Recap Of One Mo’ Chance Season 2 Episode Five: “THE KNOCKOUT ROUND”

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season. But if you haven’t started watching the fifth episode, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode five. Ready? Let’s get started…


Okay last episode left off with Skittlz attacking Shyne for absolutely no reason, and now we are back tuning in because we want to know why. And this better be good Skittlz because let me tell you something about me….I can’t stand a bully. Yodela had already beat this girl senseless so why attack when you got no beef, and the girl clearly got those hands and feet put on her by Yodela. This explanation better make sense, because I’m mad you fooled me. I didn’t think you would do that, nobody did.

So when Skittlz explains why in her confessional, it was basically because she didn’t like that she snuck Yodela. Girl bye, you sound like you in junior high. Talking bout you can’t respect that Shyne snuck Yodela, but excuse me you just did the same thing. Where I’m from, we give you a fair one. Only certain instances will we jump in. Yodela would have just had to catch Shyne. Most I would of done was blocked her from escaping, but there was no need for anyone else to hit the poor girl.

Skittlz is being dragged away by security and her wig is a mess. Chance is checking on Shyne who is rightfully upset. It’s bad enough Yodela went straight South Central on dat ass but Skittlz? There is a special place for women who do what you did.

Ma’am you are officially on notice, if I liked you before? I don’t now, so watch it. I have no problem getting you together in this trifflin recap, you ratched and I will oblige you if you push the issue. This can’t be what they do in New York…..

Even Natalie is giving Skittlz the side eye, everybody is. It’s just not a good look. The girl was defenseless. Even Natalie feels bad. Back to the boxing.

Brown Suga vs. Bombshell…the winner is Bombshell.

Bombshell started the fight wind milling she ends up losing her balance. I must admit, Brown Suga got them hands but Bombshell gave it right back. It was a close fight so Chance want the crowd to decide who won. When Chance calls Bombshell, “Flatback” She twerks her flat booty and hit a split.

Lol. Flat booties matter, let’s start a hashtag.

Ha! Get it Bombshell. Brown Suga, not be outdone is on her knees twerking her booty. Now that, is a booty!

Bad & Bougie vs. Skittlz…the winner is Bad & Bougie.

Bad & Bougie is trained in boxing, and Skittlz is a street fighter. Skittlz overheard Bad & Bougie calling her names behind putting hands on Shyne, so now its up. Bad & Bougie may be short, older and Bougie but out of all the ladies, she can actually box. Skittlz did hold her own though. Her helmet shifts and according to her she could see but she kept right on swinging.


Because it’s a fight. Chance breaks them up. He says there is no punching people into the ropes…..Round 2 they end up on the floor fighting their patooties off! Now that, was a fight.


Skittlz helmet once again gets turned and she can’t see. Her crew in the house is getting mad, Bad & Bougie is working Skittlz over, she is putting hands and feet on the young lady, Yodela almost jumped in….but if you really rep OUR city, we only rat pack in certain situations and this aint one of them. Chance declares the winner, Bad & Bougie.

Slim vs. Daugh Tee…the winner is Slim.

Slim has beef with Daugh Tee remember, plus she tells Chance Daugh Tee won’t keep her name out her mouth. So they square up, and little Slim surprised us all. Who knew this little package had so much dynamite in it? Gran Tee is looking on and she doesn’t like what she sees, lol. Round 2 wasn’t much better, poor Daugh Tee got tossed to the ground and now Gran Tee is pissed.  Security had to climb in the ring to get Slim off Daugh Tee.


Now that was a fight. Chance is trying to calm Gran Tee down because she wants to tell Slim a little sumthin….Yeah Slim did that!

But you know what? Daugh Tee gave Slim a hug. Why? Because there is no hard feelings. I respect that. I respect that a lot. They had beef, they settled it in the ring like warriors. My hat goes off to you two, because you actually understood the assignment! Maybe Chance was onto something? Everybody claps as they embrace and both apologize to each other for the friction they had in the house. I love when women act like grown women. Score one for womanhood! Yay!

