Recap Of One Mo’ Chance Season 2 Episode Six: “Ride Em Cowgirl!”

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season. But if you haven’t started watching the sixth episode, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode six. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Six: Ride Em Cowgirl!”

The episode starts with Skittlz and Yodela outside of the house, and they are speaking about the last elimination. They feel Chance didn’t want Danii to go but she wouldn’t speak up to keep her spot. Skittlz is upset everybody is mad that she snuck Shyne. Out walk Bad & Bougie and Smilez both with red cups. Bad & Bougie is there to confront Yodela she asks her what was her problem because at elimination when she and Skittles had words, Yodela chimed in. Bad & Bougie says Yodela was trying to hype up Skittlz, and that Skittlz is jumping on Yodela’s bandwagon.

This is getting good.

Eventually, only after she says her peace, Bad & Bougie walks away with Smilez leaving the other two women pressed. Yodela says Bad & Bougie lies about her age, well duh we all figured that out. She also says Bad & Bougie refuses to answer whether she has kids or not.


Bad & Bougie tells Yodela she is lucky she didn’t put hands on her, so Yodela calls her out to fight. They are now face to face. Yodela calls her a buster and dares her to put her hands on her. Bad & Bougie doesn’t swing she just keeps right on talking mess. Now Skittlz is chiming in.

Sigh. Yodela doesn’t need back up, ma’am. Once again Bad & Bougie walks away. Skittlz tells security she is not done. But I think both of these ladies forgot that Bad & Bougie has no reason to be afraid of them, cause she can box.

Yodela says Bad & Bougie thinks she is all that because she had a song with Neyo in 2002…..what song? I thought Bad & Bougie was playing when she said she was a singer, who knew she was for real. But Yodela doesn’t seem impressed, in fact she is low key downing her accomplishments.

They are calling her old….side note:

Well younguns, newsflash eventually we all get old, if we are lucky. Typical young girl behavior, you down a woman for growing old. Every year God gives me, I feel more and more blessed. But yes, there was a time I never thought I would live to see my thirties let alone be alive to see my forties and if God willing I see the fifties…..

Please Lord let me see my fifties! Today, the legendary Betty White passed away. Rest in peace to a lady who truly experienced and lived life. You will be missed Ms. White. I thought she would live to be 100, but don’t worry Imma live to see 100. Imma do it for Betty! But back to this trifflin recap….

Smilez asks Bad & Bougie why did she even engage in the childish back and forth. Smilez is way too chill for this house. Bad & Bougie says all Yodela can do is call her old. And I must say for a woman pushing forty, she does look good.

Yodela keeps saying Bad & Bougie is scary….I don’t think she is. I just think she came to confront you, and you took it to a level she didn’t want to engage in. Here is another newsflash, just because somebody calls you out doesn’t mean you have to fight them and that doesn’t make you a punk it just means you are picking your battles. Yodela is young and she shows it. A wise woman understands that you jump when you want to jump not when someone tells you to, ya dig?


Chance and Micah are downstairs in the kitchen discussing the boxing challenge from the day before. Chance regrets he had to eliminate Danii but he could tell she wasn’t into him. Chance says Gran Tee was pissed off he eliminated her. Chance is wondering where Shyne is. He says if she doesn’t show up today he is kicking her to the curb. Well isn’t she at the hotel you sent her to? This is confusing.

Micah says nobody has given Chance any alone time so they can all go. Micah has an idea for the girls. He says he is going to get them to come to Chance’s room one by one and give him some alone time. Chance looks scared.


So it’s a challenge, and each girl will get a minute with Chance. Chance doubts he will be living after Rollie gets her hands on him, lol. Micah is like what could go wrong; she will only have a minute? Um, did you see the way she pinned Chance down in the boxing ring?

Micah goes to round up the girls.


The demon sisters are sitting outside claiming that they are over being in the house. Well leave I doubt anyone will miss yawl. Biggie is mad that she was called out by Wap Wap at the elimination.  Smallz says everything that was said about Biggie was a lie. Biggie says the girls are just hating on her. Is it me or is Smallz voice annoying? Out walks Rollie and Wap Wap….right on time!

Wap Wap says, look what we have here, hot twat…..And the b.s starts! Biggie calls them out for picking on her. She wants to squash it so she asks them what is their problem. Wap Wap screams “You hit me in my face!” Well Wap Wap this is stupid because you had your chance to whoop some ass because of it and we see how that went. Just shut up because your card has been pulled. Biggie reminds her that it was an accident that she hit her with the bowl, she was really trying to hit Rollie.

Rollie lets her know if she had of been the one hit she would of given Biggie the business. Rollie says since they got a problem with her she is giving the demon sisters a job…..Rollie walks off followed by Wap Wap who tells the sisters, bye hot twat.


Soulja Girl, Bombshell, Daugh Tee, Brown Suga and Slim are all sitting outside drinking out of red cups and chilling. They are complaining about being sore from the boxing challenge. Bombshell asks Daugh Tee and Slim if they feel better about the situation after they fought. Slim brags that she “f***ed s**t up”.  Daugh Tee takes offense. Um Daugh Tee she beat the hell out of you did you forget? She dropped you twice.

