Recap Of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 3 Reunion Part Two

I’m back to recap another episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping the reunion. But if you haven’t started watching part two yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers.

And for the record, Carlos is an excellent choice to host the reunion; we can appreciate his candor and messiness, can’t we?

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to part two of the Reunion. Ready? Let’s get started…

Season Three Reunion Part Two:

Carlos asks if Martell had of met Arionne Curry before Melody does he think he and Arionne would be married……..

Martell takes forever to answer and finally just refuses to answer the question. What do you all think his answer would have been? And does it matter? If Martell had married Arionne, I feel he would have cheated on her just like he did Melody.

Carlos asks Melody how it feels to hear the man that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with…..and Melody interrupts him before he can finish and says that she thinks that it is b.s. At the end of the day she feels Martell couldn’t leave either of them alone. She says if she hadn’t of left Martell would have still been in the marital home with her and the children.

Carlos says if seems like Martell was in love with two women at the same time. Then Carlos has the nerve to say that Melody wasn’t enough for him to love all at once…


Carlos is tripping. Melody sets him straight though. She was most definitely enough. Melody says Martell admitted to her he was being greedy by keeping both women. Melody knew it wasn’t just sex with Arionne but she believed Martell would stop cheating. She says Martell can say things in such a way to make you believe him…and while I can believe that, I also think Melody was being a little naive, after all she saw, to put so much faith in Martell. There were signs she just chose to stay like most women do, because of love. It just got to the point Melody knew he wasn’t going to stop with Arionne.

She said by checking the phone records she saw that he was still conversing with Arionne. She said one time his back was pulled and she was taking care of Martell and she caught him sneaking to talk to Arionne with a second phone he had hidden in the bathroom he had to crawl up the stairs to get to. She had no choice but to admit to herself there was a connection with Arionne and Martell wasn’t letting her go. Carlos says he believes that Martell tried to let Arionne go but wasn’t being honest with himself with just how connected he and Arionne were.

Now hold up. This is starting to sound like Carlos is trying to paint the picture of Arionne being this great love of Martell rather than his chick he kept on the side. He wasn’t respecting either of these women or himself, it wasn’t some grand love story, it was a toxic love triangle, stop it, Carlos.

Melody is like if Arionne is Martell’s everything why is he still seeing other people besides her in the present? Martell looks upset that Melody is putting him out there, but bruh! So you cheating on Arionne? Are we surprised?

Melody says there is something going on with Martell internally deeper and she doesn’t know what it is but there is something going on with him. Martell says just because you are seeing someone doesn’t mean you are looking to marry them. Meaning he is not married to Arionne so he can do what he wants? Martell is no prize, so Melody and Arionne should just let him go figure it out.

I think Martell is genuinely embarrassed by his behavior. He seems a bit misguided when it comes to relationships. There are some men who grow up with dysfunctional values placed on them. Some communities find it perfectly acceptable for men to have extra marital affairs. It could very well be that Martell grew up thinking it was acceptable to cheat under certain situations. I don’t know. Martell could change if he got some therapy and changed his mind set. He couldn’t possibly think any of this is okay.

Martell says just because he is not with Melody does not mean he is going to be with Arionne. Melody being petty says that Martell has always said that. Ouch. That has to sting because allegedly Martell is no longer in a relationship with Arionne. I don’t know what the status of their relationship is but I bet it is not what Arionne hoped it would be.

Carlos asks Kimmi if she thinks Martell is a manipulator, and Kimmi says she doesn’t know how to answer that. Well I do, YES!

Kimmi says she feels Martell has feelings for Arionne. Maurice says Martell feels guilty about his feelings for Arionne that’s what makes it hard for him to admit to those feelings.

Carlos asks has Maurice or Marsau been around to ever see the feelings that Martell has for Arionne and Maurice says no. Marsau says yes. Martell breaks out laughing. Carlos clarifies, “So Marsau you have seen them together” and Marsau says matter of factly, “Yes”.


Carlos asks Marsau when he was around Martell and Arionne what did he see? Marsau said Arionne was someone he knew right away Martell had a connection with her. He said he thought that they were going on a “guy’s trip” and Arionne showed up out of nowhere.

No it wasn’t out of nowhere; Martell told her where to come, duh! Because he was oh so happy to show off his side chick as some sort of trophy. He knew the reaction he was going to get was not going to be negative…..he probably expected to get a high five. Well he didn’t expect a negative reaction, did he?

Marsau says that Melody accused them of not protecting her, but he claims by being in the presence he was actually protecting her…..he claims he was really trying to let Martell know that it wasn’t acceptable to bring his side chick on a trip. Marsau says Martell is a different guy when he is with Arionne.

