Recap Of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 3 Reunion Part One

I’m back to recap another episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, are you a fan of the show? Well you are in luck because I am recapping the reunion. But if you haven’t started watching part one yet, click off because this is the recap and it is full of spoilers. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to part one of the Reunion. Ready? Let’s get started…

Season 3 Reunion Part One:

So, we see the cast arrive to the set. And we see the legendary Carlos King arrive as well. Its reunion time and Carlos is paying each of the cast members a visit. The cast knows that there will be a new host for the reunion, but they have no idea it will be Carlos. Carlos is quite a successful television producer, so what can we expect from him as a reunion host?

He knocks on the dressing room door of Melody Holt. He enters and she seems quite happy to see him. When he enters Latisha Scott’s dressing room she broke out into a huge smile and Marsau shook his hand as well. Kimmi Scott did a happy dance when Carlos entered their dressing room and Maurice gave him dap as well as a hug. When he sees him, Martell Holt gives him a hug and remarks that it has been two years since the cast has been together with Carlos.

They all seem quite happy that Carlos is the host except, Martell Holt and Latisha and Marsau Scott. Marsau says he doesn’t want someone who knows everything to be the host. Latisha says she is nervous…..well I’m excited, because Carlos will deliver the tea. Well tell us all the gossip Carlos!

The Reunion begins……

Carlos King looks rather handsome in his turquoise suit, and I would say all of the men looked good. I liked Kimmi in her sparkly red dress. She looked very pretty. I didn’t like Latisha’s dress at all. I’m disappointed because Latisha is such a beautiful woman. The color was pretty on her skin though. She has a wonderful chocolate skin tone and the orange was a nice compliment. Melody looked nice but I wish she would have worn maybe a sparkly green dress….but she looked nice but her dress was dark. Overall the cast looks good.

The reunion begins and Carlos introduced some clips where we see the cast transform and some of the drama that has occurred over the three seasons. Carlos asks how it feels looking back on the show from where it started to where it is now.

Latisha says it feels good. She said she was going to graduate and she did. Marsau says even with the pandemic gripping America, he and Latisha was still able to reach the goals they had set. They are proud of each other as a couple.

Latisha reveals that she is off of the social media platform, Twitter. She says there are some hateful people in the world and she does not want them to affect her spirit. She says the best advice she was given with dealing with backlash that may come from the show is not to read the comments. That is probably great advice. Latisha is a sensitive person also. I’m sure the mean comments really get to her. It makes sense just to ignore them because they are not going to be productive anyway!

Carlos says the goal of the show originally was to showcase power couples in Huntsville but as the show has progressed it has focus more on the drama and now Melody and Martell are no longer a couple despite being the ones to pitch the show to him. He asks them if they have any regrets for signing on to the show.

Melody says absolutely not. She begins to speak on the blessings the show has been, and Martell looks very uncomfortable. She says there has been more positive than negative so she doesn’t regret doing the show at all. Martell says that he does regret doing the show.

Well duh!

He says about seven or eight years ago he asked Melody what she wanted to do and she stated she wanted to be on TV. so he sacrificed a lot to make her dream happen. Too bad he didn’t sacrifice his extra marital affair, then maybe the move to TV might have worked out for him as well…..

Melody says Martell was supposed to make sacrifices because they were married. If there is something that a spouse desires to do then you support them.

Carlos asks Martell if he feels like he created the Melody Holt brand. Martell says he helped bring it out. What do you guys think?

Martell says he did the show for Melody. Carlos asks Melody how does she feel knowing that her ex- husband regrets doing a show that he only did for her. Martell interrupts and says anything that contributed to him losing his family he regrets now including the show. He feels the show shed a light on something private that he could have worked through and he would still have his family intact. Carlos asks, “So do you feel you would still be married if it wasn’t for the show?”

Martell says yes. Melody says no. Martell says Melody focused on the social media comments and the things other people had to say. Martell claims to be the most disliked of all the cast members. Marsau disagrees; he thinks it is him and Latisha.


Carlos brings up that when Marsau first learned that the show was going to be called Love & Marriage: Huntsville he sent a scathing email to the producers with his disdain for the title of the show. Carlos asks Marsau why he hated the title of the show so much.

Marsau felt he was good at construction, not love and marriage….lol.

Kimmi knew that when the title of the show changed, the cast should have expected the direction of the show to change. She says that the change was a little disheartening. I suspect they all expected to be able to do some little fluff piece, especially on a network like OWN. Who would of expected their lives to be put on blast like the show has done. I can honestly say, this show is one of the most realistic reality shows out right now.

Carlos points out that Maurice was in law school when the show was being taped. He asks how he feels when people say the show went from being positive to just arguments. He says that it was a little disheartening. He feels all of the cast members are examples of success and the audience gets to see them reach their goals from the beginning to the ending. So, when people are critical of the shows direction to focus more on personal drama, they are not looking at the total picture. The cast has achieved a lot, as Marsau has pointed out and much of it has been positive.

Is Kimmi a side chick?

Carlos brings up the rumor that Kimmi was a side chick AGAIN. He points out that whenever the subject is brought up. Maurice never says anything. Maurice says he doesn’t have to defend Kimmi because the accusation that she is a side chick is a physical impossibility. He says he has actual receipts to prove when he even moved to Huntsville.

Now we get into the accusation that Martell says that Marsau told him that Kimmi was the side chick when Maurice was married to Kiuwha. Kimmi brings up the conversation that Martell had with Melody in the doctor’s office where he calls Kimmi a side chick…..

Kimmi also brought up that Marsau laughed when the conversation was brought up about her being a side chick in Las Vegas……

So basically, everybody has been joking about Kimmi being the side chick and she doesn’t appreciate it. She is not the side chick so there; let’s lay that rumor to rest.

