Recap Of One Mo’ Chance Season 2 Episode Seven: “Investigate or Instigate?”

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season. But if you haven’t started watching the seventh episode, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode seven. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Seven:  Investigate or Instigate?”

The episode starts with Biggie in her bedroom and she tells us she is stressed from the elimination ceremony from the night before. Why? Smallz busted her out and told Chance it was actually Biggie who was the one stepping out with security. She confronts Smallz and tell her she threw her under the bus. And she did it in front of the girls who have already been gunning for her and telling Chance she was a hoe and she is suppose to be her blood relation.

Well Smallz is not taking the rap for something she didn’t do she says she is in this competition to win her man Chance. She was about to be sent home, But Biggie is mad. She feels Smallz didn’t have to say her name she could of thrown one of the other girls under the bus.

My question is, did you think it wouldn’t come out? And Biggie if you are pulling these kind of stunts, why are you trying to stay and be with Chance? Why not run off in the sunset with security? This is stupid. She says she is embarrassed….then why do it?

So now the demon sisters are arguing. Biggie is threatening to air out Smallz secrets too….well do it because apparently neither one of you are here for Chance and I am annoyed he kept you over some of the other girls like Brown Suga who was boring but there for Chance.

Zeus replays the fight where Rollie is fighting Smallz and Biggie jumped in. Biggie says Smallz should have had her back the way she does her. She says next time she is getting beat up she will let it happen. Smallz tells Biggie to get out of the bed because she is not sleeping in the room. Biggie starts throwing clothes at her. Biggie wants Smallz out of the room. They get into a tussle where who do you think had the advantage?

Smallz vs. Biggie….the winner Biggie, lol.

Let’s move on because this is dumb as hell.


Rollie and Bad &Bougie are in a bedroom talking about the girls who left at the elimination. Slim walks in and ask what they are talking about. Bad & Bougie is now talking about her confrontation with Skittlz and Yodela. Slim agrees that every time she gets into it with a girl it is never one on one, another girl jumps in and it is annoying to her.

Slim brings up her confrontation with Smallz. She says Smallz is a whore who gets around. Bad & Bougie points out, that if Slim goes to Smallz confronting her with her whorish ways she is going to want to fight Slim. Well Slim doesn’t care she will confront her….does Rollie and Bad & Bougie want to see her confront the demon sisters? She is going to confront Smallz again, because she is not scared, she will…

Well Rollie says she will come with her….we don’t need Biggie jumping in….she goes to find them


Soulja Girl, Skittlz and Yodela are in the kitchen warming up food. Yodela brings up elimination and the fact that Smallz threw Biggie under the bus and then ran her over!


They all think Biggie had a right to be mad at Smallz for selling her out to stay in the house. Chance comes in the kitchen to warm him up some noodles, and runs into the girls and their conversation.

They ask why Smallz wasn’t sent home, well Chance says Smallz has been giving him attention. She massaged the pain out of his neck when no body else gave a damm about him.

Hmmmm, interesting.

Skittlz brings up her throwing Biggie under the buss, but Chance thinks that is a plus. Smallz is willing to give up information on her sister….Chance likes that. He gets his warmed up noodles and dips before the girls can turn him against Smallz or anyone else….

Skittlz calls Soulja Girl out for going up to Chance’s room alone….OFTEN. She tells her she probably should stop. Yodela chimes in and tells Soulja Girl she is becoming too accessible to Chance….they both tell her that she is just giving the other girls ammunition and things they can use against her and talk about. They genuinely seem like they are trying to help her out, because at the end of the day, we all are women. No real woman wants to see another woman get played, but Soulja Girl is offended.

They are giving her good advice….show these girls its more to you than your body….but Soulja Girls wants them to mind their business and I think they should. She says she got this….well we will see wont we?

She says she will be standing with him in the end and she walks out of the kitchen with her noodles….


So Biggie and Smallz are outside talking. Smallz apologizes for throwing Biggie under the bus. They are speaking about the girls trying to get them out of the house by making allegations. Out walks Slim with Rollie in tow with a big ole smirk on her face, chewing on a snack.


Yawl got your popcorn ready?

Slim confronts the Demon Sisters…

She asks them what’s up. Smallz accuses Slim of selling her p***y online. Slim is now arguing with the sisters while Rollie looks on with glee. Slim tells Biggie she is just mad because she is poppin’ and she aint. Biggie asks why she has her name in her mouth, and Rollie corrects her, because actually her argument was with Smallz and as all ways Biggie jumps in whenever someone comes for her sister.

Slim tells Biggie you mad because it was actually you doing the things with the other dudes, not your sister. Rollie calls Smallz out for outing Biggie…..again Smallz accuses Slim of selling her body online, which Slim denies. They all argue about who is selling p***y or not. Smallz begins insulting Slim saying she heard her hair stinks and other niceties. So they all begin trading insults. They are all face to face yelling and Rollie warns the sisters to stay back if they know what’s good for them.

