Recap Of One Mo’ Chance Season 2 Episode Eight: “Investigate or Instigate. Pt. 2”

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season. Do you notice how fast I am catching up? I’m going to be all the way caught up by the time the reunion comes out, are you proud? But if you haven’t started watching the eighth episode, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode eight. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Eight: Investigate or Instigate. Pt.2”

The episode starts with the fallout from Slim throwing the drink on Man-gina. Our favorite security guard, The Guardian of Zeus is preventing Man-gina from going ham on her.

Zeus give this man a raise because he is earning his paycheck today!

Chance tells Man-gina to calm down in his ear bud. At the end of the day, Slim is a woman and Man-gina is a man. What exactly was he planning to do if he got a hold of her? Hit her? Not a good look Man-gina, so let’s move on shall we? Who is next in the hot seat?


Smallz doesn’t know what to expect when she sees Man-gina and another chair sitting there. She sits down and of course Man-gina hit her with the niceties. Smallz asks Man-gina what his name is….


Man-gina is like you don’t know my name? She says she thinks she knows who he is. She says, Man-gina…..yeah heifer, you know who that is don’t play games.

Chance gives him the information in his ear bud so Man-gina accuses Smallz of coming into the house to fight and she denies this. When Smallz admits to having a sister in the house, Man-gina asks if they both plan to sex on Chance. Smallz insists she is the one that is going to win. Chance feeds him the information so Man-gina asks her about the security guards it is rumored the demon sisters visit at night. Smallz denies the rumors. She says it wasn’t her, insinuating it was Biggie, but not saying it directly. Man-gina dismisses her for the next girl after basically thanking her for ratting her sister out. Yawl already know who came next…


Biggie is all smiles when she sees Man-gina who calls her, “Thing 2” lol. Biggie lets us know she was talking to Chance even before the show began, and Chance confirms this. Man-gina ask Biggie about the night they got to L.A.

(Remember Rollie accused the sisters of sleeping the two guys?)

Biggie says she went to be alone. She says the guys were just her friends. Man-gina at the prompting of Chance, tells Biggie that she and Smallz are full of it and aren’t really here for Chance. Man-gina lets her know Smallz already busted her out, AGAIN.

Biggie says it is pointless to keep explaining herself. Man-gina says from what he can tell the sisters are hoes. And he is going to get to the bottom of it. And with that Biggie is dismissed.


Okay, Yodela and Man-gina are friends. So they embrace before she sits down. Chance is like this is aint no family reunion in Man-gina’s earbud….lol. Man-gina pulls out his phone and shows her a video of her and a dude and accuses her of sexing him. Yodela tells her the video is two years old. She says that isn’t a guy she ever dated they were just talking and she never had sex with the dude. Call me crazy, but I believe her.

Yodela is confused why Man-gina is coming at her this way when supposedly they are cool. Um, because Man-gina is there to get to the bottom of things so sit in the hot seat and answer the questions, Yodela, dang!

Chance says every since Yodela left season one, he has been seeing her with a lot of dudes. Man-gina ells Yodela her name should have been…. Yo de lay de HOE.

Lol. Say what?

Yodela laughs and Man-gina tells her it’s not funny. But Yodela is like yes it is because this is old. Man-gina accuses Yodela of having dudes…..Man-gina dimisses Yodela with a. “well girl you can get the f*** on out of my face”. Yodela tells her, “That’s fine.”


Skittlz sees Man-gina and all ready know it’s about to be some b.s. but of course Man-gina tries to disarm her with the niceties and a big smile.


Man-gina asks her if she is a tranny and Skittlz denies this…..why did she ask her that. Skittlz does not look like a tranny to me so that was just disrespectful. Skittlz laughs at the accusation, as she should. She definitely gives me the 100 percent woman vibe, what do you all think? She says she just has strong features she is from the islands.

Same question, what are you here for, same answer, Chance. Chance says in Man-gina’s ear bud that he thinks Skittlz is there to promote her wig company and Man-gina asks her about it. She says she is already lit, she is here for Chance.

Man-gina asks her about her lawsuits…..What lawsuits? Skittlz is confused how Man-gina found out about that! We are too….now once again, WHAT LAWSUITS? Skittlz says a client tried to sue her but lost. She says the client actually was the one who stole from her.

Before Man-gina dismisses her he tells her she has some big ass titties….Skittlz says, I know…..

Bad & Bougie

When she sits down, Man-gina tells her she is the woman she has been looking for. Man-gina orders her to take off her glasses, at Chance’s prompting. She does and when asked she tells Man-gina her name, Bad & Bougie. He tells her she is not more Bougie that he is. She tell him she loves it. But Man-gina is not here to be nice….he tells her he has been waiting to see her because he doesn’t like what he heard about her…He asks her how many kids she has and she say she doesn’t have any. He tells her he heard she does have kids ad she is just not claiming them. Bad & Bougie says that is a touchy subject for her because in her last relationship she suffered through two miscarriages.


My heart goes out to any woman who has been through that once let alone twice. Man-gina asks if she has had any children that she actually gave birth to and she says, no. But Man-gina continues to push the issue. When Bad & Bougie tells Man-gina he needs to be more understanding about her circumstance of course he refuses. What you though he was here for, a fix my life moment? He is there to ruffle feathers….well he got the right one….keep reading….

Man-gina says he heard from a reliable source she has kids she doesn’t take care of…..Bad & Bougie denies this. He then moves on to her age. How old are you is now being met with, does it matter? It really doesn’t but Man-gina is here to do his job…

Man-gina ask if Chance knows what Bad & Bougie was doing on July 29th and pulls out his phone. Man-gina calls her a hoe because of the things he claims he saw on her Only Fans, despite her insisting she doesn’t get touched. Well Man-gina goes to his phone to show her, and Bad & Bougie pulls out her phone to show him as well. They start arguing and……when Bad & Bougie gets up so does Man-gina who orders her to sit down. No such luck, she tells him to sit down.

