Recap Of One Mo’ Chance Season 2 Episode Twelve : “The Decision”

I’m back to recap One Mo’ Chance Season 2, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping each and every episode of this season. But if you haven’t started watching the final episode, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the recap of the final episode. Ready? Let’s get started…

Episode Twelve:“The Decision”

The episode starts with Chance and Micah on the balcony, and Chance feels he need to get to the bottom of things and see which one of the ladies is really genuine and who really has love for him. Chance says he is having a tough time picking between Bad & Bougie and Soulja Girl.

Chance says he could honestly just get rid of everybody and just get prepared for season three, basically. Seems to mean he wasn’t really feeling the girl from season too much. He seems to regret getting rid of Yodela and Rollie because he genuinely knows they cared for him, but he know wasn’t no chemistry they are really his friends at this point.

Micah seems down to just scrap all the girls and just start fresh but he says he doesn’t want to jump the gun and Chance has a decision to make. There is just one more elimination round they have to get through. Chance would like Micah to just go by each of the ladies rooms and have a final conversation with them to see where their heads are at. He says he loves Micah’s opinions, and we do too for the most part Micah has been the voice of reason for Chance. Chance says if Micah doesn’t like them then he won’t love them….

Okay what sense does that make, but okay.

Chance says after Micah talks with the ladies then he can take it from there. Micah asks Chance if he is sure he can handle the decision by himself and he says he will be alright. Micah says whatever Chance decides he is rocking with him.

Bad & Bougie is on a couch reading a magazine?

So Bad & Bougie just so happens to be just lounging around the house and just happens to be flipping through a magazine? Looks rather staged to me, but we will just roll with it because it’s cute. So Micah comes down the stairs and finds her flipping away. She tells Micah she is taking a break….

A break! He asks her. I mean girl what have you been doing, it’s a reality show! She tells him the house is beautiful so she is just enjoying it.

Micah apparently has heard a lot about her. He first tells her what he does like about her. He thinks she is the right age and he likes that she doesn’t have children. Micah feels that Chance doesn’t need any more children added to the fold. He says she seems mature.

But, he also has some things he does not like about her. He says he has started to see other side to her like when she fought Mangina. He said he didn’t expect to see that side from her because she was the most mature of the women in the house. He says she is too tough to be acting like that and brings up her stellar performance in the boxing ring. He claims she got pretty violent and they show a flashback of Bad& Bougie kicking ass and taking names in the boxing ring.

She tells Micah that means that she could protect Chance too. Micah says it seems like he may need some protection from her….


Bad & Bougie says she is a lover….Micah interrupts her and says, “and a fighter”.

Lol. What does Micah have against Bad & Bougie. He doesn’t seem to like her for Chance it seems. He thinks her behavior in the house has made her look crazy and immature. She basically says that Chance doesn’t need to be with a punk and she can’t be faulted for knowing how to use her hands.

Micah also tells her he heard she was a prostitute and this she denies. Damm, so we just going to be calling women prostitutes with no proof? Micah says he hopes she is not there for clout, and she says she is not. She gives a touching speech about being all about family, but Micah doesn’t seem all that convinced. Bad & Bougie says she is there for family and she is there for Chance. Micah says if what she says is true, Chance may have a hat for her.


Micah finds Soulja Girl laying on the bed looking at her cell phone. It’s probably staged as well but at least she looked believable, lol. He knocks on the door and when he enters she says, “Hey brother in law” and he is surprised, “Oh brother in law” he asks her. He feels she is way too comfortable and acting like she has already won the competition.

Soulja Girl feels Micah does not like her. He feels she is broadcasting that she has slept with Chance and he feels that is not enough to win the competition or Chance’s heart. Micah tells her if the decision was his she would not be getting the final hat…


Soulja Girl reminds him the decision is Chance’s. He says she has a connection with Chance and its more than the fact that they are sleeping with each other.

