Recap Of One Mo’ Chance Season 2 Episode Three: “Say My Name, Say My Name”

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well, you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season. But if you haven’t started watching the third episode, click off because this is the recap, and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of episode three. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Three: “Say My Name, Say My Name”

The episode starts where it left off last week with Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz throwing things at the two sisters in the kitchen. Rollie picks up a chair and tries to throw it at the sisters, but security grabs her first. Security is retraining Rollie. Maria is saying that Rollie just threw a candle at her.

It was weird because we didn’t hear the sisters say nothing about Rollie’s son. I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I’m just saying it was mighty funny, that’s all. Gabriella is upset that the candle apparently was aimed at her as well. Well anyway she is saying basically Rollie should of squared up instead of throwing the candle. The sisters want Rollie gone. They are outside with Yodela complaining about being in the house with her.

Yodela doesn’t think Chance is going to want to be with any of these girls because of their behavior. What do you guys think? Is this group of girls less desirable than the girls of previous seasons?

Meanwhile, Rollie is back outside with the other girls. Charrise thinks it is crazy that all of the fighting has been going on in the house, I agree. Charrise understands why Rollie went into the kitchen to fight the demon sisters, because Rollie told them that the sisters were speaking about her son. She says that’s worse than Rollie calling her Botox pussy, lol.


Yodela and the sisters are still out front, but Yodela is saying Rollie Pollie is upset about something that is not true. And that makes sense. If the sisters were talking about her son, why is it that none of the girls heard it but her?


Rollie is my girl, but I doubt the sisters were talking about her kid. So now the sisters, even the FAT ONE, is talking mess about Rollie, calling her all kinds of names and speaking on her smell….

So now I don’t care that Rollie threw the candle at these two. I’m sorry but how you gonna be fat, calling somebody fat? It’s ridiculous.

Gabriella is saying her vagina is wet and juicy, and we don’t care. You two are weird, I don’t even know why Yodela is giving them the time of day. Maria is saying Rollie can’t reach her vagina to clean it…..

I beg to differ. Chance even told us last season that despite Rollie being big, she doesn’t smell. And trust me, he seems like the type of dude who would say it. This is just dumb. I hate when women speak on another woman’s vaginal hygiene…..its classless. Especially because how do you defend against that? I mean at some point everybody stinks that’s why we all bathe regularly… it’s always a low blow that men love to hurl at women. When women do that to other women, I cringe. We are supposed to know better.

Yodela is laughing when Maria says Rollie needs to get her vagina cleaned. Why? Maybe she thinks it cool to laugh at women clowning other women and body shaming them. You are laughing at them clowning Rollie?

Girl bye.

Yodela you are from L.A. and I’m from L.A. so I won’t go there with you. But really? So far you haven’t done anything to piss me off too bad , so I will just move on. But you are pushing it standing outside with these two, clowning Rollie. Not cute.


Rollie is now calmly going off on Nadia. She says she didn’t see what happened so she shouldn’t be speaking to her about the incident. When Nadia continues to speak about Rollie acting inappropriate in the house, Sonya tells her she should just stop speaking because she is sitting between them, and she doesn’t want to have to move when Rollie commences to whoop her Nadia’s behind…. When she doesn’t Sonya moves out from sitting between Nadia and Rollie and tells her to “Go on and knock the f**k out of her”…..


Later that night….

They have all changed clothes. Rollie is sitting outside with Tokyo and Stormi and surprise, surprise, she has lost her voice. They are talking about what occurred earlier that night. Out comes Sonya, and Meeko and they join them. Rollie starts downing the sisters to the other girls.


I’m sick of these women talking about each other. They don’t focus on Chance half as much as they focus on each other, and it is super-duper annoying. Stormi says she is not into the fighting, and neither am I. I’m just not a fighter. And when my focus is on a man, I wish I would get sidetracked worrying about the competition, it’s a waste of energy…..unless these women are gay, then it makes sense why they worry more about females than the man they are supposedly checking for….

I’m just saying it’s exhausting. Tokyo says that she doesn’t like that the first impression Chance got of her was that she is a fighter. But yet and still, you couldn’t wait to act a fool and try to fight….make it make sense sis? She says she is here for Chance but she is going to beat up the sisters for throwing things at her.

Lord, help us. These ladies just don’t get it do they? You are supposed to be there for Chance not each other. But okay.

The Naming Ceremony

The ladies are all lined up on the stairs waiting for chance. Meanwhile Chance and Micah are sitting down talking about the upcoming ceremony. Chance is getting wasted, yawl!

Micah wants to know who picked this batch of girls because Chance is already apparently wary of all of them and that’s not a good sign. It’s the third episode and Micah seems over the girls.

Well, damm.

Chance is ready to get down to the business of naming the girls and hell, we too are tired of waiting. He calls the first lady forward.

Dani says she doesn’t know a lot about Chance. Really, she doesn’t know jack about him, including his real name. But he likes her plastic body, so her name becomes……Danii Dashian.

Next up, Diamond. Chance asks her if she was a stripper and she admitted that she is a dancer. Then Chance gonna say, that it is hard to take a stripper home to meet his mama. Diamond starts to defend herself and a very tipsy Chance gets annoyed that he is being interrupted while he is making a speech about his mama. Chance asks her if she likes to smoke and says he is going to call her “Bleezy” but she objects. She says she doesn’t want to be called “Bleezy”. She claims she had a goldfish called Bleezy. He changes his mind and calls her Shyne. She immediately starts to object and he starts screaming “Shyne it is” and shoos her off.

Yawl Chance is getting tore up drunk during the ceremony.