But yawl are all officially put on notice, Slim got those hands and she will let them fly, ya dig?

Soulja Girl vs. Smilez…the winner is Soulja Girl.

Soon as they square up, Soulja Girl socks Smilez square in the face….yeah, this isn’t about be pretty. But I give it to Smilez she fought back. It’s okay not to be a fighter, but she didn’t give up, and for that I will give her props. She didn’t back down, it was a fight but in the end she got beat up.  Soulja Girls twerks while Chance checks on Smilez who has a busted nose. But I give it to her, Smilez is still smiling.

Gran Tee doesn’t have to fight, well duh who wants to see a grown woman fighting women half her age or even younger? So yeah, we didn’t want to have to see that even though Gran Tee seems like she could hold her own.

So now that the fighting is over its back to the house because they need to get ready for elimination. Bye Natalie, it was nice seeing you again!

Back at the house…

Its elimination time. The ladies line up and wait for Chance. Chance tells us and the girls, he is disappointed that none of the girls have came by his room to have private visit. He says Wap Wap is the only one showed love when she put the gift by the door. He thanks her for the attention she has shown him. Shyne is absent from elimination, she is recuperating from the beat down Yodela gave her, lol.


So Chance feels so bad Shyne gets a pass from elimination. She is put up in a hotel. The way she was talking, who knew Shyne would end up being so soft?

Soulja Girl is the first he calls up. He tells her she hasn’t been stepping up enough she has been playing the background. He asks her if she is really here for him…..Um Chance, didn’t you see how she beat the snot out of Smilez who she has absolutely no beef with, just for your love, and here you are questioning if she is here for you? Duh, she beating girls up….she’s here for you dude. In the end, he gives her the well deserved hat.

Chance eliminates Gran Tee because he feels she is only there to watch Daugh Tee’s back. Aaaaaw! I liked Gran Tee. Bye Gran Tee, thanks for repping for the grown ladies. Muah!

Biggie is called down to the front. Chance tells us Wap Wap has some information about her. Wap Wap calls Biggie the whore of Babylon, Mary Magdalene and a jezebel…..what the hell is Wap Wap talking about?

Wap Wap clarifies that Biggie is not here for him. She says Biggie does a lot of sucking and f***ing….Chance questions Biggie. How is it she is doing all this sucking and he never got sucked off once? My question is who have she been doing these activities with in the house. The other girls? The security guards? Production? Who is Biggie f***ing? We want to know!

Wap Wap says she is sucking on a man but she can’t disclose his name. She says it is actually two men.


Chance orders Biggie back to the lineup of girls.

When Skittlz is called to the carpet she and Bad & Bougie get into an argument. Skittlz claims she didn’t get her ass whooped…..lady you did, but its okay it happens to the best of them.

In the end Chance eliminated Danii Dashian who honestly didn’t seem like she knew who Chance was or was all that interested in being in a competition for his love. When he tells her he is going to send her back to her plastic world, she gets offended, and rightfully so. She checks him for calling her plastic, good for you Danii, don’t let him disrespect you cause he was checking for you either way so don’t let him be rude to you. She is not sad to go home because being put on the spot was embarrassing. Was it me, or did it seem like she wouldn’t have been comfortable with Chance anyway. And Micah didn’t seem to like her either. Well by Danii Dashian, you didn’t lower your principals in the end, and I think you shouldn’t be embarrassed with the way you carried yourself. Bye bye!

So everybody else got their hat, and we cant wait for the next episode….

Once again, thank you to everyone who is keeping up with the recaps. I’m trying to get them out before the reunion and they are somewhat out of sequence but I’m getting them done! Shout out to Chance and Zeus Network for entertaining us throughout this God awful pandemic but it seems that unlike Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta, I will not be giving you a “special” post for this show because I’m trying to catch up before the reunion… we will see, give me a holla if its really what you all want. Other than that, expect the next recap soon.

Happy New Years to you all…..

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