Recap Of One Mo’ Chance Season 2 Episode Nine: “She Wanna Ride It”

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season? But if you haven’t started watching the ninth episode, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode nine. Ready? Let’s get started

Episode Nine: She Wanna Ride It”

The episode starts with Chance and Micah discussing the night before and the progress Man-gina made in the house. Chance says Man-gina did a good job, but Micah thinks that they still don’t know which of the ladies to keep or get rid of. Shyne, Daugh Tee and Smallz had to go for obvious reasons. Chance wonders if Biggie can hold it down without Smallz to run behind.

Micah tells Chance that Skittlz never should have gotten a red hat at the elimination ceremony…wait what does Micah have against Skittlz? Well however she did it, Chance says he is giving her one mo’ chance….

Micah says that tonight Skittlz better give it her all…they have a special challenge set up. “The Cowgirl Stripper Challenge”…do we care? They head off to the ranch…wherever that is, lol.


The remaining ladies come out of the house in cowgirl hats and their cowgirl gear. They line up in anticipation. The ladies are in the van teasing Rollie about her interactions the day before with Man-gina. Rollie reminds the girls that she did indeed put Man-gina out of the house…and she did remember? Man-gina came right back on in, but Rollie did at some point give him the boot, ha!

Bad & Bougie wonders what was Man-gina’s real purpose of showing up to the house. Was it to help Chance? And Skittlz lets her know that Man-gina came to get under the girls skin. Well in many cases he succeeded, wouldn’t you all agree? Man-gina had a few of the ladies pressed especially Bad & Bougie.

The ladies wonder what today’s challenge will be…

Rollie heard through the Grapevine that they were going to a ranch and she isn’t pleased. The last time Chance had them go to the ranch to a challenge she was shoveling up horse manure. Did any of you all catch the first season?

Chance says the ladies have been spending a lot of time in the house so he wanted to see them get into their cowgirl outfits and come to the ranch and shake what they mamas gave them. So now we see him and Micah at a ranch with a field for rodeos with a stripper pole smack dab in the middle of it…

I bet these camera men are excited. Micah keeps his face covered with a black leather scarf and sunglasses but I bet he is excited. Chance seems to be excited. Me? I’m lackluster, lol. Do any of you all care? Drop a comment…

Chance says the girls better show him what they got or they got to go. Micah goes to round up the girls.

The Cowgirl Stripper Challenge…

The ladies arrive to the stripper pole and they seem surprised but some are excited. Chance has them line up then he welcomes them to the ranch. He asks them if they are happy to be there, and they yell in unison, yes! He asks them if they are ready to dance and they yell in unison, yes!

Well let’s see some asses shaking shall we?


Chance was shocked by her performance, and so was I! Smilez comes off really sweet, so who knew she could make her booty clap, he he! Micah was speechless. But he eventually pulls his scarf to tell her, “That might not be good enough”. So even though she delivered a killer cowgirl routine, it may not be enough to keep her in the competition according to Micah. And although Chance was impressed by her moves, he tells us in his confession that Smilez should have cracked her ass the way she does on her Only Fans…



I was shocked right along with Chance at how Slim worked the pole then she came down and twerked on Chance, lol. Chance asks her why did he have to bring her to the ranch in order to see that side of Slim…Micah says if Slim is going to act like that, she needs to stay I her cowgirl boots! Slim did that.

Bad & Bougie

She comes to the stage with her slow walk, twirling a leather whip, lol. Yawl already know that Bad & Bougie is always going to be extra as all get out. She dips it low and at some point she unbuttons her shorts and pulls them down… because she has to let her matching panties show her behind jiggling….

Like I said, extra as all get out…

Chance runs up and smacks her behind with a leather whip. She comes down to the haystack where Chance and Micah are sitting and twerks on Chance. Micah tells her that she basically earned her red hat. Chance was impressed as well, good job Bad & Bougie…


She says she is going to think outside of the box and do the things that other women don’t think to do. Well what innovative, inspiring, unique thing does Biggie do to make herselfstand out above the crowd?

Drum roll…..

She pours water on herself.

Whomp, whomp….

Girl shut up. She puts a horse collar around her neck, walks over to Chance and hands him the rope attached to the collar and gets on her knees….you know some real next level stuff that no other woman would ever think of….

Because most of us would have had more respect for ourselves than to get down into the dirt onto our wet hands and wet  knees in booty shorts so a man we barely know can pull us, and smack us in a horse collar while we lay in the dirt and twerk and he smacks us with a whip…


Chance is excitedly telling Biggie how she did in the challenge and Biggie despite supposedly being there for Chance, she interrupts him and asks Micah how she did…


All Micah knows is if Chance’s horse ever breaks down, hopefully he can saddle up Biggie and ride her home….

So Biggie, did it give what you wanted it to give?


Yodela knows she is about the to win the challenge. Why? Because she is a stripper and she expertly shows Chance and us what she got. At one point she goes down to the haystack and shoos Micah away, lol. She climbs onto the haystack and twerks on Chance.

The girls seemed as excited as Chance, lol.

Chance says he had to set up this challenge just to see this side of Yodela. He tells her he has been waiting the whole season.