Bad & Bougie’s feathers get ruffled……

The Guardian of Zeus goes to stand in between them because it is getting heated. They both sit back down but Man-gina orders Bad& Bougie to leave but she remains seated. So he gets up and lifts up her chair.

Wrong move…..

Bad & Bougie swings her purse and hits Man-gina, and all hell breaks loose. Even though security is between them, Bad & Bougie is swinging her purse like nobody’s business. The Guardian has to drag her away, lol.

Man-gina sees her Gucci glasses on the floor and breaks them.

Oh hell naw.

He throws the broke glasses her, and Bad & Bougie commences to swinging her purse with a fury with the Guardian blocking Man-gina from swinging his purse back at her, lol. Chance and Micah look on and laugh….well I cackled too.

Until Bad& Bougie starts crying. She is hurt because she says she wants children so bad. Yeah that aint funny. I’m a woman who had no problems conceiving, carrying and delivering children and I still feel bad when women confess their struggles with what for me,  came easy. It’s not cool to make fun of women who can’t have children. This is messed up.

Chance does the decent thing and apologizes to her. It was funny until he saw her tears were real. Bad & Bougie is mad about her shades being broken, as she should be because that was really petty of Man-gina…..but it was funny.

Bad & Bougie is pissed she broke another nail. As she is escorted outside, Man-gina calls to her, “I hope you aint looking for them Gucci glasses cause they broke….”


Rollie comes in nice and cheery, but Man-gina rolls her eyes at her. So I guess they still have bad blood. Rollie sets down, “Yes it’s me boo” she tells Man-gina but just that quick, Bad & Bougie runs back inside and swings on Man-gina before the Guardian of Zeus could grab her.


When they get Bad & Bougie ushered out and things calm back down, Man-gina asks Rollie, What are you doing here? Rollie is like what do you mean, what I am doing here. Man-gina is like, “You got sent home the first season”…..Rollie says, “Like you…”

Whoooop! Get him Rollie!

Rollie says she is here for Chance and Man-gina says Chance doesn’t want Rollie there for him. She asks the burning question; well what does he want me here for? Man-gina says if he wanted her, he would of picked her the first season. Rollie says Micah thinks she is great for Chance and Man-gina clears it up. “Yeah Micah…..” Chance is in the background cracking jokes saying Rollie is like built in security…..

That aint right Chance.

Man-gina tells Rollie he doesn’t think she should be there. Rollie asks, why not? Man-gina says he is not feeling her…..well I agree. Neither is Chance, so I think Rollie should just bow out. I don’t like that Chance is making the slick comments about her because I like Rollie. This show is making it seem like BBW are a joke, and that’s just plain wrong. Rollie is beautiful and funny, so it’s not fair to portray her like she is not desirable, it’s mean and inaccurate. But Rollie you don’t help the situation when you play into the stereotypes that this show is slinging our way.

Sigh. But okay, you want to go out like this…..

Man-gina tells Rollie she is there for another chance at love but she is going to get the boot… Chance’s urging. Man-gina brings up Rollie jumping on Chance’s backin the boxing ring…..Chance just refuses to let that go!

Man-gina asks what she has been doing since she came into the house….besides fighting…..

They started arguing about their altercation first season. Man-gina dismisses her by telling her to get her big ass out of there…..Micah tells Man-gina in his ear bud for him to make a snack trail for Rollie that leads to the door…..


Really Micah, was that necessary? I thought you like Rollie? They go to the front door and Rollie pushes Man-gina out….lol. Good for you Rollie! Man-gina comes back in as Chance and Micah come downstairs to see what is going on with the two….Chance tells Rollie he had Man-gina come back for a reason. Well it was some b.s. so Rollie is playing her part, giving it right back to him. Man-gina tells Chance to tell Rollie why she is here…..Chance says he brought Rollie back because he knows she has his back.

Man-gina says, so you didn’t bring her back to fall in love? Right? And Rollie asks him period point blank, “So you don’t want me?” Chance starts stuttering…..not a good sign. Man-Gina keeps saying, “He don’t want yo ass”. Chance asks Rollie to allow him to holler at Man-gina alone so they can talk about how he did on his mission to get to the truth of what was going on with the ladies.

Chance tells Man-gina he did a good job……mission accomplished……bye Man-gina! You rock! Muah!

The Elimination Ceremony

The first to get the red hat was Soulja Girl. In front of everybody she admitted to telling that they had sex. Chance gives Smallz the boot……we don’t care. Rollie gets her hat, but she calls Chance out for taking so long to answer Man-gina when he asked if he wanted Rollie.

Chance eliminated Daugh Tee….aaaaaw! Bye Daugh Tee it’s been real. You are a class act…..Yodela ends up tearing up when she comes forward because she says nobody knows what she goes through I the public eye….but she gets her hat. And surprisingly Skittlz didn’t get a hat, but after she makes a passionate speech, Chance makes an executive decision and keeps her…Chance says tomorrow they are going to have a good time, but he will be getting rid of more than half of the girls as well. Who is left? Soulja Girl, Biggie, Yodela,  Rollie, Smilez, Skittlz,  and Bad & Bougie and Slim. Feel free and drop a comment and let me know who you all expect to win….if you happen to be following along with me……

Well that was the episode…..are you all still watching the show? Reading the recaps?

And, I am moving getting these recaps out! Keep rocking with your girl as we speed to those reunion episodes, yawl ready? I am. Thank you for the ongoing support.

What are your thoughts?

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