies, your fragile heart and any other flimsy excuse you now have didn’t stop you when it came to poking on this young lady. Soulja Girl…I hope you look back at yourself and feel some type of way about how he used your kids and baby father’s as a way of justifying curbing you.

She gets up and sits on his lap. He says at first she was so quiet and now she is trying to be explosive….but if she remained quiet he would be criticizing her for being quiet. I peeped Chance’s game. No matter what this girl does, including having sex with him will make him feel her.  She kisses him and they walk off with her telling him she will come after his date with Rollie to massage his back. Soulja Girl, this should have been the time when you remembered him just telling you how careful he needs to be….

But she ends up walking off with him….this is a mess.

Rollie/ Snack

Rollie comes walking into a sprawled out Chance. She looks really pretty I her purple outfit and is carrying a late night snack for the both of them. Chance tells her she looks very nice. Chance is tired from his three previous dates and it shows in his lack of energy for his date with Rollie.

She brought peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream…she does a trick with a banana… use your imagination…

I cracked up when she pulled a bag of popcorn from out of one of her boobs. Chance recognized that it was a bag he had used for trash. Rollie had wanted to surprise him by feeding him a snack from his room….


She almost ate trash before Chance stopped her, lol.

Basically her attempts at seducing him fail, and just like Yodela she come off more as a good friend than a love interest. He complains a lot about her not being gentle with him, which I feel is just an excuse…because I suspect he really just likes her as a friend. They end up smoking a blunt together.

Chance admits to Rollie that out of all the women left in the house she is the one that probably has the most love for him.

So the episode ends with Chance discussing his dates with Micah but being too worn out to eliminate the women that night….

So I’m buzzing along getting these posts out, huh? Thanks for rocking with me and you can expect the next episode recap out in record speed…Muah!

What are your thoughts?

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