Micah asks her if she had Chance’s heart more than he does…..what an odd question. She says no. Micah reminds us in the confessional that if he is not happy then Chance won’t be happy….

Ok. It’s clear that you aren’t too keen on none of these girls so what is the plan Micah?

Soulja Girl tries to explain her connection with Chance but just ends up seeming very naïve. Micah thinks all she has to offer is sex, basically. He has a problem with her having kids with two men as well. She says she has a deeper connection but doesn’t seem to be able to verbalize that very well.

Micah leaves her to ponder on her and Chance while he says he will think if she should get a hat…he tells her it has to be more than just sex or she will be leaving the competition.

The final date with the final two….

Chance sets up a final date with the two women. Soulja Girl puts on a short romper and prepares to go downstairs to see Chance. Bad & Bougie decides to attend the date in lingerie. Chance comes down in an all black turtle neck and for some reason dark black shades that he keeps on.

Bad & Bougie snatches him into a hug and begins kissing on him. He tells her she is loveable and motherly. He then goes over and smooches with Soulja Girl. Chance wants to toast to the final two so he starts to open the champagne. He says he hated to see the other girls be eliminated. Soulja Girl says she didn’t.

Chance is nervous to open the champagne so he has Bad & Bougie do it. She pops it but it sprays out all over the room. Chance runs away from the champagne spray like a little kid.


Bad & Bougie wants him to lick champagne off her breasts. Sigh, really? He does. But he is concerned that champagne doesn’t get on his outfit, ha,ha!

Soulja Girl calls her old and they proceed to trade insults for most of the date. Chance was really annoyed. I always think it is a mistake for women to put each other down in competition for a man. I think when you a really a prize you don’t have to do that, but what do I know.

Bad & Bougie basically calls Soulja Girl young and stupid, and Soulja Girl calls her old. It went on and on. It was stupid.

Chance makes a toast. They all click glasses and are sipping on champagne. He says all the negative things the women are saying about each other have him confused about the decision he should make.

They continue to trade insults and it’s much of the same. When Bad& Bougie says that Soulja Girl told her that she had to go home and watch her kids because she didn’t have friends to help her, it went left. Chance said something to the effect of it looked like that meant that he would be stuck watching a bunch of kids and Bad Bougie being petty said, exactly. Soulja Girl got extremely upset that her kids were brought up. Chance didn’t like her strong reaction to her kids being brought up. At one point Chance put his hand out to calm her down and she swatted his hand away. He acted like she was the Incredible Hulk, when all she did was tell Bad & Bougie not to bring up her kids.

Lol. Chance is so dramatic.

They argue some more with Soulja Girl continue to say don’t bring up her kids. I’m confused to why Soulja Girl is so upset. Bad & Bougie is correct, she is not the first person to bring up her kids, but Soulja Girl has never responded like this to any of them. Chance is observing this while Bad & Bougie is providing a steady flow of snide negative comments about Soulja Girl and Soulja Girl is rambling nonstop about people bringing up her kids…..

Finally Chance asks the ladies to go to their rooms because he has heard enough. Bad & Bougie is giddy because she got Soulja Girl to bug out for absolutely no reason, and Soulja Girl quietly walks off mad that Chance didn’t defend her. Chance tells Bad & Bougie to get ready for elimination and to go rinse off because Champagne had spilled on her when she opened the bottle. He goes to find Soulja Girl who is still ranting and raving about her kids being brought up. He tells her to get ready for elimination. He goes to kiss her, but first he tells her that her lip has been greasy all night as if she has been eating fried chicken and he scolds her for drinking so much. She notices his breath and tells him he has been smoking all kinds of concoctions, lol.

How romantic.


Chance is getting ready for the final elimination, and Micah brings in “Black Elvis” a designer who has designed Chance a fly leather coat for the night. It’s really banging! Elvis looks like quite the character. Chance need s to check in with Micah and see what he has found out about the girls.

Before he leaves them to discuss the ladies, Chance asks Black Elvis to pray for him, he says he already did but it don’t look like its working…..

