Tasha K Does An Exclusive Tell All Interview with Love & Marriage Huntsville Martell Holt’s Mistress Arionne Curry, So Let’s Talk About It

Recently YouTuber Tasha K did an exclusive interview with Arionne Curry, and of course I’m going to talk about!

First of all let me congratulate Tasha K for always getting the exclusive we want to see, and for being right on the cusp of making it to one million subscribers on YouTube! That’s quite the accomplishment, and if you want to see her make it to a million, you all go on over and subscribe to her channel.

So Tasha K interviewed Love & Marriage Huntsville Martell Holt’s long time mistress the infamous, Arionne Curry. Did you catch the interview? Well if you didn’t, no worries you know I got the link…..

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So now that you watched the video, there are a lot of things to unpack, and you came here for my opinion so let’s get to it shall we? I’m not going to do a full recap of the video because it is over an hour long. If you are a fan of the hit show on Own Network then you should be familiar with the love triangle between the Holt’s and Ms. Curry. I know some things already, but there are some things I would like to highlight that most definitely caught my attention….

Tasha K repeatedly calls her a “mistress” as opposed to the label, “side piece”…

Okay, throughout the interview Tasha K repeatedly refers to Arionne as a “mistress” as opposed to calling her a side piece. It’s funny how Arionne seemed rather pleased that the distinction was made. Does the label really matter when the point is you were not the Martell Holt’s wife? It would seem to me that this is the distinction that is most important. Especially, since at some point Arionne may become someone’s wife although she may be reluctant to do so.

Sigh, karma is real. Let’s just think hypothetically, shall we? What if Arionne did in fact get married? If her husband cheated with another woman, would it really matter to her what “title” the other woman in the triangle has, wouldn’t the betrayal hurt just the same? Yet it is seemingly important to Arionne that she has the title, “mistress”. So Tasha K seemed to oblige her. It seemed to please her enough to be pleasant throughout the interview.

Do you notice we never addressed the title that Martell gave her, “peasant”, or the title social media darling Funky Dineva gave her, “coleslaw”. I’m just saying, does a title really matter all that much, Arionne? Well Tasha K let you have that, “mistress”.

Arionne continuously accuses the show of building on her “Likeness”…

Um, Arionne that’s just either stupid, or you are misinformed. Please contact a lawyer to get a clear understanding of what it means to have your “likeness” infringed upon. I was annoyed every time she accused the show Love & Marriage Huntsville of using her “likeness”. I was like, “what are you talking about dear?” They barely mentioned her name, and actually she was referred to as “coleslaw” in some episodes. It was Carlos King who actually gave her the respect of calling her by name. So if you feel some type of way, Ms. Curry contact a lawyer and sue the show for using your “likeness” but I doubt very seriously you have a claim.

Arionne and Martell were together for almost seven years…

Arionne was around for a long time. That’s not to say Martell didn’t have other women, but she definitely was in his life for a while and will continue to be in his life as a co-parent.

Arionne was twenty four when they met; Martell is nine years older than her…

Does that matter to any of you? That does matter to me. We have all been young, and impressionable so I could see how almost a decade between them would give Martell the advantage in the relationship, do you?

Martell’s female cousin actually hooked them up…

If this is true, Martell’s female cousin is trash for this. She obviously knew about Melody and she is a woman who should have adhered to some sort of girl code you would think! I wonder if Melody is mad that Martell’s family was allegedly helping him cheat on her. That is super messy.

Tasha says Martell looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle…

And even though Arionne says she is attracted to Martell, who in my opinion is a nice looking man, she laughed at the insult. That shows a lot about her personality. Would you all laugh if a woman dissed the father of your child?

She described herself as, “young, spicy, and smart.”

That was accurate because in my opinion she is young minded. What does she mean by spicy? If she means she can turn up, okay I can see that. Smart….well you decide. Will I go as far as to call her dumb? No. She in my opinion is not dumb, but hasn’t made the smartest decisions in some cases.