Melody interrupts and said that she heard that from another male friend. Carlos asks Marsau what type of guy is Martell when he is with Arionne. Marsau says that Martell is more aggressive when he is with Arionne. Martell asks Marsau when did he see him act like that. Martell says if anything, they all went out. Melody remarks how sheisty it was for the side chick to go out with her friends…..

Yeah it seems a bit foul Marsau. Maurice makes it clear that he did not go out with Martell and Arionne. Well Melody says this was kept secret. She exclaims dramatically, “you mean he was out and about with her?” Because remember Martell tried to act like nobody knew about the affair until she put it out there.


Carlos asks Marsau so how long did you all know about this before Melody….only a couple of months……

This is a mess.

Kimmi asks them if Marsau knew or did he speculate. Stop it. Marsau knew dang gone well Arionne was the side chick. The way Martell is smirking and smiling, you already know that’s how he was acting that day. There was no way he wasn’t going to let it be known Arionne was his SIDE CHICK. Yes, that’s what she is. All this talk about a connection as if it erases the fact that Melody was his wife at the time.

Melody compares herself and Arionne. She calls Arionne a Honda and herself a Rolls Royce. Martell sticks up for Arionne by saying but yawl got a degree from the same place.

So? What does that even mean? Because they graduated from the same college Arionne was not the SIDE CHICK while Melody was the WIFE?

Make it make sense. I have given this young lady the dignity of writing her name, Arionne Curry. I didn’t appreciate her being called names like, “coleslaw” which is the name given to her by the legendary Funky Dineva. I won’t call her coleslaw. She has a name, but what we are not going to do is give her the respect we would show to Melody. But here everybody is low key being disrespectful to Melody in my opinion.

Carlos asks Latisha, being Melody friend at the time and Marsau being her husband, how does she feel about the fact that he was around Arionne. Latisha says she didn’t like it….what married woman would? There are rumors that Marsau also has a side chick… why would Latisha think its cool the guys don’t have a problem bringing the side chick around? Marsau says he didn’t celebrate fact that Arionne showed up, he told Martell that wasn’t a good move.

Kimmi wonders why rather than that why didn’t he just get in the car and leave? Marsau is appalled at the suggestion. “and go where?” He asks. “And then go tell your wife?” Because Latisha would of told Melody.


Well God forbid somebody gave Melody the heads up. So they just say don’t do it, but then watch it happen and don’t say nothing about it…..well I guess that was a better plan and we see how that ended up.

Latisha says she didn’t find out about Arionne until the same time Melody did. She says that is when she asked Marsau if he knew anything about it and it was at time she learned of the guy’s trip that Arionne accompanied Martell to.

Well here is some tea that Arionne spilled. According to her, Maurice is a liar, he also was on that trip and had a woman accompanying him that Arionne claims was built like a line backer…..she says the girl was so unattractive she was moved to ask Martell how Kimmi must look if Maurice was cheating with a woman that looked so bad, lol. Arionne has hinted that Marsau cheats on Latisha too. Well that’s all, ALLEGEDLY. Do we believe Arionne? Some could say she is just upset with Martell and wants to ruin the relationships of his friends…..

Wouldn’t that be awful? This show has showcased successful, Black married couples, and it would be tragic if they all were in jacked up relationships. Well time will tell if it’s true eventually it will come out and we have yet to see a fully fledged mistress pop up like one did for Martell Holt, so there is that…

Latisha says Marsau told her Arionne popped up in Atlanta where the boys were out…..Melody gets even more dramatic, “What? In Atlanta? So now she not in the Huntsville streets but the Atlanta streets too? Oh okay.”


Melody is low key mad that Arionne kicked it with her friends, and Martell looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. That’s how pleased he is that Melody is ticked off. But he lets her no they never went out in Huntsville it was Atlanta and Marsau confirms.

What does it matter? The point is Arionne was no secret…..just to Melody. Martell looks uncomfortable now that the point has been made.

Carlos calls a break. So that segment of the reunion is over. The couples get up to go back stage. Carlos says that he thought that was a tough segment. Well we think you did a great job holding certain people accountable, and getting those questions out that we all wanted to know. You rock Carlos, but Melody is rightfully upset. She wants to know why Arionne was being made relevant…..well she is kind of you and Martell’s whole storyline, remember?


Melody is now going on a rant. She says she has a problem sitting on stage with a man that just makes things up with no proof of what he alleges. She is upset that Martell would put Arianne on the same level as her. She is asked if Martell even apologize when they were on stage. Melody doesn’t answer the question she just continues her rant by saying, “ When people want to know why I don’t fool with him why I just can’t be cordial with him and do things with him because it seems like this has been occurring for years.” She points to a stand in the corner of her dressing room…. “See all those pictures right there? These are all pictures this man has sent me this year randomly to my phone”.