I cracked up.

Micah tells Chance he heard a lot of commotion downstairs, so how did it go?

Chance says the girls went head to head and he found out things from the one girl about the other and vice versa. Basically he heard and saw a lot of things and he doesn’t feel good about making a decision tonight. And despite hearing the tea from Rollie of all people, Micah tells Chance he heard Bad & Bougie was a prostitute. Chance says he can’t believe it.

Chance tells Micah he has elimination to do…he will be going solo tonight. He asks Micah to pray for him to make the right decision…..I think Chance is a little tipsy, yawl.


Micah says he doesn’t think Chance is capable of making the right decision without him, but he will pray for him. Yawl let’s just get to it…….

The Time Has Come For The Decision……

Soulja Girl says she knows that Chance doesn’t have a connection with Bad & Bougie but she is nervous about tonight based off how the finale date went. Both ladies decide to wear white and Bad & Bougie is singing “Here comes the bride” in her confessional. She says Chance has been giving her mixed feelings so she doesn’t know about how tonight will go.

For some reason Soulja Girl says she thought Yodela would be the final one standing beside her and not Bad & Bougie….Yodela didn’t seem to be into Chance like that. It’s crazy how so many girls got close to her or low key act like they admire her. So I hope in the end Yodela got some clout off of this show. It seems like a lot of the cast genuinely liked or at least respected her as competition. I never thought Rollie had a real chance only because I saw that Chance seen her as a friend, but Rollie was my favorite.

Chance comes down to the elimination but the ladies being dressed in white concerns him….lol.

He brings up the final date and what a disaster it was with the women bickering the whole time. He says that both of them allegedly have a man at home, let the other tell it. He asks Bad & Bougie why he should pick her over…..he forgot Soulja Girls name!


She says, see well one, you forgot her name….lol. She gives him a speech basically saying she is the one for him because she is grown and Soulja Girl is not. Oh yeah and because she has no kids and Soulja Girl does.


He asks Soulja Girl why he should pick her over Bad & Bougie. She of course brings up her kids…..remember, the ones she doesn’t want to be brought up? Then she and Bad & Bougie begin to argue AGAIN. She accuses Bad& Bougie of buying a house with a man and it goes on and on……Something about “Only Fans” and of course insults about age, kids, literacy…blah…blah….BLAH!

Chance says he has one hat and two ladies…all of a sudden Soulja Girl says she has to pause because her feet hurt. She goes and sits at the piano bench yet she doesn’t take off her shoes. I was confused because rather than take them off she comes back to stand by Bad & Bougie.

He legs start shaking, but she doesn’t take her shoes off despite Chance telling her she should. She says she is good she just want to get through elimination. Bad & Bougie calls them “Payless Shoes” but Soulja Girl gets offended and says they are from “Fashion Nova” . Who cares? You are the one saying your feet hurts does it matter where you got them if you can’t stand in them?

This is a mess.

She starts wobbling….but doesn’t take the shoes off. It was just dumb. She’s arguing with Bad & Bougie about her cheap ass shoes….


It was stupid. She was literally falling over, but kept the shoes on. She announces she was not even going to do it, goes over to the piano bench, but….. DOESN’T TAKE THOSE CHEAP ASS HEELS OFF.

Girl make it make sense. She has an attitude and says her feet hurts, but yet the shoes remain on. She said she was done, but I was done when she yet again did not take them dam shoes off. Chance again tells her to take them off, but she doesn’t. He tells her if she is not going to listen he can’t do this. She stands up yet again in those wobbly, unsteady, cheap ass heels. And Chance is annoyed….Bad &Bougie is clowning her fashion choices, and I’m like….why are those things still on, lady?

Chance says he has made his decision, and he may regret it but it must be done. He takes some time to ponder which of the girl he wants to call up first….he calls up Bad & Bougie and she struts up to him confidently. He mimic’s the way she walks…..that’s a bad sign.