Tasha describes Arionne as the “Chocolate version of Melody”

Um, that’s a no for me. Don’t get it twisted, Arionne is a pretty woman. She is in no way ugly. But to describe them as looking like sisters….I don’t see the resemblance. Does Martell have a type? Yes. Arionne describes herself as being the “cream of the crop” and I can see her ego is in alignment with Martell and even Melody for that matter.

It was almost nine months before they even had sex…

I can admit Arionne was very forthcoming with many details and I found that refreshing. The night they met, Martell assumed she would sleep with him the first night. She didn’t, because according to her, she doesn’t sleep around or give it up easy. I believe her.

She played the “Black woman card”

Yes. Arionne despite sleeping with a married man for years, and having his baby, had the nerve to say she feels Black women should have respect for one another…..really Arionne? She admits she came to this conclusion conveniently after all the things she went through with Melody and Martell…..Giiiiiiirl!

She says she was raised in a two parent household…but was actually raised by a single mother…

Arionne says she understood the fact that Martell wanted to stay with Melody because of the children, because she says she was raised in a two parent household. But as the interview goes on we find out her parents were never married she was raised by her mother. Her father was married for a time but to another woman who he is now divorced from.


So she was not raised in a two parent household….make it make sense Arionne. It is not surprising that you are so confused in your life because you do not understand a lot of things about love, marriage, respect and womanhood….poor thing.

She was pregnant three times by Martell…

One time she had a miscarriage. The second time she and Melody was pregnant at the same time so she decided to have an abortion.  She says Martell trifling behind wanted her to abort her precious son as well! The last time she was pregnant with her son who she didn’t abort because she had just had an abortion!

My question….why didn’t you prevent getting pregnant? Is that smart, to repeatedly get pregnant by a married man? Especially when you were a nursing student who should have known how to prevent pregnancies? And that leads me to another point….

She is not a nurse…..

This woman, despite being in school, did not become nurse. She is a successful online boutique owner. I want to encourage young women to continue to pursue their education and not let the drama of a relationship stop them. She says the drama prevented her from becoming the nurse she was destined to become….I wonder what her mother thinks about her allowing Martell’s b.s. to stop her from becoming a nurse? But being a successful businesswoman is an accomplishment as well, so a least Arionne does have that going for herself. Good for you, Arionne. Real talk. Arionne says she has been traumatized by all the exposure. Well please take responsibility for sleeping with a woman’s husband, ma’am.

They are not together…..

Duh. The quickest way to lose a married man when you are a mistress is to have a baby by him….

She threw Maurice and Marsau under the bus…..

She confirms that they both are cheaters as well…she has always maintained she met women that they cheated with. I don’t want to believe it, but something is telling me it’s true. I feel bad because I like Kimmi who I feel will be devastated but is emotionally sound enough to be okay if her marriage ends. But Latisha? She seems emotionally fragile so I hope for her and her kid’s sake, Marsau is not cheating.

She wants not to ever be mentioned on Love & Marriage Huntsville…..

I feel Carlos King should oblige her and stop mentioning her. And while it would make for great ratings and I would certainly want to see her on the show, its disrespectful to have her appear on a platform that Melody worked so hard to create. FOH.

She mentions Oprah Winfrey…

She says being mentioned on the show has turned her against Oprah……Arionne, shut up. Did Oprah force you to sleep with a married man and have a baby by him? Why would you blame her for you clowning yourself? Oprah Winfrey is a national treasure lady, watch who you insult.

She will not apologize to Melody…

If you wanted to know this woman’s character….she shows her young, spicy and smart side….she refuses to apologize. She is the perfect woman for Martell Holt don’t you agree? I could see them growing old together, can’t you?

A book is dropping this spring…

I hope Arionne gets her story out; will you be buying her book? I do feel she has every right to get her story out in her own words. Arionne is a person with feelings and I do believe she is relevant and has been disrespected by some platforms, but I hope I have treated her fairly on mine…..but let’s not forget I am a widow who was in a long term marriage so in some ways I am biased. Arionne is a woman who loved the wrong man. She is not the first, and she will not be the last.

So did you guys enjoy her interview? I think Tasha did a great job, as always. We wish Arionne all the best in her endeavors.

What are your thoughts?

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