The demon sisters start singing, “Were bad and you’re mad….” Rollie tells them that they were officially checked by Slim because it took both of them to come at her. Mission accomplished they leave the sisters who definitely don’t feel checked, lol.

They go into the house to finish with Slim, and Rollie tells them to stop double teaming. They continue to argue with each other, of course. Rollie tells them they are cut but not bad. Rollie starts insulting their clothes and hair calling them cheap. Well to be fair, you all look like you shop at the same places so if the demon sisters are cheap then they all are, I’m just saying. The sisters don’t look any worst than any of them to me. I actually like some of the things they had on in their confessionals, sorry!

The argument goes on and on…..Slim comes close to Smallz who walks behind her sister. And right on cue, Biggie shoves Slim away from Smallz. Well what did you expect? They are sisters, did you expect Biggie to let you attack her sister? It was an overreaction but Biggie is obviously the protective kind and aint going to let her sister have a fight one on one for any reason. I didn’t say I agreed I’m just saying I understand it. Slim flew across the room, but came back fighting.

Rollie tells Smallz not to jump in… has Slim. She is trying to throw stuff, so she is carried away by the “Guardian of Zeus” and that’s what I think I will call him from now on. Yawl know which security I’m talking about don’t yawl? The one that was on the show with Tokyo Toni. I hope that dude is getting paid a grip because he stay breaking up fights, ya dig?

Slim gets mad at the Guardian of Zeus and hit him so he will let her go, well excuse me lady! I think he is doing the job they pay him to do. If you would stop trying to fight Biggie, he wouldn’t have to hold you back, duh! That’s crazy. But I get it Slim.

Slim is now outside the house screaming responses to Biggie who is in the house with Rollie screaming insults. Rollie comes out and tells Slim she ca stop because she made her point. She tells Smallz to stop because it is now between Biggie and Slim. In the may lay, Slim comes in and runs up on Biggie. Slim bikini top comes down and Biggie ties it back up but not before we see her nipples.

This is a mess. Biggie and Slim are separated but both are complaining that in the fight their nails were ripped off, and Biggie is bleeding.


Shyne is out in front of the house with her suitcase waiting for an Uber. Chance comes out to ask her what’s going o and she tells him she is leaving. She says she knows herself and she cant stay I the house with the girls gunning for her the way they are. Chance wants her to stay but Shyne is hell bent on shaking the spot. Yawl know my motto: Tootle to weak biahs! But Chance is disappointed. She tells Chance she loves him and she is sorry but she is leaving. He tells her he understands and asks her to give him some love. She hugs him and kisses him goodbye. She tells us, bitch bye, well back at you….I don’t care, and do you all?


A Black SUV pulls up and Man-gina gets out in Versace and black boots and rings the bell. I like Man-gina, are you all happy to see him back? Chance tells Man-gina he has been having problems and he needs him to get to bottom of things…..

Well Man-gina has three ladies he definitely can’t see it for. Who is on his list? According to the information Man-gina dug up:

Bad & Bougie was just kicking it with some dudes the other night and has kids she doesn’t claim. Smilez has a raunchy Only Fans and a prostitute. And Slim is a prostituting herself on Facebook.

I’m floored. Is this true? Well Man-gina is here to find out. Chance has set it up for him to meet with each girl and grill her while he sits in another room seeing the whole interaction. He gives him a ear bud where he can feed him information as well.

This is getting good.

Man-gina is set up with a seat, his ear bud, and Chance in his ear…….let’s to get to the bottom of things shall we? Chance is in the back with Micah for support seeing and hearing it all. First up…..


Smilez walks in and speaks to Man-gina who speaks. So far so good and Smilez is all smiles, so far. They both trade niceties. Man-gina asks what connection Smilez has with Chance. She says their connection is real, and Man-gina asks if she has a connection with anyone else….

Smilez lets a frown cross her face. Huh? She says she has a connection with a lot of people…..Man-gina clarifies…No I mean a relationship connection. Are you an Only Fans girl? Smilez lets a big smile come on her face and confirms she has an Only Fans. But remember Chance also has an ear bud in Man-gina’s ear.

Chance asks Man-gina to ask Smilez why she hasn’t been showing him any love in the house, so she does. Smilez says they just met. Man-gina reminds her, but you show your people on Only Fans more than you do the guy you claim to be trying to get to know. Smilez points out there are a lot of women vying for Chance’s time as well. Man-gina show her on her phone, her Only Fans, and ask has she been doing, this, for Chance. Smilez says she was going to do that for him eventually….

Wrong answer!

Man-gina says she has all the information she needs to know and that Smilez will not be a final choice.