Skittlz dances on the pole for two seconds the immediately goes down to the haystack to dance on Chance because her pants were to confining for us to see her behind shake. Way to improvise, Skittlz. She basically manhandles Chance by pulling him closer to her while he was sitting on the stack of hay…


The girls are laughing. Chance looks awkward and uncomfortable. She gets on top of him, pulls her shirt open to reveal her breast which are bare with the exception of blue tap for her bipples. She begins to ride Chance hard until he abruptly stops her. He feels her breasts and asks her, “ Hold on, hold on…Are these real?” He tells us in the confessional that her titties were hard as hell…



Rollie twerks….GOOD LAWD…


She forces Chance to sit on the stage that houses the pole, lol. Rollie twerks on him.This is a mess. The girls are laughing. Get it Rollie! Chance tells Rollie she did good. Micah says he is out of breath looking at her, lol.

Soulja Girl

She unbuttons her booty shorts and bends over and twerks. Chance runs up and smacks her behind with his whip. Chance ends up twerking Soulja Girl who just like Biggie felt the need to twerk laying in dirt…Chance seems to like that she got filthy, and got him filthy with her dancing…

Umm okay…

So all the girls have danced and according to Chance they all did great. But Chance deleivers a twist. They are not heading back to the house for eliminations. They are going to have the elimination ceremony right here at the ranch….

He warns the ladies that they all are facing a lot at this elimination. Micah says the reason he has been sporting the black leather mask the majority of the night is because he is short on words. He says that tonight is a big night, and a lot of people will be going home tonight…yeah, half of the remaining ladies are up for elimination. Are you wondering who will be cut? Who is your favorite of the remaining ladies?

Chance says after this elimination ceremony, the ladies who remain will be going with him to another house…he tells the ladies he will see them in a minute, and they disperse, I guess to get as cleaned up as they can without the ability to go home and shower and change clothes.


The Ranch Elimination Ceremony

The remaining girls nervously line up. Chance comes out to stand beside Micah and the remaining four red hats. Chance tells the women that tonight’s elimination is a tough one because he will have to eliminate four of them. He once again tells them that they all did a great job at the challenge. He says he had his mind made up with the direction he would be going, and then they had the challenge, and some of the women did so well, he is now conflicted.

The first lady he calls up is Slim. He says he appreciates all the love that she has for him and how she does fight for his love, but he feels that she is too aggressive for him so he apologizes but eliminates her.


Bye Slim, I like how you didn’t allow people to bully you.

Soulja Girl gets a red hat. One thing that Chance does express is his concern for being attacked by one of her Baby Daddies….did he just say that to her? But she is the first lady to get the red hat.

Rollie gets a red hat. I must admit I was surprised. Chance didn’t seem to look at Rollie as much of a love interest, so I’m wondering if her performance really changed his mind about her and now he is looking at her as strong competition for these girls. Meaning, I am wondering if Rollie is a real contender for the heart of Chance or does he have other motives for keeping her around? Chance does complain again that he got banged up by her during her cowgirl stripper pole challenge routine…There are two hats that remain and five ladies left for Chance to choose from.

Chance asks Biggie to come in front of him. He reminds her of all the drama she has brought to the house with the antics with her sister, and all of the rumors and supposed antics with other men, from day one. She had numerous fights and for the most part was a train wreck the whole time she has been in the house, so he eliminates her.

I think it is kinda messed up that at one point she calls Smallz a “bitch” but I guess that is the type of sisters they are. They always seem to be willing to throw each other under the bus. Am I the only one that notices that? Well she is getting the boot just like her sister did. Chance does let her know that if she cant be loyal to her own sister, he wonders how she was planning on being loyal to him…

Good point, Chance.

Bye Biggie, say hi to Smallz for us!

Next Chance calls down Smilez who thinks she has a strong connection with Chance. He has her step back in line. He has Bad & Bougie step down in front of him. He tells her she did well in the challenge, and he lets her know he is interested in her, and then he has her step back in line. He calls Yodela down in front of him. She seems extremely cold and is shivering when he asks her to yodel for him and she does. Micah tells her, “That’s the Yodela we remember”.

Chance tells her that he saw her heart the other night when she got emotional at the elimination ceremony, and that was the Yodela that he remembers fondly. She tells Chance she took the criticism that he gave her to heart and showed up this challenge with a more positive approach, and apparently it worked because just like I the case of Rollie, he gives her a red hat. But first she tells Chance that she has come back this season with improved behavior. I can see that, and Chance tells her he does appreciate her.

Chance tells Skittlz she is a beautiful woman and he appreciates her but at this moment in time he doesn’t want to taste the flavors…he eliminates her. Skittlz walks away seemingly upset. But she does call back to him a goodbye and Micah, so maybe she is not all that upset. Bye Skittlz, it’s been real!

In the end, Bad & Bougie gets the hat over Smilez…bye Smilez you definitely kept up the positive energy, see you at the reunion!

So I’m buzzing along getting these posts out, huh? Thanks for rocking with me and you can expect the next episode recap out in record speed…Muah!

What are your thoughts?

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