They talk about the first day when they go into it and Daugh Tee apologizes for her behavior and Slim does the same she even apologized for disrespecting Gran Tee. Good job ladies.

Daugh Tee says she is upset Gran Tee went home at elimination. Soulja Girl tells Daugh Tee says he should of went with her.


Daugh Tee speaks up for herself and says she is still there. Yes, now that mama is gone let’s see what Daugh Tee is made of. The girls don’t understand why Chance saved a hat for Shyne. I think he felt bad because Skittlz ran up on her for no reason. Or maybe Chance likes her, who knows. They all say Danii didn’t really speakup for herself so they are not surprised she got chopped.

In comes Shyne all smiles and bubbly as if she didn’t get the business the night before, lol. They asked her where she been and she says, “recovering.”

Whooooop! I cracked up.

All the girls tell Shyne about her behavior in the ring and she actually gets mad at them….remember when you snuck Yodela? Shyne must of fell and bumped her head, or Skittlz knocked her memory loose because this delusional lady doesn’t remember what really happened.

But Zeus…..with they messy asses, replay the fight where Yodela clearly got with her. But Shyne says even though at first she was getting beat up….she says she kicked Yodela and popped her in the head…..when lady? If you hit Yodela it was by accident, because girl, yo ass was in the corner get worked over…..maybe you got a lucky shot and the camera just didn’t pick it up because the fight Shyne is describing, nobody remembers! And Slim calls her out and Shyne has the nerve to go off.

Shyne is super duper hyped up as if she can fight….girl stand down and back it on up before one of these girls get offended and pop you in the mouth because once again you are talking mess….but cant back it up. At all so shut it on up.

SMH. Really Shyne? You still selling wolf tickets? Well we aint buying em so pipe down, whew! Slim tells her to keep that same energy for Yodela and Skittlz when she sees them because they are the ones who want her to answer for her behavior.

I bet Shyne’s heart dropped. Lol. It must suck to be a scary cat.

Brown Suga tells her at least she didn’t go out like a punk because she came back but I was rolling on the bed when Daugh Tee was cleared it up. She says yes Shyne did go out like a punk because she didn’t come back after the fight she waited to come in the morning. I agree. Shyne wasn’t the only one to get rocked in the ring and everybody came back except her because she needed to recuperate, with her soft ass.

For some reason Bombshell is sticking up for Shyne and the girl call her out for it. Shyne walks off and Slim says the only reason Shyne is still in the house is because she has a fat ass and she looks like Lauren London…..

Huh? Who looks like Lauren London?!!!!


Micah tells all the girls to get on something sexy so they can have their one minute with Chance…

Chance is in his bed surrounded with rose petals, the lights are low and he is smoking. Micah comes in. He asks Chance if he is ready for what he has in store for him. Well let’s get to it cause Chance is ready for a little lovin…he says he wants to see the sexy ones first, well Micah says he got him, well we shall see…

The “One on One” Action….

Every girl has one minute to show him what they are made of, first up….

Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz

Rollie looks cute in her lingerie. Go on and rep for the big girls, Rollie. Chance gives Micah the side eye, he asks what made him think he wanted to be pounced on by Rollie….first?


Forget you Chance, Rollie looks good for a big girl, shut up. If you wasn’t going to take her serious why did you ask her back? He tells her it’s time for her to step it up. Rollie gets on Chance to feed him some grapes and of course he screams in agony as if she is crushing him.

I did snicker a little. But if Rollie really does like Chance, then I feel kinda bad for her, because he tells her he can’t breathe so she gets off him. She gets on her knees and he smacks her ass. I like Rollie she seems like a lot of fun. And truth be told, you can tell Chance likes her, just not like that. Chance gets on top of Rollie and rides her like a horse while smacking her ass.

Lol. Now that was funny.

Before she leaves she takes some grapes. Rollie is hilarious.


She slides onto the bed and starts kissing Chance. He complains that it’s a lot of tongue.


At least her breath was fresh. He asks her to stand on the bed to show off her red lingerie and sexy boots. I like the boots they were cute. She lifts up her lingerie to reveal a silver sparkly thong. He feels her up, and apparently he liked what he saw.


He finally got her name right. She may not have no booty, but Chance liked her boobs. She snuggles up to him and asks him why he is so mean to her. He tells he her skin is soft, but in his confessional he calls it “old lady flesh”. Why do these women insist on competing for a guy who disses them?

But he tells her she did amazing and he is glad he got an opportunity to kick it with her. Good job Bombshell.


Skittlz had a red lingerie outfit on with a red braided wig, it was cute enough and you couldn’t tell her she wasn’t cute. She backs it up and sits down on him. He is feeling her up. He says he likes her, but I’m not quite sure about that.