Next Chance calls up the demon sisters. “Come forward double up…” Gabriella tells him that they made up a dance for him. They say a rhyme and bend over so he can “Slap their buns”. I have to admit it was different. Chance spanks their booties and tells him he liked their dance. So he ponders on what to call them…..Gabriella becomes Biggie and Maria becomes Smallz. For some reason Gabriella is offended because she says she is not fat.

Girl, knock it off.

Next up, Sashanna who is cool with her new name despite him rudely telling her she needs to eat. I can appreciate a good sport, and she was okay with him insulting her. He names her, Slim.

Next up, Louisa who we find out has three kids the oldest is twenty-three…. Chance names her. Baybi Ruth.

Next up Stoney, who think has a very interesting look with her colorful wigs? She says she is the biggest hair stylist out of New York City, oh well that explains the wigs. Unlike Dani, Stoney knows all about Chance because she says she is really there for him. He names her Skittlz and she tells him he could taste the rainbow tonight.

Next up, Tokyo who he immediately calls “Pumkin” and she rolls her eyes and tells him she doesn’t like the name. Well, who would? He asks her what she does, and she sponsors the “wap community” …whatever in the heck that means. He gives her the name Wap Wap.

Next is Nadi who looks really cute in her animal print dress and glasses. Chance is mesmerized by her booty and her beautiful smile. We find out she is from Milan. She becomes Smilez.

Chance is drunk now when he calls up Dominique. Chance and Micah like that she says she can cook and clean and take care of Chance. He names her Brown Suga. She also lets him smack on her ample behind.

Next, Charisse comes sash shaying up to the brothers in a nice skintight pink dress. Chance tells her the way she walks he can’t tell if she has a bum ankle or if her walk is sexy, lol. She is from Trinidad. She tells him she thirty-three which is clearly a lie. She looks good though however old she is. She gives him a taste of her singing voice…’s a no for me. He names her Bad & Bougie.

Next up, Khadijah who immediately bends over so Chance could see her booty, but Micah points out that he saw her goodies too. She tells him, well close your eyes.


We find out she was in the army. He names her Soulja Girl.

Next up, Stormi who Chance doesn’t seem to like much. He once again comes for her hair, and I don’t like it. As a Black man, I do not appreciate him downing a Black woman for of all things, the same type of hair he also has. Its self-hating, but he refuses to just let it go he wants to call her hair a bird’s nest. She says she is in a metal band but when he asks her to sing she doesn’t. He names her Fluffy.

Chance, I like you obviously, but as you can tell, I will always say how I feel. Stop insulting Black women for being Black because if you keep pushing the issue…..never mind. Do what you do and I will do the same. You have been warned. I finally decided to wear my natural hair since I moved down South, only to find a lot of Black men want us to wear perms, weaves, straight wigs….anything but be NAPPY. Shut up Chance, it’s ignorant. She’s Black. If you don’t like Black women with natural hair state your preference without being insulting, ok? Let’s move on because like I said I do like Chance, but he can work my nerves sometimes with the foolishness, ya dig?

Stormi…..I love your confidence.

Chance calls the next girl forward, Meeko tries to come forward, but Rollie pushes her out of the way with an excuse me.

I love Rollie she cracks me up. Meeko gives her a look of incredulity, and Rollie shoos her towards the stairs, “Go back” she tells her. Meeko tries to push the issue, but Rollie stays put. She ends up retaining her name Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz.

So, Meeko comes forward, but Chance calls her mom, Sonya up as well. We find out Sonya is 59. Micah tells her she looks good. Well go Mama Sonya and represent for the older ladies who are still putting themselves out there for love, we respect that. But Micah doesn’t know if she and Chance will make a good couple, and I agree. I don’t see it.  Meeko gifts Chance a Rose Quartz which is a crystal that she says brings unconditional love. He names Sonya, Gran Tee. He names Meeko, Daugh Tee.


Next up is Rosie who says she is twenty-three and from Columbia. She literally has a flat behind, and Chance wants to name her “Flat Back”. She refuses to be named that. I like that she stood up against Chance and his insults. He takes people there. I always wonder why the women don’t check him like that. Good for you Rosie because he was drunk and being a tad bit disrespectful. He names her Bombshell, because she blew up Micah’s bathroom when she first came into the house, chuckle, chuckle. But says he still is going to call her “Flat Back”.


Next up Yodela who keeps the name. She had on a pretty pink dress which I thought looked good on her. She says she got her teeth done….no comment. Yodela is a cute girl I just wish she didn’t feel the need to improve on herself, because those teeth……let’s just move on.

The Elimination…..

Chance says he did something different this season, but he seems to be regretting the choice of girls. Well, you picked them. Micah doesn’t like some of the attitudes he is seeing from the girls. Chance says if the girls can’t take his creativity with the names he wants to give the girls maybe they shouldn’t be there…..but again, YOU PICKED THEM.

Micah says when Chance is in lust, he knows his type but when he is looking for love he doesn’t know what he is looking for. We are confused too Micah. Micah wants to get rid of them all, lol.

Once the girls are in front of him for the elimination, Chance chastises the women for their behavior so far. He tells Rollie she is out of control in the house. Micah asks Rollie why she went crazy. She says that the demon sisters said “f**k my son”. So now Chance tells the sisters that their behavior was messed up as well.

The first lady picked is Yodela who looks like she miserable. She doesn’t feel well. He tells her he doesn’t feel she is there for him and eliminates her.

But what takes the cake is Smallz is super-duper upset because Yodela is her friend. You can’t make this up. Smallz it is a competition you ding bat. Chance is just playing and gives Yodela her hat.

Feel better Yodela.

So, in the end who gets eliminated? Baybi Ruth. We kinda saw that coming. But you were cool about it so we wish you the best.

So, we will have to see what happens next episode, thanks for rocking with me I promise you I do it for all the people who really want an in-depth recap from a real fan. Muah!

What are your thoughts?

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