Recap Of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 3 Reunion Part Three

I’m back to recap another episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping the reunion. But if you haven’t started watching part three yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to part three of the Reunion. Ready? Let’s get started…

Season Three Reunion Part Three:

We are back with Latisha checking everyone new that comes on the show feeling like they have to give her and Marsau advice about their marriage….duh, they are the couple that has been married the longest and she wants some respect for that because it is due.

Louis continues to speak on it as if he was not just checked…Marsau says basically, just because you have been married before, that doesn’t make you an expert on marriage, especially if you have gotten divorce. Well Louis disagrees. Marsau says he doesn’t take advice from people who haven’t been successful at marriage. Does he have a point?

Carlos thanks the Whitlows for their transparency which he can appreciate, whereas the other couples do not, lol. Bye Mr.& Mrs. Whitlow, does anyone want them to come back next season? Drop a comment below…..

So they go to a break, and the men are excused. This upcoming segment will be ladies only. When they go to the back, Louis finds Martell in his dressing room and they chat about the segment….Louis was feeling the heat from Marsau and his heated exchange. Martell says he tried to help but the cast was seemingly gunning for him and Tiffany.

Back on stage, Carlos is checking in with the ladies, as they get ready for this upcoming segment after the brief break. Is everybody good? Tiffany looks uncomfortable, but the ladies are good.

Switch back to the dressing room and Marsau and Maurice are discussing Louis. They feel the Whitlows are not transparent and haven’t taken accountability for their mistakes. Marsau says he has learned enough about marriage to stay out of other people’s marriages. Great advice.

The segment with the ladies only…..

Carlos says he has a sort of Destiny’s Child going on with his group of ladies and he’s Beyoncé! They joke that he will have to fight for that title.


I cracked up. This segment seems like it’s going to be fun. But then they bring up the fighting between Destiny and Tiffany and production pulls up the clips of the friction these two had over the season. We are reminded of just how messy and unaccountable Tiffany is.

Carlos asks Destiny why Tiffany was out of line for bringing up how they met at her birthday shin dig. Destiny points out that Tiffany was bringing up a situation where she thought she was another woman….it was out of place and out of line.

Carlos asks Destiny if she thinks Tiffany is messy…Destiny does, and so do we. Tiffany feels that after she and Destiny have talked about it, she is disappointed, but that’s just Destiny’s opinion she doesn’t think she is messy.

Carlos asks Melody if Tiffany was a dog with a bone, as far as bringing the mess to Destiny’s event. Melody feels the aftermath of that day carried on for way too long and Destiny never got over it. Destiny says she didn’t get over it because she never really got to address the issue with Tiffany and hash it out because Melody kept inserting herself into the situation on Tiffany’s behalf.

Tiffany goes to speak….and Destiny rolls her eyes and they have words, blah, blah, blah….let me just sum it all up because I don’t care….DESTINY AND TIFFANY STILL HAVE BAD BLOOD….do you care?

Carlos moves onto the Destiny and Melody’s relationship and how we have seen it implode over this season. He asks Destiny what her friendship is like with Melody now….She says they used to speak often but since the show wrapped they haven’t spoken to each other. Melody apologizes to Destiny but basically when she is not taping, she put everything to do with Huntsville to the side…’s just work. She hasn’t anything personal against Destiny.

Latisha calls Melody out and says that’s the same thing Melody did to her. When Melody needed her she was there but once Melody got it together she kicked her to the curb by saying she was busy.

Melody doesn’t agree with Latisha assessment of her….It seems that she and Latisha are not getting along now. She says she pulled back because of all the things going on in her life. Latisha feels it’s b.s. and Melody uses her friends for support when she needs them and when she doesn’t she disappears from their lives. Latisha doesn’t think Melody knows how to be a friend, and Melody feels the same way about her….

Destiny wants to know if she and Melody are in a good place, and Melody says she is good….she apologizes for hurting Destiny. Tiffany wants to know if she and Destiny are good….let me answer for her…NO!!!!!