Carlos asks Latisha if she ever heard that Kimmi was a side chick. Latisha heard it but doesn’t believe it. We don’t either. Nor do we understand why people keep trying to push the narrative that Kimmi was ever a side chick?

Kimmi says she didn’t like the jokes being made about her especially from people who are her friends. Marsau said the idea of Kimmi being a side was laughable to him. And Martell also agrees that it was so far from Kimmi’s character he took it as a joke as well.

Maurice says he and Kiuwha were not intimate after he filed for divorce. He says he never got back with Kiuwha after he initially left the marital home, so there was no way Kimmi interfered in their marriage because it was already over when they met. He met Kimmi after he even filed for divorce from Kiuwha.

Kimmi says things with her and Kiuwha are a lot better and we are happy about that.

Let’s move on……

Melody and Martell Drama…..

Carlos now introduces scenes of the demise of the marriage of Melody and Martell. They both look visibly affected by watching the scenes. Carlos asks Melody how it feels to relive those moments. She says the most beautiful thing she saw was when her youngest daughter was born…..


All the rest of it for her was b.s.

Carlos asks her what was b.s. about it, and she says watching Martell profess not to be a cheater….

Martell says he is not a cheater at heart…..shut up Martell; you cheated for five years…..

Carlos points out at the last reunion Melody and Martell were determined to work things out. They then show a clip Melody at the previous reunion with Martell acting as a united front. He asks Melody what happened during the pandemic that made her file for divorce.

Melody says she had just had their youngest daughter and all of the kids were out of school and they were all sheltering in place as a family. She says she noticed despite it being a pandemic, Martell was still leaving the house. Carlos asks Martell where he was going and he says, the gym.

Sigh. Really?

Carlos points out that Melody had just had a baby in the middle of a deadly pandemic, of all the times to keep his penis in the household this was the time. The need to see the other woman was more important than his wife and his children.

But Martell insists he wasn’t sleeping with the other woman at the time. Carlos asks, well how did she get pregnant? Martell just smirks and half-heartedly shrugs his shoulders. He asks Carlos to do the math. Carlos says well when is your son’s birthday? Martell refuses to say……

Well how are we supposed to do the math then, idiot? It’s just stupid. Yawl Martell be doing the absolute most.

Carlos just moves on. Carlos explains that Melody put two and two together and figured out that Martell was leaving the house in the middle of a deadly pandemic to sleep with the other woman……


She also says Martell started saying things to her that let her know he was not trying to find reasons to stop cheating, but ways trying to find ways to be a better cheater and it was because of this she decided to divorce him. She says she had not yet learned that the other woman who we now know to be a young lady by the name of Arionne Curry, was pregnant.

A mess.

How did Melody find out about Arionne? She tells of a time in 2017 where Arionne disrespectfully calls Martell’s phone and demanded that Melody give the phone to him. That was the first time Melody ever knew that Martell was cheating.

Carlos next reminds Martell that at one point he accused Marsau and Melody of messing around because she was talking to him a lot. Martell says no but he will tell exactly what it was, and Marsau even apologized…….Marsau interrupts and says no he never apologized for anything.


Melody and Marsau got into a fight about Arionne. Apparently, Melody’s mom called Marsau and asked him to calm down the situation and he was unable to reach Martell but was able to get a hold of Melody and they met in a fast-food parking lot to talk. He was just trying to diffuse the situation which Melody agrees with. Martell’s issue is that Marsau offered for them to go to have drinks and talk…….


Martell acts like it is so inappropriate for Marsau to invite Melody to have a drink……

Bruh, you have a baby with a woman you had an affair with for years… are the one who is inappropriate. I don’t think it was a big deal that Marsau invited Melody to have a drink because they didn’t have one! I don’t think he meant anything by it, he was just being nice.

Melody says nothing inappropriate has ever take place between Marsau and Melody. I believe her. Martell is just jealous and making crazy accusations because he knows what he was doing behind Melody’s back.

Carlos asks why Martell would think his friend would do that. He says he did not think that Marsau would do that but he did think that to ask Melody out for drinks was inappropriate.

Martell reveals that after Mel moved out she started seeing someone else and had given them fellatio. He claims that he complained about not getting fellatio from her only for her to leave him and give it to another guy.


She moved out after finding out about your infidelities. Who cares what she did when you already were doing Arionne? Martell is crazy.

Melody says a man performed oral sex on her but she doesn’t remember doing it on him……..

Again, so?

Martell has a whole baby and we want to paint Melody as the whore of Babylon because she moved out and had sex with another man. Martell is nobody’s victim. He claims he has a recording of her admitting to performing fellatio on another man……so? It does not justify anything Martell has done. Melody insists she doesn’t remember performing fellatio on the man in question……let’s move on.

Carlos asks did Melody stay with Martell despite the years of infidelity because she did not want Arionne to win. She says no. She says she stayed to give him the opportunity to get it together and stop cheating.

Carlos says he did see hope in the relationship that things would work out but Arionne got pregnant during the marriage…..Carlos asks Martell if he ever thought Melody would leave him and he says he never thought that he and Melody would ever end. He says he saw that his cheating was hurting his family and Melody.

Carlos asks if it was the fact that he couldn’t stop cheating or was it the fact that he could not stop cheating with Arionne. Martell admits it was that he could not stop cheating with her. He admits that he and Arionne have a connection. Carlos says there is something drawing him back to Arionne. He says that Martell loves Arionne even though he tries to diminish his relationship with her. He asks if Martell had of met her before Melody does he think he and Arionne would be married……..

We can’t wait until next week to see what he says……

What are your thoughts?

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