Chile, Martell misses Melody. It’s no surprise he misses what they had. So I’m not surprised he is sending her pictures trying to spark some type of sentiment within her. I mean they do have four children and fourteen years invested in each other.

Melody’s mother says she wants the kids to be in a protected healthy environment so she tells Melody she will have to file for primary custody. Melody tells her mother that the courts will not give her primary custody because she cannot prove Martell is unfit. If Martell is a fit parent, then it makes no sense to take the kids away from him. It seems like the kids have been through enough without doing drastic things like that. The mother says it’s not fair to Melody, and I would agree. Martell did things not fully preparing for the fallout and she has been forced to make a lot of adjustments but…taking the kids away so you don’t have to deal with his b.s. is not fair to the kids and dare I say, Martell. He seems to have suffered by having to leave the marital home and the kids are sad because of it too.

Melody says she hates being in Huntsville and she begins to cry. Melody can’t just get her kids and leave and raise them in Atlanta. And that could be a reason men should marry women they have children with. There are so many automatic protections husbands have as opposed to just “baby daddy” status. But above all Martell has always been there for his children and has a relationship with them. The courts will not just cut him out of his children’s life and that is a good thing because he seems to be an attentive Dad, but a horrible husband.

I feel sorry for Melody.

They switch to the dressing room of Kimmi and Maurice and Kimmi’s son Jaylin Grant. They both felt sorry for Melody with the tough segment that was just taped.

They then cut to the dressing room of Latisha and Marsau and they are also discussing the segment. Latisha is telling Marsau that Melody was upset with the disrespect Martell showed her on stage.

When they cut back, Kimmi is telling Maurice that she doesn’t like that Maurice and Marsau said that they would stay and hang out with somebody that they knew was cheating with one of the friends in their circle. She feels if you stay you are complicit but Maurice disagrees he feels you have more influence by staying in the situation but just disapproving…

Shut up Maurice. For such an intelligent man you sound stupid right now. Maurice now says he has been around Martell and Arionne but did not see the special connection everybody is speaking on. Kimmi asks if you then come home and let the person that is being cheated on know about the situation…and he says no.

I can’t.

Maurice says he has had numerous conversations with Martell and Melody about their situation and that’s as far as he is willing to go. Kimmi stands on the fact that she feels that makes him complicit in the cheating because he stayed instead of leaving when he found out who Arionne was.

But when they cut back to Latisha asking Marsau if Maurice was at the Atlanta guy’s trip. He says he doesn’t remember if Maurice was there. Stop it Marsau, because Latisha does remember he went…so Maurice lied on stage and Latisha is calling out Marsau for lying now.

Lol. Get him Latisha, bout time you call him on his b.s. as well.

They all get ready to go back on stage and we see the introduction of Destiny Payton-Williams.

Everybody notices when Destiny arrives and sits down. Destiny had on a beautiful dress and her hair looked nice. Destiny looked very pretty.

Back on stage… The next segment begins…

Carlos welcomes Destiny to the reunion. She gives a twirl in her maroon dress with a killer split. Destiny came to slay….

Carlos tells Destiny she looks so good even he would go half on a baby…


Carlos tells us that Destiny came on the scene as an excited newlywed and an opinionated friend….

The shade! We now know Destiny was served divorce papers three weeks after giving birth to her son.

Carlos says that a lot of questions have poured in about Destiny and La’ Berrick’s divorce. Carlos asks her if she could tell us what happened. Apparently they were in a long term long distance relationship and when they were finally able to be in the same residence, with a new baby, they were not able to make it work.

Destiny says she was unable to speak candidly about her relationship on camera because they were still trying to work things out. La’ Berrick didn’t request that she chose to keep their situation private. They were together five and a half years and were married almost two years.

Carlos asks where in those two years their marriage went wrong. Did La’Berrick cheat on her, she says no. He asks if she was unfaithful and Destiny also says no, but that they had “breaks”. The whole cast and Carlos begins to laugh hysterically.

Carlos brings up Martell saying that Destiny was too outspoken and that is why her husband divorced her and that was his problem with Melody. Melody holds up a clown emoji and the stage laughs at Martell. Why is it a clown face, Martell wonders as if he has to ask…

Duh, you’re a clown.

Martell says a man doesn’t want a “mouthy” woman. And Melody asks Destiny, “As women don’t we want respectful men who will cherish and honor us?”