FOH, why is Tiffany inserting herself in this conversation as if she cannot read the room….ma’am it seems like the cast is over you and your husband, just in case the rolled eyes, cold shoulders and not so subtle jabs aren’t a clue? I just gave you one. Poor Tiffany thought she had a friend, well syke, you don’t.


Kimmi and Latisha’s not so sisterly drama……

Next, we see clips of the breakdown of Latisha and Kimmi’s relationship this season. Dang Latisha, do you get along with anybody? I’m just saying, this is sad because you come off as really sensitive, and I do like you so I’m going to try my best not to offend you but…..I am an Aquarius just like Kimmi….the bluntness may throw you off, but I promise you out of all the women on the show, I get you. So don’t feel some kind of way about this recap, or any of these recaps for that matter. I respect you, hun. But if you can get pass the Aquarius like responses you will see I’m only trying to help you when I say…

You and Kimmi will never have the relationship you want because you too are too different and handle things differently. Latisha I know it hurts your feelings…and when people try to make you feel wrong for being hurt….that’s wrong. You should be hurt. But I wish you could see how it looks when people attack Kimmi, you do not go hard for her….but you expect her to go hard for you….It’s childish, but I get it. You are spoiled….it’s annoying, and yes I will read you for it, USUALLY, but today I got time…

A part of Latisha acts like a child sometimes. Because that is where her trauma is…she reacts that way because it was in her formative years, she didn’t have a big sister, so here is her chance but she can’t seem to make it happen….Kimmi gets it too, but is just too mature to play the game.

A true Aquarius, so what we are an air sign, we are fixed in reality!

Well it’s unfortunate that nobody gets that Latisha needs hugs, reassurance and extra care just like a little girl until she gets over the hurt of being left out of the sisterhood….she is not wrong for wanting a big sister she just goes about seeking that relationship in the wrong ways. But you are still family and that means you still can work on it….please Kimmi, understand that some women have deep seeded issues from childhood and need extra compassion sometimes. But you aren’t wrong either….Dang, did I just talk out of both sides of my mouth? Lol. Did I sum it up correctly? Well dammit I tried! I promise you, I get it. But if I’m wrong, it won’t be the first of the last, so let’s move on.

Carlos asks Kimmi if Latisha is the type of woman she would be friends with if you all were not related. Kimmi says no. She says she doesn’t have the type of energy to deal with her.

Poor Latisha.

Latisha says it doesn’t hurt her feelings but I don’t believe that. Latisha the best thing you can do if you really want the relationship is to change your approach when it comes to dealing with things relating to Kimmi. The relationship is salvageable if you take in the criticism because it really is constructive, okay? And trust me, I just wasted a lot of time on this so if you read this and think I don’t like you then you are not a true Libra ma’am….I obviously sense your vulnerability so I’m trying to get you to tap into that part of you that seeks balance…YOU ARE GOING ABOUT THIS ALL WRONG!!!! Now get it together!

Note to Kimmi…..I’m not saying you are wrong, but I sense you are done, fr fr. Well don’t be. Give Latisha another chance. Well okay, a FEW more chances. She’s hurting….and she’s a Libra, do we really want to give her up just yet? Kimmi is like, yeah, lol.

Whew! Next segment the mothers are coming….oh lawdy! Are we ready for Ms. Wanda?

The segment ends…..

Latisha, Melody and Kimmi are still discussing the segment. Destiny tries to interject to speak to Latisha and make a point, but she is not listening… usual….Melody tells Latisha she has been talking bad about her, and they start to argue. Latisha tells her she is speaking with Kimmi, and she doesn’t care about the relationship between her and Melody. She tells Melody she doesn’t take ownership of her b.s and Melody questions what she hasn’t taken ownership of.

Melody accuses Latisha of going live on social media and discussing her family and her marriage, and Latisha denies this. Melody get up to stand in Latisha’s face….that was unnecessary, but at least Latisha doesn’t get up so it remains somewhat a civil argument, lol.

