Recap Of One Mo’ Chance Season 2 Episode Four: “Fight or Flight”

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well, you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season. But if you haven’t started watching the fourth episode, click off because this is the recap, and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode four. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Four: “Fight or Flight”

Remember last episode Chance told the girls at the elimination ceremony that he had something special planned for them. Are you excited to see something besides these women fighting like cats and dogs? Well let’s hope it’s a vacation…..

So, the episode begins in the early morning with scenes of the ladies getting ready for the day.  Gran Tee looked really good in the bob wig she had on in her confessional. She says she hopes they don’t have the drama they had the other day. Well sorry to inform you, this is a reality show so you can expect nonstop drama. Ms. Sonya. That’s what you signed up for.

We see Wap Wap traversing up the stairs to visit Chance and she has a gift bag and a stuffed bear in her hands. He says she wants Chance to feel appreciated for giving her a hat. I think that was a nice gesture. She says she is a sentimental thug. She leaves her gift on the floor in front of his room and knocks then goes downstairs before Chance opens his bedroom door to see her gift on the floor waiting for him.

Of course, he makes a joke talking about the bag looked like it came from Pic n’ Save, lol. But he says he has a lot of love for Wap Wap for thinking of him. It was a nice gesture. But he does say the bear looked like it came from the Goodwill. Ha! Remind me never the buy this ninja a gift.


Slim, Smilez, Rollie and Wap Wap are sitting poolside dipping their legs in the pool, smoking and chatting about the drama in the house. Bad & Bougie comes out a gives Smilez cheek a peck as she says good morning to all the ladies and then goes off to do her own thing.

Slim is upset Baybi Ruth was sent home, I mean she was cool but obviously not Chance’s type and the way he likes insulting women, I think it is best she left. He can be brutal especially since a lot of the women on his show chose not to check him for some reason.

Smilez was hoping that more girls would have gotten eliminated. Yes! Finally, someone who remembers this is a dang gone competition not Bad Girls Club and a chance to make lifelong friends. Who cares who goes as long as you are the one who gets to stay?

Smilez reminds Rollie that she went the heck off on her the previous day. Rollie explains when she is mad, she does not want anyone to try to calm her down so that’s why Smilez got that reaction. Smilez wonders how Rollie can switch it up like that. One minute they are cool and next thing she knows…..ROAR!


Smilez calls Rollie bipolar in her confessional. But at poolside once again Rollie sets her straight. She tells she is there for Chance not to check her about her behavior. Smilez points out that Rollie’s drama is affecting everybody in the house. Rollie obviously doesn’t care, Smilez.

Rollie tells them she is there to give them jobs…..Wap Wap is like hold up, but you not giving me no job…..

Ooops Rollie you forgot you wasn’t still talking to calm cool and collected Smilez. Wap Wap is like, nope not me! But no big deal, they breeze right on by that, lol. Wap Wap says she is focusing on being there for Chance she wants this to be the last season when he picks her.

Girl bye, even if Chance does pick you, he will still have another season because duh, this is about money and fame not love. But shhhhhh! I don’t think we suppose to notice that, wink wink. So let me get back to pretending and get back to this trifling recap.


They decide to go get dressed for the day.


Chance is meeting with Micah to discuss all the fighting the girls have been doing in the house. Chance is bummed he had to let Baybi Ruth go, but Micah is wondering why he chose her in the first place?


Chance says these girls think they are bad, so he needs to call in the number one Bad Girl for reinforcement. He gets Natalie Nunn from season four of Bad Girls Club on the line. He tells her the ladies have been bad and he needs her. So, Natalie is about to pull up…..and do what?

Chance tells Micah to tell the girls to put on their sports gear and running shoes because they are going in…..Micah says there has been a whole lot of talking but not enough fighting for love.

Micah finds a group of the girls in one of the rooms and he asks a good question. He asks Biggie, Smallz, Skittlz, Soulja Girl and Yodela why they were all laying in the bed together.