Well we will see, Smilez is unbothered because Chance will make the final decision. She is all smiles as she walks away just like she walked in….smiling. We also find out that Smilez behind is fake. Well whoever did her work?


Daugh Tee

She walks in, sees Man-gina and sits down. She just sits there and so does Man-gina.

I cracked up.

Man-gina asks her, so you not gonna speak? Daugh Tee says, hello.


She asks her what her name is, and Daugh Tee tells her its short for daughter. She tells her that her mothe was there but she is gone. Man-gina asks her how was it that she and her mother were going to compete for Chance? Were they both going to be sleeping with him? Daugh Tee clarifies, no obviously he was only going to pick one of them…..

Do you live with your mom? Chance tells Man-gina to ask and he does. No, and no he mother doesn’t live with her….lol. She has her own place. Man-gina asks her why she is here and she says she is here for Chance. And? Man-gina asks….lol.

Daugh Tee asks why are you here? Well yawl know how that went…..they end up having words because Man-gina’s job is to get Daugh Tee out of character….and she does her job, lol. When Man-gina stands up, so does Daugh Tee. Why?

Because Gran Tee didn’t raise no punk, lol.

They are face to face with fingers I each other’s faces. Eventually The Guardian of Zeus comes to separate them from in each other’s faces. Good, because even though he has on a bomb outfit, with a cute wig, Man-gina is still a man in a woman’s face.

The Guardian of Zeus gets them to sit back down, but Daugh Tee has had enough, announces she is done and walks off. Man-gina goes after her to continue arguing, but the Guardian of Zeus pulls him back to his seat.

Good job Man-gina, now who is next?

Soulja Girl

Man-gina asks her are you Soulja Boy’s girlfriend? No she was in the army.


an-gina tells asks her if the girls I the house all rehearse their answers because they are all saying the same things. Soulja Girls tells him she doesn’t know what the girls say. She tells her to tell the world something they don’t know about Chance. Man-gina ask her, “Did you give that p***y up?”


Instead of saying, nunya, Soulja Girls says, “I might of”.

Wrong answer. Man-gina pushes the issue, and says she wants to know so she can figure out who to eliminate tonight. Chance wants Mna-gina to push the issue to see if Soulja Girl will spill the beans. She admits they have had sex, and Chance is floored.

Tsk, tsk tsk.

Soulja Girl, why did you spill the beans to Man-gina? Man-gina asks if any other girls have had sexual intercourse will Chance and she says not that she knows about…..duh, nobody should know if they did, just like you shouldn’t be telling it either. But let’s see how this goes. When Man-gina asks her to clarify by stating clearly, yes me and Chance have had sexual intercourse, Soulja Girl gets annoyed because she already said they did.

So once again she says YES WE ARE F***ING, and Chance is shocked. Man-gina ask her if she is looking for Chance to be her third baby daddy. She doesn’t answer she just sits there. She finally says, nobody said anything about him being my baby daddy. Well Man-gina’s job is to get the girls out of character, so he says, well I know you have two baby daddy’s already do you want Chance to be the third, lol. And of course he pushes the issue hoping Soulja Girl will bite.

Chance gives him the idea in his ear bud, so Man-gina accuses Soulja Girl of having another man on the side. So apparently Soulja Girl has a baby that is ten months old, and Man-gina asks if she is done with that guy so soon. Man-gina said she heard enough and says she doesn’t believe sh is here for Chance and has a guy waiting in the wings and tells Soulja Girl to get the eff out of his face. She stands up……

And she does, lol.


As Slim comes in, Chance tells Man-gina Slim has a bad attitude in his ear bud. But when Slim comes in, she is excited to see Man-gina. They exchange niceties, but Man-gina has no plan to be nice. Same question, what are you here for? Same answer, Chance. Man-gina pushes the issue. Are you ready for a relationship? Slim says yes. She says she hasn’t been in a relationship in three years and she is twenty four. Man-gina asks her, why you so mad?


Slim tells him, I’m just answering the question…..that leads to a back and forth because like I said, Man-gina is here to get these women to react….and Slim eventually does. Man-gina asks her, what do you be doing on Facebook? He then accuses her of selling her body… do you all think that went?


Man-gina was all kinds of b words, lol. They are face to face and our favorite security guard, The Guardian of Zeus rushes in to save the day as they get into it. Slim is charging at Man-gina but the Guardian is in the way. Slim begins to leave and Man-gina follows her with the Guardian coming between them. They have gone into full blown melt down with both of them yelling back and forth. Man-gina goes and sits back down, calling Slim a crackhead.

Slim asks her if he was thirsty, and throws a drink on Man-gina….and the episode ends.

So I am moving getting these recaps out! Keep rocking with your girl as we speed to those reunion episodes, yawl ready? I am.

What are your thoughts?

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