Latisha brings up that Melody has also discussed her marriage as well, and she has insinuated Marsau is cheating on Latisha, remember? But Latisha, Melody dint put that on social media, she said it to your face, remember?

The Marsau, Maurice, and Martell return and Tiffany is gone now…

The segment with Ms. Van. And Ms. Wanda on the stage…..finally!

Ms. Van looks nice I her gold dress. She is a nice looking woman; Melody has a lot to look forward to as she ages. Ms. Wanda always represents for the mature ladies with her shimmering dress….I like the hair Ms. Wanda; we can see that Latisha will age well too. Carlos thanks them for joining them….yaaaay!

Where is Ms. Marlene? Martell says she is watching her grandbabies, well I think she just didn’t want to be in the mess….We see clips of the mothers this season and the mess that was stirred up…

Ms. Van says it was hard to deal with Martell and the fall out of his cheating. Melody starts to cry. Ms. Van and Martell used to be close. I think we can all see that Martell hurt a lot of people when he did what he did. I feel bad for EVERYBODY, including him because he burned a lot of bridges….

Martell says Melody told the kids about Arionne and his child with her, Melody denies this. Melody says she and the kids went out to eat and Arionne and the child were there and their daughter seeing this was hysterical…..who cares how they found out Martell, eventually they were going to find out. If you are ashamed you shouldn’t have done it….

Martell says he made some mistakes but his child is not a mistake. Well all kids are a blessing. I hope the baby will be well adjusted and not made to feel like an outcast. The baby is innocent. Martell is a trash husband, but he seems to try to do right by the kids, thank goodness.

Ms. Van says Ms. Wanda just talks just to hear herself talk, lol. And Ms. Wanda starts talking trash, of course. The mothers argue….Ms. Wanda accuses Ms. Van of having a sex tape. Latisha says she tells her mom to mess out, but Ms. Wanda is just messy. Ms. Van says it’s a lie that there is a sex tape with Ms. Van and Marsau’s brother…..rather than get all in Ms. Van’s business because she is a woman of a certain age and we respect mother’s over here…Here is all the information Ms. Van needs for yawl to stay out of her business…..

(Posted on YouTube by Empress Radio)

What kind of man speaks and does a woman like he did Ms. Van? I refuse to discuss her like she is some thot, foh.  It’s none of our business….Ms. Van and Mark (the sleezeball brother) had some kind of relationship, and we don’t care.

Carlos brings up the fact that Kimmi and Ms. Wanda do not get along. Latisha says she does try to check Ms. Wanda but as we can all see Ms. Wanda does what she wants, consequences be dammed, lol.

Carlos brings up Ms. Wanda lying saying that Kimmi told her to shut the eff up….and Latisha has the nerve to say Kimmi was the one who disrespected Ms. Wanda.


Now Latisha, this is the stuff Kimmi be talking about. How the hell did you watch that episode and think Kimmi was wrong when your mama lied her patooty off. But whatever. You don’t help the cause when you be on the b.s. with your crazy ass mama. I like you Ms. Wanda but that was

because they are close in age….but Latisha pushes the issue of Kimmi having respect for disrespectful ass Ms. Wanda….

Sigh….this is a mess. Somebody give Latisha a clue. The brothers tell Carlos it’s difficult for them to watch their wives be at odds….I bet it is because they cant seem to get back ontrack and it doesn’t help that Ms. Wanda is interjecting herself into the beef with lies!

The segment ends. The mothers exit the stage…..bye Ms. Van keep repping for the sexy older ladies, bye Ms. Wanda, stay sassy, be good, and stop starting stuff!

Martell and Melody argue like an old married couple….

Jaylin comes to the stage….

He brings out the Chocolate in the bottle, champagne and sits next to Destiny to flirt and crack jokes….the cast toasts to a successful season…..The reunion ends….so are you all looking forward to the next season?

What are your thoughts?

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