Destiny says that La’Berrick filed for divorce three weeks after she gave birth and everyone is shocked. Carlos asks Martell if he knew that and he says no.

Carlos brings up the fact that Destiny not wanting to take on La’Berrick’s last name, or even hyphenate her name with his and that was a major issue in their marriage. Melody asks why a woman is not taking their last name an issue. Marsau says it’s because men want to leave a legacy. Kimmi says Maurice would not have married her if she did not take his name. Marsau says that Destiny decided that keeping her last name was more important to her than being married. Destiny owns her part in the downfall of her marriage. Marsau brings up that Destiny carries a lot of masculine energy. Destiny agrees that she gives “big dick energy”.

And Destiny, you don’t think that that’s a problem?

Whew! Yawl, I like Destiny. Sadly I have some things in common with her…I get it.

Destiny asks where the man that can bring the woman out of her is. Marsau say’s that’s not his thing he is married, lol.

Carlos asks Destiny how she and La’Berrick are now and she says that he is her biggest fan which means they are trying to get along. Carlos asks if she is dating anyone and she says no but she is open to dating.

Carlos messy ass asks Destiny if she would like to date Jaylin…..Destiny says she wouldn’t do that. Meaning she wouldn’t bring her big dick energy his way, lol.

Carlos thanks Destiny for being open and honest and then brings out…..

Tiffany and Louis Whitlow are now on stage…

Well let me at least say the couple looks very nice. Louis had on a nice grey suit but black shoes would of matched better than brown. Tiffany had on a low cut dress that was pretty but I wish her hair was styled differently, but I would give them an “A”.

They show clips of the couple’s time on the show. Carlos excitedly welcomes them to the show but nobody else seems that happy that they are there.


Carlos asks if they were fans of the show before they joined and they both say yes. Carlos tells Tiffany she left a bad impression on the audience. He says a lot of people have petitioned for her to be fired from the show. He asks her if she has been reading the comments about her. Tiffany thinks the first week was hard. She says she is surprised she didn’t jump off a bridge.

Well damm.

Carlos points out that when Destiny first came on the audience didn’t like her. He says the audience doesn’t like change. I disagree, we just don’t like Tiffany. She just isn’t someone we care about. She came on being messy and a little mean. Sorry but we don’t care if they stay or go.

What do you all think?

Louis says they knew what they were signing up for, when Carlos asks about regrets. Carlos asks Latisha why she doesn’t feel she is seeing the real Louis and Tiffany. Latisha says she isn’t getting any real information when she talks to Tiffany. She says Tiffany says what she wants them to see about her but not her real tea. Marsau thinks they are trying to fool everybody with their “picture perfect” marriage.

Tiffany feels Latisha wasn’t honestly trying to get to know her just the dirt on her. Destiny says they come off as rehearsed.

Carlos asks about Maurice’s and Kimmi’s reaction to the scene where Monster’s alleged vaping was brought up. Maurice thought it was out of place and bringing up children amongst adults is something that his inner circle doesn’t do. Kimmi says she was caught off guard by the conversation which was good because she feels she and Tiffany would of started off on a even worst start had she had her wits about her.


Kimmi feels children shouldn’t come out of your mouth. Maurice thinks in that moment Melody, being a mother, should have said something to Tiffany. Carlos asks Melody did she know about Monster’s alleged vaping before Tiffany brought it up on the show. Melody says she had never heard it and was shocked like everybody else.

Kimmi didn’t like that after they talked Louis made a comment that had he had a shot of liquor the conversation between them would have went differently. Kimmi felt he was selling a wolf tickets. When called out, Louis back tracked again. Carlos asks if there are things that the cast knows things about the Whitlows that they haven’t put on camera and they say yes. For example Kimmi heard Tiffany was fired from the Chambers of Commerce….


Tiffany says that’s not true, but I wasn’t convinced, were any of you all?

Carlos points out that Melody has been friends with Tiffany for seven years he asks if she agrees that Tiffany does not come across as transparent. Melody clarifies that she has known Tiffany in a business setting but is not really privy to her personal business.

Kimmi wants them to stop acting like they are so transparent and everybody is not. Well according to Martell nobody on the cast has been transparent. Marsau says he doesn’t claim to be transparent, which is true. He is tight lipped as they come, lol.

Marsau and Louis get into a heated yet dignified exchange about marriage and Latisha sums it up. New people come for her marriage but she and Marsau have been married the longest…..true. she wants people to put some respect on her marriage. Well alright Latisha, get us all together! Carlos, get rid of the Whitlows. It doesn’t seem like they are very liked by anyone.

We can’t wait until next week to see what happens Ms. Wanda will be in the building!

What are your thoughts?

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