That’s what we want to know. Especially, since Smallz goofy self worried about Yodela staying…..despite it being a competition. Something is up with those sisters. Biggie was jostling Smallz boobs in one of the scenes and it got me to wondering…..what kind of sister’s touch each other like that? Maybe I’m a prude, but I be damm if I’m going to be getting this close to some ladies I’m competing against, but whatever. I got my good eye on those too though. I’m just saying do you all touch all on your sisters like that. He says they need to get some gear on in about ten minutes. He goes to find the other girls.

He finds Gran Tee in the bed alone, of course. Aint no woman of a certain age gonna be laid up in the bed with a bunch of women like they are having a slumber party. So of course, she is in bed without company. He tells her to put on her booty shorts and a sports bra and she is like I’ll pass, lol. He tells Brown Suga, Daugh Tee and Smilez the same instructions. He finds the last of the girls and tells them too.

They all pile into the vans. They all ponder what they are about to go do. In one van, Gran Tee tells Bad & Bougie they all assumed she slept with Chance the night before because they saw her in her lingerie. But she shuts the rumor down by letting them know she just wears lingerie, period she didn’t sleep with Chance. Rollie wants to know why they don’t mind their own business…..well we want to know because we nosy, so no tell us the tea! But yes, it really isn’t anybody’s business what Bad & Bougie does with Chance, that’s true.

But Bad & Bougie calls Rollie out for calling her “Botox p***y” lol. Apparently Fluffy said she wasn’t here for Chance and Rollie calls her out for it. She reminds Fluffy that there are cameras in the van catching all of the audio. Well, I didn’t hear her say it but apparently Rollie did. Isn’t that convenient? It’s like whatever will make another contestant look bad, Rollie just happens to be there to witness it……Wap Wap clarifies. She asked Fluffy if she was here for Chance and she said no.


Meanwhile in the other van, Skittlz, in a pink wig, knows something is up. She says, I hope we not going to no boxing ring….She figured out, that production wants everybody to get the anger out in a productive way because the ladies have been fighting in the house seemingly nonstop. Some of the other girls don’t agree with her but she holds on to her suggestion and insists, I think we fighting…..

Well, what if yawl are?

Biggie thinks they may be fighting but it’s not going to be in a boxing ring…..

But once again, what if yawl are?


In the other van, Rollie announces to the van that Wap Wap asked Fluffy if she was there for Chance and she said, no. So Fluffy gets that burning question, if you are not here for Chance, what is your point of being on the show?

Fluffy says she is there to get to know Chance. She says it’s not realistic to say you love someone you don’t even know. She is there to get to know Chance, but no she was not interested in Chance before the show.

But you know what? Fluffy takes her hat out of the ring. She says the women in the house are too argumentative and that’s not her cup of tea. She is leaving the competition. The girls are like, but we are not even arguing. Rollie points out, there were other girls being talked about not her. But Fluffy has had it with all the drama. She’s out…. She put her headphones in her ears and began to rock out, ignoring all the girls in the van.

Well, Wap Wap aint having it. While Fluffy rocks out, she continues to point out to the girls Fluffy had been negative the whole time they have been in the van. Rollie is pissed that Fluffy is ignoring her. She tells her she doesn’t have to be rude just because she didn’t know cameras was catching the conversation in the van, but it’s like talking to a wall, Fluffy is jamming out because she has already shown and proved…..The conversation for her, was over, lol.

The girls are calling Fluffy weird because as Rollie berates her, she obliviously is bobbing to the music in her headphones knowing that Rollie’s mouth is moving, but she could care less about the words that are coming out of her mouth. The girls were upset because Fluffy was not going back and forth with them. She had the attitude; I said what I said and if you all want to run to Chance, go right ahead. Rollie is so irritated….

Priceless! And she is leaving because of all the disrespect and drama. Plus, she can tell Chance doesn’t like her, these girls are not her types of chicks, the house is toxic so see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!

Bye Fluffy. Way to go out on your own terms…’s been real, loved how you represented and stood up for yourself without demeaning or debasing yourself for a man who clearly wasn’t into you.


