Recap Of One Mo’ Chance Season 2 Episode Eleven: “Just Me, You, Her, Her and Her Pt. 2”

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season? But if you haven’t started watching the eleventh episode, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode ten. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Eleven: Just Me, You, Her, Her and Her Pt. 2”

The episode begins with Yodela laying in a beautiful lagoon like area of the pool. This house really is lovely, and Yodela is taking advantage, catching some sun in her pink bikini. Bad & Bougie has on a nice red one piece and she comes sashaying down by the pool as well. They both feel like it is about time that they have the ability to just chill out at the crib. They both are tired of the drama.

Bad & Bougie asks Yodela about her date with Chance. When Yodela tells her that it went well, Bad & Bougie starts bragging about how well her date with Chance went. Yodela is unbothered. Bad & Bougie jokes that Rollie might just come up and sweep the competition….she might…Whatever Bad & Bougie…

Yodela says that the advantage that she and Yodela have over the others is that they know Chance better, and Bad & Bougie disagrees. Bad & Bougie points out that Chance still keeps saying her is getting to know them as well as the other girls, so the point about them having more time in with Chance is irrelevant.

Yodela makes a jab at Bad & Bougie’s age. She then asks her how old she is and Bad & Bougie admits to being thirty seven and looking better than a lot of twenty year olds. She says she lies about her age because she is in the music industry. Yodela compliments her for looking good for her age but also tells her she could tell she was older than she admitted to being.

I think Bad & Bougie carries herself in such a way hints that she may be older than the other women. But yes she is a beautiful woman who can no longer pass for a woman in her twenties and that’s okay. Did everyone just happen to forget for all the digs Chance takes at Bad & Bougie, he is in fact in his forties? It’s a fact of life, everybody gets old but men are not shamed for it.


Yodela tells Bad& Bougie she could tell her age from her hands and that leads to a long argument because Bad & Bougie disagrees.

Bad & Bougie tells Yodela that what made her view her differently was when at the elimination that Chance brought up the video and Yodela’s eyes teared up. She saw her soft side especially when Yodela revealed that she had a miscarriage which Bad & Bougie experienced twice.

They both can relate to that tragedy. They both get emotional speaking on the miscarriages they suffered.

They both remark that it felt good to be able to have one on one dates with Chance and to have the dates end positively. Bad & Bougie says if as women they just communicate they could get past a lot of the misunderstandings they are bound to have. They had animosity so it was good they were able to clear the air and get past things for now, like grown women. May the best woman win the heart of Chance.


They leave by the pool to go and eat….


The next morning, Rollie is outside on the beautiful terrace outside thinking about her date with Chance the night before. Soulja Girl comes and joins her to soak up the beautiful sun. Soulja Girl asks Rollie about her date and Rollie let’s her know that it went well. Soulja Girl thinks it is hilarious that Rollie actually feels like she is competition for her…

Soulja Girl says Chance is going to send all of the women home and just keep her, Rollie wonders why would Chance keep her when she is so quiet….who is quiet? Soulja Girl? Well if any of us think this girl is quiet, think again! By the end of this scene alone I began to realize Soulja Girl had every intention of speaking up….keep reading!

Soulja Girl tells Rollie she is not quiet, she spends time with Chance and I guess she meant that she has sex with Chance so that doesn’t make her quiet….yeah it was dumb. Rollie tells her Yummy spent time with Chance too and we see where it got her…Rollie says if Soulja Girl’s heart is really with Chance then nobody should know that they are having sex. Rollie says at the end of the day Soulja Girl may have given it up but Chance won’t pick her. Soulja Girl disagrees so they argue.

Rollie asks Soulja Girl what does she bring to the table? Soulja Girl says it’s not for her to understand because she is here for Chance. They go on and on….blah…blah, and Soulja Girl keeps telling Rollie she is a joke. She says she has no shot with Chance because she is fat….Rollie keeps insinuating that Soulja Girl isn’t smart.

Rollie brings up that Chance approves of her. Rollie even brings up that Micah approves of her as well. This led to Soulja Girl claiming that Micah wants Rollie for herself…they ague back and forth and it is stupid so let’s move on!


Its elimination night and Chance is in the kitchen deliberating because tonight he will have to cut two ladies. Chance is at the center island drinking waiting to confer with Micah. Micah comes in and Chance confesses that he was too tired from all the dates to make a decision the night before but tonight he has to get rid of two of the women. Chance admits to Micah that he could honestly get rid of all the ladies! Chance says the girls he is feeling the most are Soulja Girl and Bad & Bougie. Chance says that Rollie has been down for him.

He once again brings up the fact that Soulja Girl has two baby daddies…Micah feels that she has too many kids too. Chance insinuates Bad & Bougie is old….


Micah says that Rollie is the best one there for Chance, and I would agree. Micah also says that if Rollie looked like Soulja Girl Chance wouldn’t have a problem picking her and I would agree to that too. Chance calls Rollie a dear friend…I agree with Micah, Chance doesn’t seem to be attracted to BBW’s but Chance disagrees. Well he should know? He said that he would have had a lot more BBW’s if he could have found the right ones. Micah is explaining that Rollie is going to be hurt when she sees that she has no chance with Chance.


Micah also brings up that Souljah Girl has been sleeping with Chance…Chance has a lot to think about….tonight he is going solo to deliberate, and leaving Micah behind. Tonight he is making the final elimination by himself.


The Elimination Ceremony For The Final Four

There are two red hats left. The final four line up for the night’s elimination. Chance tells the ladies that it has been a long journey to the point that even had to switch houses. Chance tells them he is hoping that he made the right decision with the four ladies he has to pick from at the night’s elimination.

Chance asks Micah for a little advice on which woman he should eliminate….AGAIN! And he does this in front of the ladies. It’s like, bruh, you should of already gotten that advice from Micah seeing how every time we look up you two are together, and you told him earlier you was making the decision by yourself. This is stupid.

Production shows flashbacks of each of Chance’s dates with the women.

So in the end who does Chance pick for the final two?

Souljah Girl and Bad & Bougie…

So it looks like I am all caught up with the posts. If you feel like you want to catch the complete season of recaps of One Mo’ Chance Season Two click here:

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I have recapped all of season two, so check in for the recaps of the reunion…it will be January 16, 2022…see you soon!

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