Soulja Girls calls Bad & Bougie’s shoes orthopedic and they argue again…..


He asks her why he should give her one more chance….


She says all Soulja Girl has to offer is her skills in the bed but she offers more. She tells him he can’t fault her for not giving it up right away like Soulja Girl did.


She says she is not going to beg her for love she wants him to want her based on what she has shown him. He tells her to go stand back in line.

He tells Soulja Girl to come forward and she teeters up in her unsteady heels….He asks why he should pick her over bad & Bougie…

She says she has spent more time with him and has more of a connection with Chance. He tells her to go stand back in line.

Chance says he has made his decision. He calls Bad& Bougie forward and tells her he think she has too much anger inside for him. And the things he heard about her maybe doing things with other guys make him not want to take a chance on her. She tells him if he is not going to fight for her the way she fought for him then he doesn’t deserve her love. She gives him a hug and he seems to almost regret the decision…but not quite. She tells him he will miss her, but for all her speeches about his pending regrets, he lets her walk off.

Bye Bad & Bougie it’s been real , so does that mean Soulja Girl won?!

Soulja Girl is left standing….her feet throbbing, lol. She asks him if they can talk and he sternly tells her, “No.”


He tells her she has been bossing him around this whole time…..she tells him that her feet hurt, and the camera shows her feet leaning…..Zeus yawl cold for that, lol.

My question is….if your feet hurt, why do you still have them on?

He tells her to move forward….lol.  Girl, take the dam shoes….aw forget it, she wobbles back up in front of him because I guess getting rid of Bad & Bougie doesn’t mean she automatically wins? I’m really confused now!

Chance tells her he has a lot of love for her and he knows she has a lot of love for him too. But he gone tell her, with a straight face, he is not ready for more little kids and baby daddies lurking in the cut. This ninja really said that to her.

Bad & Bougie screams from behind stage for Chance to send Soulja Girl home too, lol.

In the middle of him telling his decision, Soulja Girl falls to the ground when her legs give out….how embarrassing. Chance tries to help her up but she is embarrassed. He reminds her that he kept telling to take the shoes off but she is upset. She says she doesn’t want to do this because her heels are hurting her feet, and when the camera show her feet they are red and blistered.


He tells her to stand anyway….huh? He tells her because she didn’t listen and take off her shoes he is not going to pick anyone tonight.


He says nobody is ready, because nobody is listening. And I could tell Soulja Girl’s heart probably dropped. Chance was messed up for this. He says no one was looking for love and at the end of the day HE doesn’t want to get HIS heart broken…..

Bruh, you just dumped a young lady you were banging on national t.v. in a jacked up way but your heart is in question?

Soulja Girl foolishly insists that his heart won’t get broken it’s just that her feet hurt. But Chance tells her at the end of the day he is going to have to ask everybody to go….meaning Soulja Girl she limps off. He tells her he still has love for her and tries to hug her, but she tells him that he doesn’t have love for her and limps off stage…..

They show flashbacks of Soulja Girl’s and Bad & Bougie’s time on the show and Chance tell us he is still looking for love. He stays behind with his last red hat to ponder the ending of the show….and all of a sudden….you can’t make this up…..

Soulja Girl comes back and tells Chance, “I look them off” she no longer has on the heels.


She tells Chance she is ready….for what girl the show is over!. She asks, him do you want me to go? Chance tells her he is a loner.

Girl why did you even come back? I felt so bad. But Chance didn’t seem to.

She came up to him and tried to take the hat out of his hand and I’m like, giiiiiiirl! Just leave.

He snatches the hat out of her grasp and is like, no, this hat is for no one….and I was embarrassed for her.

He says maybe they will meet again but for now she can march on…..


So there will be a season three…….

The reunion for this season is bound to be lit, especially since all of the girls got a chance to watch the show back. Can you think some of things you want answers to?

I can’t wait, can you? Check back with me because you already know I’m going to recap the reunion parts , all of them, thank you for rocking with your girl!

What are your thoughts?

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