So, the girls arrive to, Skittlz guessed correctly, a professional boxing gym equipped with a boxing ring……ut oh!

Here comes Chance and Micah. Since the girls have been fighting in the house the goal is to duke it out in the ring and then go back to the house with the bad blood out of their system and the house would be calm. Good plan.

Chance notices someone is missing. Where is Fluffy? Wap Wap tells Chance and Micah that she asked Fluffy if she was here for Chance and she said no, and after Rollie called her out she put headphones in and refused to engage. In her confessional, Wap Wap takes credit for getting Fluffy out of the house she says it was all planned out and Fluffy fell for the bait, basically.

But when Rollie said that aint even Fluffy’s real hair….Chance looks floored. She says Fluffy’s afro is a lace front wig, ha!

He introduces his sis Natalie. They all clap. Natalie looks good in that leather outfit, I like that. Chance tells Natalie the girls have been tearing up his house. Natalie tells us Chance called her so she pulled up to access the situation.

The Rules…

Whoever got beef in the house will settle it in the ring, then the remaining ladies who don’t have beef will fight for the love of Chance. Natalie tells the ladies don’t worry about their wigs, she never does, and that’s true….

Smallz says she never boxed before. She only fought once, but her hands work, so let’s just see how well shall me?

Chance tells the women that whoever doesn’t want to participate will be on the chopping block, Danii Dashian raises her hand and tells Chance she doesn’t want to box….once again he is floored.


She says fighting is not her, so she isn’t participating, and I don’t blame her because she is not a fighter. Chance tells her he knew she didn’t have love for him. She does, just not enough to have her face rearranged on national television…


She bids everybody a goodbye and dips. Chance is disappointed because he was really attracted to her.

Chance lets the women warm up in preparation to get in the ring and box. They hit the bags etc. to warm up.

Sonya reveals its been over thirty years since fought, she is not a fighter.


Chance announces to everybody that Wap Wap brought him a teddy bear that look like it came from the Goodwill, she is shocked. In her confessional she tells us, it came from the Goodwill and cost a whole 75 cents. Well it’s the thought that counts.

He he!

Enough of the warmup let’s get to it….the main event. Let’s get ready to rumble…

The Throwdowns……

Wap Wap vs. Biggie…the winner is Biggie.

She walks off…her dramatic behind is being followed by security. Wap Wap is a bully that has been exposed. Sad she is going out like this. She is crying and everything….let’s move on.

Rollie vs. Smallz…the winner is Rollie, duh. But Smallz held her own so I will give her props. I cracked up when Rollies big ole tits knocked Chance down and then she pinned him to the ring and humps him.


Shyne vs. Yodela…the winner is Yodela, duh. Remember in the confessional Shyne said she could fight?


Yodela heard that Shyne was in the house telling people she was going to beat her arse and she brought up her friend that had passed away. Rumors is she speaking on King Von allegedly. So for that? Yodela beat the blood, sweat, tears and lymph out of the poor girl. All I have to say Yodela? You did that!

Shyne’s punk ass gonna hit Yodela when she wasn’t expecting it then she ran out of the ring….


Yodela was mad and so was I. Shyne, you are a punk and you need your ass whooped for sucker punching Yodela you mark ass pooh butt. Yodela jumps out of the right hot on Shyne’s tail. Shyne’s titty is hanging out by the way, lol.

Shyne is surrounded by people so she is talking cash money mess. in her confessional she is gangsta….shut up Shyne. WE SEEEEEEEE YOU IDIOT!!!!!

Now Yodela and Shyne are going back and forth outside of the ring. For all the mess she is talking when Yodela starts walking towards her she literally ran like a scared kitten.

WTF is wrong with Shyne? Yodela catches her and gives her a round two….and when they were separated Shyne is back selling those fraudulent, counterfeit, bogus, wolf tickets….this girl is dumb.

But what I don’t respect? Skittlz attacks Shyne…..


Let’s find out next episode!

What are your thoughts?

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