Bad & Bougie

Chance says he is very excited to see Bad & Bougie who comes in her black lingerie outfit and her hair straightened. Bad & Bougie may be older but she can definitely give these girls a run for their money. She comes in licking on a stick of candy….Chance seems interested. He tells her she smells wonderful. She lies sexily across the bed, and Chance tells her not to b afraid to bring her buns to him.

This is getting steamy…..

She gives him a brief hug, he tries to feel on her booty and she moves his hands. She says in her confessional if he wants it he is going to have to work for it…


Biggie comes in his bedroom and she has on a cute French maid outfit. And even though Biggie is fat, I don’t know why she doesn’t think so, she does have a cute shape. There is nothing wrong with being fat when you wear it well, and Biggie wears it well. She is a cute girl. I think I like her better when Smallz is not around, and I think Chance likes her. Why else is he keeping her around with all the rumors he is hearing about her.

She starts to tell Chance that she has been a little dirty, he interrupts her speech and tells her, “Quiet, you the main trouble maker in this house.” She climbs on the bed and hands him a wooden spatula and says she’s been a bad girl and she wants him to spank her. And he does, while she twerks and moans with each smack.

This is raunchy….I like it! And so does Chance who goes a little too slap happy and is basically beating the hell out of Biggie. He breaks the spatula on her ample behind, lol.


She has a big red mark on her booty. Eff that I would of slapped Chance for taking the joke to far, but he rips off her fish net stockings, another reason I would have had to sock him upside his head. Bruh, now you ripping my outfit? We would have had to box, but Biggie seems excited by all this savagery.

This girl is a big ole freak!

He says she did good in the challenge but he doesn’t like her attitude.


Smallz says she is not feeling well because it’s that time of the month. Yet she comes to his bedroom in her orange booty shorts and twerks and Chance says he sees blood….

Sigh. This is just stupid. Now we are making fun of women for being on their period? Real grown man stuff, Chance. There was no blood and that’s what you get Smallz for telling an immature man something he didn’t need to know, dummy.

He says she can’t do much because she is on her period…..but Bruh she could of did all the stuff the other ladies did. This is just dumb.

Girl bye, you should of checked Chance for acting juvenile, but you’re childish too  so you hugged him and got on….we don’t care.


Chance is surprised that this bird flew back in the house. Last he knew she was hiding out in a hotel recuperating. She shows up in her black lingerie and makes her booty clap. Chance is mesmerized. She crawls on the bed and starts kissing on him. He is feeling all over her, and it is obvious he loved his minute with her. He says he has love for her. On her way out she jumps on the bed….and gives him some twerk action. She promised to come back and see him that night. He tells her he is proud of her for coming back.

Daugh Tee

Yawl, Daugh Tee is tore down drunk and she looks disheveled. Maybe she was nervous about the challenge and had a drink or too to loosen up. She climbs on the bed and starts nipping Chance on his neck. She bends over and sprawls back over him. She is rubbing all over herself…its getting pornish……he seems to be digging it though.

Um, she did well, I guess.

Brown Suga

Brown Suga came in black lingerie and a silky black short robe. Chance gives her a minute to show her seductive side. She slides across the bed like she is shy, and I am immediately bored. She turns around so he can see her booty. She twerked and he seemed to enjoy it though. She does have a big booty, and I guess that’s all you need to entice a man…..

So she did well, lol.


Smilez came in with her fantastic smile and a sexy full length black dress that hugged her curves, with a split up the sides.


Without make up and her hair down we see that Smilez is a nice looking woman when she is all natural. She seems a little older and too sweet for Chance. She definitely has a banging body. She gives him a hug and a kiss. She stands up on the bed so he can take it all in. He is mesmerized by her buh dunk a dunk……


Wap Wap

Once again Wap Wap doesn’t come to Chance’s bedroom empty handed. She arrives in her lingerie, robe and with a can of whipped cream. She puts the whipped cream on her humongous areolas and Chance eats the whipped cream off. Chance says he got more than a mouth full.

Soulja Girl

Soulja Girl is the next one of the ladies. She came in her black one piece, and she claps her booty. Chance seemed to enjoy her minute. She claims she and Chance have a connection. She confidently tells him she will be the last one standing. She is mighty confident don’t yawl think?


Yodela arrives last in her black lingerie short set with taped up nipples. She and Chance seem more like friends, because she didn’t even feel like being sexy, lol. Chance says chilling with her is more like chilling with his boys.


Wap Wap had to leave to go handle a family emergency. Who was the first to get a hat? Shyne. He says he is proud of her for coming back after getting her epic beat down….lol.

So in the end who does Chance get rid of? Bombshell has to go…..And he got rid of Brown Suga’s boring behind……

When called out for sleeping with secrurity, Smallz throws Biggie under the bus in order to stay….that was messed up. Chance says he has a special guest man coming that will help him sort out all the mess that has been going down in the house…..who? We will see next episode!

So I am moving getting these recaps out! Happy New Year guys! Keep rocking with your girl as we speed to those reunion episodes, yawl ready? I am. We love you Zeus! We love you Chance!

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